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  1. Just finished the falconers now. Wasn't too hard to avoid the clear plastic after all when undercoating by brush.
  2. The falconers have landed! Made some quick progress with these thanks to a day off work:
  3. Here is the start of my brewers team ...
  4. ADG

    My Fish

    I can see Corsair ... great stripey trousers!
  5. ADG

    Looking to get into Union, but questions

    Yep, the Blackheart and Veteran Rage teams are expected in resin somewhere around the time of the Steam Con conferences (October/November-ish, plus possibly manufacturing time if you order them). I wouldn't expect the exiles or faithful of solthecius sets to come out in resin any time very soon (like the order). They've only just put them on sale in metal ... with faithful of solthecius only hitting the shops in the last week. If it ever does happen, my bet would be over a year away. Generally the plan for resins is to do the old major guilds as their minor guild comes out, so if there are three or four more minor guilds in 2019, there would be three or four major guilds to release in resin already next year.
  6. Here's my attempt at Minerva:
  7. Yeah, I thought about trying to take him off the stand and then glue him back on, but probably best not to!
  8. I guess for falconers you need 4x 30mm bases, 2x 40mm and one 50mm if you want one for the goal as well. Micro Art Studios mentioned by S_A_T_S above are quite nice. The bases used to come in packs of 5x 30mm or 2x 40mm or 1x50mm, which wouldn't give too many extra if you can find those packs still in stock. You can get 5x 30mm and 2x 40 mm for £3.60 each here ... one spare 30mm for the bunny ball? https://elementgames.co.uk/paints-hobby-and-scenery/bases-for-miniatures/shale-bases-wround-30mm-5 https://elementgames.co.uk/paints-hobby-and-scenery/bases-for-miniatures/shale-bases-wround-40mm-2 Broken Toad will presumably release their bases to retail once the Kickstarter is complete: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/979255527/resin-cast-mob-football-goals
  9. Just looking at my box now ... I'm wondering if there's any good ideas for painting Ikaros without getting paint on the flying stand? With Frelsi I can put masking tape around the clear plastic stand. But it looks a bit hard to do that with Ikaros as his legs are in the way. I think I'd have preferred to have him separate and glue him on the stand myself, but I guess just better be careful!
  10. ADG

    New Player, need help

    You can get in PVC plastic: Farmers (major guild), Blacksmiths (major guild), Ratcatchers (minor guild), Falconers (minor guild), Navigators (minor guild, September release), Cooks (minor guild, future release). Around three to four more minor guilds are expected to be released in PVC plastic next year and the year after, until every major guild has a minor guild in PVC plastic. When a minor guild is released in PVC plastic the linked major guild gets re-released in resin. So when ratcatchers came out in PVC, the morticians got new sculpts in resin, and when the falconers came out, the hunters got re-released in resin. [When the game was originally launched the major guilds were all available in metal and resin, and you can probably still find a lot of these on ebay etc. or at shops with old stock, so you can probably still find them online somewhere for the moment.] If you want pre-assembled models (no gluing) then make sure to get the PVC ones. Metal or resin require building. **There are also six PVC plastic brewers and six PVC masons in the "Kick-Off" boxed starter set. The starter box is a good set for beginners, although the PVC models in this box are (in my opinion) a slightly lower quality than the others (because the box as a whole is good value). Kick-Off at the moment has a Season 3 rulebook ... I guess there's a chance they might re-package it at the end of the year with a Season 4 rulebook when that comes out, so you might want to wait to see if that happens, or maybe you can pick up a Season 3 box cheap.
  11. ADG

    New Player, need help

    The first two Union box-sets (Blackheart and Veteran Rage) are expected to be released in new resin sculpts around the time of the Steamcon US/UK conferences (October/November), according to Rich Loxam during British Nationals keynote. The Faithful of Solthecius (Order) set are not expected in resin in the near term as they have only recently come out in metal. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/287338933 (See timestamp 9 hours 35 minutes)
  12. ADG

    The Navigator's Guild

    Nice looking card. I guess this is probably the one that comes free with the next issue of Tabletop Gaming magazine? Edit: yes, it says on facebook that it is! Hmm ... here's an idea too ... if they do an errata mid-season again, like when they did Tater/Millstone/Thresher ... maybe they could team-up with a magazine like this to give out errata cards?
  13. ADG

    The Navigator's Guild

    Since Honour and Harmony are sisters with linked, I wonder if there's any chance that Fathom could be a long-lost relative to Angel. If only we could ask Greyscales!
  14. ADG

    The future of Rage/Blackheart

    I could imagine Seasoned Rage/Blackheart coming back as a player for the morticians. I'm sure Obulus could find him useful ...
  15. Does anyone know the expected shipping date for the Erskirii Wolves team produced for the Guild ball World Cup? https://store-uk.steamforged.com/products/erskirii-wolves-pride-of-the-motherland On the webstore it says "available from July 20" ... but is it a bit like the new morticians/hunters and this is a special-edition resin order that could have a long turnaround time? .................................... PS. Looks like Russ's Dungeons & Doggies has funded! Fun models and (now they're in PVC) a good price too (£27 for 12 models). https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/russrmc/animal-adventures-tales-of-dungeons-and-doggies
  16. Ah, I just got an email from Steamforged too. The Erskirii Wolves is now expected 12 August ... so they're coming pretty soon. I must admit I still have two sets of blacksmiths to paint to keep busy with while I wait. ps. Guild Ball sculptor Russ's Dungeons and Doggies kickstarter is doing very well. It looks like it might raise more money than Godtear! (Now on £277,000 with over 10,000 backers vs £340,000 and 2,865 backers for Godtear).
  17. Anyone got the Erskirii Wolves yet? The webstore now says they're in stock, but my pre-order hasn't been dispatched yet. I've got plenty of other models to paint for the moment, so mostly just curious ... (ps. it also now says the Faithful are in stock, so I think probably neither are!)
  18. If you need to hold some pieces together for ages while you wait for them to dry, make sure you are sitting in a comfortable position before you begin! My other common mistake is after the glue has almost dried, I often try to test how firm the pieces are stuck together, and end up pushing it apart again ... so if you do succeed in gluing something tricky, leave it alone for a while for it to completely settle. With Hag she doesn't have a tab on her feet, and I was a bit wary of drilling into her small feet, so instead I got a scenic base and just wedged the side of her leg up against some rocks, which gave a much bigger contract area, and held in place very firmly.
  19. ADG

    Our minor, the cooks Guild...

    What goal and terrain do you think there'll be? I guess a giant oven would make sense ... ................................ Mascot character play: Pop goes the Weasel?
  20. ADG

    Our minor, the cooks Guild...

    Spice does look a bit too tall. Looks like she'd be eight foot if some of the other models were six foot. Although Guild Ball models (and people!) come in lots of sizes, at first glance seems too extreme. Guess she'd be good at Guild Basketball though ... The pose of Skillet, with the frying pan, looks like a fun nod back to Boar's classic charging pose. Anyone seen a good picture of the weasel yet? ps. I see webstore now has Rookie Scourge and Ikaros available.
  21. PS. The webstore's still listing the Faithful as available from 20 July, although they've been delayed till 3 August: https://store-uk.steamforged.com/collections/the-vault/products/the-faithful-new-beginnings
  22. ADG

    The Navigator's Guild

    Lots of comments about Moana, but has anyone yet mentioned Han Solo?
  23. ADG

    Veteran Harmony's Sword

    There should be a circle-shaped dip in the Veteran Harmony body that helps you lock in place the sword grip in the right place. There's a circle on the back of the hands of the sword part. You probably know that already ... but just in case yours was cast badly. My (unsophisticated) solution when I can't get things to glue together is to get the knife out, scrape off all the old dried-up glue to get back to a clean surface, then use the knife to cut cross-hatches on the surfaces for a bit of extra grip and try again.
  24. ADG

    The Navigator's Guild

    I'm scoring myself two out of three for name guesses! (Well, maybe one and a half, as I didn't quite get Wander). This looks like the first alternate sculpt player in coloured plastic rather than metal? Although I wish the two Horizon sculpts were a bit more different. One is holding the lantern up, and the other down, but if you're doing two sculpts it would be nice if one was standing and the other running, to give a bit more variety. That said, it's overall a nice box of models. The albatross is great, and touches like the globe ball and the laid-back expression on (I think it's) Ebb. Navigators Angel is nice too ... can people who win the launch pack models in tournaments please put some on ebay in a few months for the bad players? Edit: Oh, I see, the alt sculpt is the new coloured resin. That makes sense. (Confirmed on facebook). I guess two Horizons maybe means you can paint one with the lantern on and one with it off. How about an object-source lighting paint tutorial for Horizon?
  25. ADG

    Tokens after S4?

    I guess that means they want to use the same trait on some models with a less gluttonous appearance, so they're giving it a more general name?