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  1. chis

    Ongoing dervish debate

    Obulus has made his way onto 'the list' following that goal.
  2. chis

    My Fishermen

    Here's Corsair. Next up is Hag, after I've taken a break to paint something that isn't blue
  3. Have you got pictures of the painted Engineers?
  4. chis

    My Fishermen

    Here is Gutter. Despite the news about Union being a bit discouraging, I ploughed through her in order to use her at a tournament yesterday. She's a bit rushed, but I'm fairly pleased. Next up: Corsair. Or Hag, I'm not sure.
  5. chis

    My Fishermen

    I fixed the links, they should be visible now! Also, the blue grey is VMC Dark Sea Blue with a bit of VMC Dark Blue Grey (roughly 4:1) highlighted with DBG, shaded by adding DSB and Black, and further highlighted by adding VMC Silvergrey
  6. chis

    My Fishermen

    It's aliiiive! Sorry for the necro-post. I have content though! First up is Tentacles: Next up is Fangtooth, who was finished well before the changes to Union were announced: And I am currently working on Gutter. She may only see use in casual games, but I like the conversion: Fillet is a gift for converting. Her clothing isn't especially distinctive or Guild-themed, so she's easy to work with and tailor to another character, Guild or game. Gutter is currently on the painting table, and will be followed by Corsair and then Hag.
  7. chis

    The Goal Post Thread

    Something my Fish dredged up and started worshipping: And lord only knows where they got this thing from:
  8. chis

    My Fishermen

    I bought the monolith from Fenris Games: http://fenrisgames.com/shop#!/FGCTH05-Lost-Shores-Cthulhu-Head-monolith/p/10903166
  9. chis

    My Fishermen

    Thanks so much for the kind words! A warm welcome to the forum indeed.
  10. chis

    My Fishermen

    I'd like to present my Fishermen for your review. Took the best part of a year, on and off, to paint these, and I'm glad they're done. A particular highlight for me is the varied skintones, many of which I'd not attempted before. Shark Angel Greyscales Jac Kraken Sakana Salt Angel Goal posts Team shot C&C greatly appreciated. I hope you've enjoyed them