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  1. Does Steamforged know they have unexpectedly hit on the next big trend with the Lamplighter's Guild? (Mat Hart was talking about this on podcasts years ago, so I don't think it was planned). Apparently Lamplighters will be central to the new Disney Mary Poppins film ... replacing the chimney sweeps from the original! Alt sculpt Calculus Poppins?
  2. ADG


    How about an alt sculpt of Esters on the warpath, swinging Mash's cricket bat ...
  3. ADG

    Are there any Chance for restocks ?

    There claims to be a Chaska here: https://www.dicesaloon.com/
  4. So many good models ... to pick a few maybe Veteran Honour, Granite, Pintpot, Stave, Hag ... navigators are looking good too.
  5. ADG

    Are there any Chance for restocks ?

    The coloured resins had some problems up until now ... which resulted, for example, in the recall of the Erskirii wolves world cup team ... small holes/air bubbles etc. in the cast. I think they're now saying that the manufacturer has worked out how to improve the process and the quality should be good going forward. Limited edition Fathom from Steam Con is the first of the "post-improvement" resins ... mine looked in good shape, don't know if anyone got a bad cast on that one? I guess they're going to speed up the release of the resin models now and do it a bit faster than they previously announced. Fish and butchers should be out early next year in resin, with PVC cooks, miners and lamplighters also due in 2019. I'm not sure that it's easier to do resin than metal ... I heard that the resin moulds wear out faster than the metal ones, and you have to spin them for longer to spin-cast them. But I guess Steamforged is keen to push ahead with resin, presumably because they want the models to be pre-coloured to fit with the "ready-to-play" strategy. Personally, still quite like metal ... and can't help thinking the plastic fish/butchers would have paid themselves back in the end if they'd gone ahead.
  6. Have emailed support as well.
  7. I just spotted some messages on the facebook page about the loyalty points scheme having been closed down. I don't remember any message saying the scheme was closing ... but the points do seem to be gone now.
  8. ADG

    Black Friday Hay Bales

    This is it ... three hay bales (unpainted). The ball collection is also shown. Blacksmith helmet, rat cheese ball, pumpkin head ball (from Ltd Obulus), Easter ball, mortician symbol ball, falconer bell launch pack ball, Union in Chains ball, turnip ball, blacksmith anvil ball. I notice "Legend" captains are on sale Friday ... these are the Kickstarter versions that haven't been available since November 2016's Black Friday sale, and have been offered for up to £45 on ebay. (Only £9 on Friday). ps. thanks SFG for making the rare models available again!
  9. My best guess: The resin teams are meant to be the ongoing versions that remain on sale for the major guilds after the metal versions are gradually withdrawn. (The withdrawal of the metal teams is an ongoing process that's already started). They should be available direct from Steamforged for the foreseeable future (but with a delay from time to time if they have to make more). I think local stores should theoretically be able to sell these (I've seen at least one in the UK, as posted above). I don't see why local stores would have a time limit. But it looks like most local stores aren't stocking them at the moment, and it might only be ones that are in close contact with Steamforged. (Outpost has sometimes had stock of a few leftover alt sculpts etc. in the past).
  10. Here is the start of my brewers team ...
  11. Alternative Fathom from Steam Con 2018 ... looking forward to the rest of the Navigators!
  12. ADG

    Gaffer becomes a Spook!

    I heard someone at Steam Con wondering which rookie would want to join the morticians! (Given the scary team-mates they'd end up with, and regular diet of rats.) I guess this could make an interesting story ... Obulus targets Gaffer hoping to use his scouting knowledge of the game for his manipulative plans ... Gaffer reluctant, but suffers the fatal flaw of always having wanted to play on a proper team and knows this is his last chance, so agrees to play for morts even though he knows it's a bad idea!
  13. Organized play-pack prizes ... Ploughman and Windfinder: Miners guild Spade: Miners guild Fissure: Miners guild Digger: New resin sculpt of Fathom, plus resin butchers/fish next year: Other SFG projects include new robot combat game:
  14. Here's some of the news that I can remember ... Free cities draft: Farmers - Amber, Alchemists - Kami, Butchers - Layne, Hunters - Edge, Morticians - Gaffer, Blacksmiths - Cutlass, Masons- Champ, Fishermans - Knuckles, Engineers - Nomad, Brewers - Flea. Models are expected to be sold individually (like rookies) not in sixes. Mat Hart said that Edge was Skatha's sister, unless he was joking! Organized play models: There's a new organized play pack coming out with "blind box" prizes. We've previously seen that two of the models out of four in the packs will be alt sculpts of Iron and Ikaros. It was revealed that the other two will be alt sculpts of Ploughman and Windfinder (holding a treasure chest). Windfinder would be the most rare. Jamie Perkins said tournament organizers could give prizes not just to tournament winners, but eg. to best-painted, most sporting etc. Design-a-model: The design-a-model seminar was focused on creating a new squaddie for the entertainers, the brewers minor guild. The entertainers are a team that portray the heroes of the Guild Ball world (season one captains), so the members can be versions of people like Blackheart (designed at Steamcon US), Ballista, Midas, Obulus, Shark. Attendees designed a female version of Shark. The idea is that Shark's footballing/dodging skills are portrayed by the entertainers by an acrobatic/dancer entertainer to represent his movement and skill with the ball. This acrobatic skill was developed with the idea of vaulting over enemy players ... a sort of teleport/placement effect. Hints from Sherwin that "kid" Blackheart might be aged a little to a more teenage version. On the story side, hints that a major manipulator in the Guild Ball world will get his come-uppance in the season 4 story. And dark times ahead for the brewers ... so dark it made the editor gasp. First part of that story due out next week. Miners/Lamplighters: More players for miners, including Spade and Fissure ... (a woman driving a digger tank), as well as a mascot mole. Meanwhile, the lamplighters confirmed as the minor guild for alchemists. Print-on-demand service for cards expected operational within weeks. The company hoping to get its production back-on-track after a difficult year. Resident Evil pledges should be shipping soon, resin teams back on track soon, working on Dark Souls wave three. There were some great offers on teams in the Steam Con sale. This was billed as early access to the Black Friday sale, so these deals may be coming to the webstore soon. It was possible to pick up models including the launch pack (rat and falconer) versions of Bonesaw, Graves, Egret, Hearne etc. Mat said "don't pay £100 for models on ebay" and it was hinted that launch pack/tournament models released next year could get a similar limited release at a later point. Mat and Russ also planning a charity special model from Russ's Dungeons & Doggies project. Still hopes to release a book collecting the Guild Ball stories at some point, again in relation to charity. This may wait until the first "five season story arc" is completed and Sherwin can pull all the stories back together, re-edit seamlessly. There's also some kind of introductory pack planned that would contain a printed rulebook. Not sure exactly what this is ... Kick Off 2, a rulebook and a cardboard pitch (then buy your own teams), or something else? New model at the event was alt sculpt resin Fathom. Alt sculpt Seenah also available (as at Steam Con US). Broken Toad had a range of (now) licensed bases, and a new bust of Ballista. Their obstacles etc. should be out for retail in the future. The All Rolled Up team had added dice trays for the masons and working their way through other guilds. De Tinnen Roos, who make miniatures for Steamforged, showcased a kickstarter alt version of chess. Hopes that Godtear will go big next year. Lots of interest from games distributors. There's a special organized play model going to be released for attendees at Godtear events ... a sort of princess with pet dragons. Steamforged have also got lots of new licences to work on next year to add to Dark Souls, Resident Evil and Horizon Zero Dawn.
  15. ADG

    Free Cities Draft

    Masons seem to be lagging a bit at number seven in the free cities draft. Can we get a last-minute surge and surprise the other guilds? http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/5-11-2018-the-final-countdown-free-cities-draft-guild-ball
  16. ADG


    I had an idea for Amber ... wondering what other farmers coaches think? We've had quite a few people suggesting a beekeeper's guild in the past as a farmer's minor. And Amber comes from the brewers. So how about bringing this all together by making Amber from a family of beekeepers who made mead for the brewers? This could tie all her background and future elements together nicely, as well as keeping a link to an "amber nectar". And if there ever was a beekeeper or gardener minor guild for farmers, she could work as a crossover player? You could parcel the model up with a couple of beehive models and either put them out as traps (probably too much like hunters) or harvest markers. Maybe she could use a harvest marker to create a bee-swarm ranged attack?
  17. Outpost in Sheffield is listing resin morticians, with a 10% discount: https://www.outpostwargames.co.uk/product/the-morticians-guild-strings-of-the-spirit-weaver-resin/
  18. ADG

    store idea

    You can also see the mats on the Deep Cut Studio site: https://www.deepcutstudio.com/product/game-mat-falconers-guild-ball-pitch/ The Deep Cut team have stalls at quite a lot of game fairs for those able to attend. Eg. they're listed at Spiel in Essen, Germany on 25-28 October and Warfare in Reading, UK on 17-18 November. https://www.spiel-messe.com/en/spiel-guide/ https://wargamesreading.co.uk/warfare/warfare-traders/
  19. Veteran Hemlocke:
  20. I thought I'd start a thread for discussion of news from Steam Con US. I've gathered a few bits of information from skimming the facebook page. Hopefully someone over there can add more later. (Don't forget to take some photos at the keynote for us to see!) Rookie Seenah: Perhaps the biggest news so far is that there is a rookie Seenah model, on 50mm base, with a set of rookie league cards, in resin. Not sure if this was for sale, or a competition prize or something else. Jigsaw puzzle: Looks like people attending the convention got given a jigsaw puzzle piece. When these are all put together it will reveal ... ? [Edit: Spade, female player for the miner's guild) S4 cards: Not Steam Con news as such, but apparently the new card packs that were sent out this weekend have play-test versions of Vet Fangtooth, Rundaas and Mallet, so you need to print off updated versions of these for official play. Maybe if we're lucky Steamforged could put a spare copy of each of these cards in the welcome boxes at Steam Con UK? [Edit: apparently ten cards were misprinted. Steamforged will communicate further about this in the future once they're back from their trips. They asked not to email the support line about this, because they already have records of everyone with the card packs on their system] [Edit 2: Steamforged announced they will post out replacements of the ten cards to everyone who bought a card pack]
  21. When I first read entertainers, I was thinking it could be something like: Stave (strongman), Stoker (firebreather), a juggler, a musician, an animal-tamer etc. Interesting that they're all going to be mini-captains instead. Which mini-captains would people like to see? If the guild are actors re-telling Guild Ball stories I guess it might make sense for them to play characters like Blackheart (died on the pitch), Corsair/Ox (dramatic scene in book one), Honour (leader of champion team), maybe Thresher. You could see that people might re-enact their stories. Mini-Rage too?
  22. Looks like Miner's Guild Captain = Shaft, there is a squaddie called Fuse and a giant robot-type thing called Mule, as well as a female player called Spade. Miners will be "a high resilience team" with "high goal scoring focus, capable of 3 goal victories." They will have "the highest number of 'place' effects of any Guild". Their move stats will be "medium to low" and there'll be an "emphasis on accessibility" for new players. Colossus is a crossover player to the miners. Veteran Greede looks like a knight with a lance riding a tortoise (Strongbox?). The design-a-player seminar designed "Kid Blackheart" ... a young member of the entertainer's guild (?) who impersonates Blackheart? New organized-play kits, including one with a running version of Iron from Blacksmiths and one with Ikaros with more advanced/organic wings. pictures from @tehlon here: https://twitter.com/squirtlesohappy
  23. ADG

    Steamforged at Spiel in Essen?

    Steamforged has a stall of their own listed in the exhibition guide. They should be in Hall 6, stall D110: https://www.spiel-messe.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Spielguide_web_0810.pdf
  24. ADG

    Free Cities Draft

    I reckon if you sculpted some very ornate duelling pistols and maybe threw in some light samurai-type armour that could look in keeping with the mason's fine armour-work. Veteran Harmony has a bit of a samurai-vibe to her too. Hmm ... must find time to play some games!
  25. ADG

    Free Cities Draft

    The latest story showed Mallet visiting Kami at the training camp, so could that mean Kami is leading the vote for the masons? Or is that just a story thing, and not reflective of the votes?