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  1. I thought I'd start a thread for discussion of news from Steam Con US. I've gathered a few bits of information from skimming the facebook page. Hopefully someone over there can add more later. (Don't forget to take some photos at the keynote for us to see!) Rookie Seenah: Perhaps the biggest news so far is that there is a rookie Seenah model, on 50mm base, with a set of rookie league cards, in resin. Not sure if this was for sale, or a competition prize or something else. Jigsaw puzzle: Looks like people attending the convention got given a jigsaw puzzle piece. When these are all put together it will reveal ... ? [Edit: Spade, female player for the miner's guild) S4 cards: Not Steam Con news as such, but apparently the new card packs that were sent out this weekend have play-test versions of Vet Fangtooth, Rundaas and Mallet, so you need to print off updated versions of these for official play. Maybe if we're lucky Steamforged could put a spare copy of each of these cards in the welcome boxes at Steam Con UK? [Edit: apparently ten cards were misprinted. Steamforged will communicate further about this in the future once they're back from their trips. They asked not to email the support line about this, because they already have records of everyone with the card packs on their system]
  2. Looks like Miner's Guild Captain = Shaft, there is a squaddie called Fuse and a giant robot-type thing called Mule, as well as a female player called Spade. Miners will be "a high resilience team" with "high goal scoring focus, capable of 3 goal victories." They will have "the highest number of 'place' effects of any Guild". Their move stats will be "medium to low" and there'll be an "emphasis on accessibility" for new players. Colossus is a crossover player to the miners. Veteran Greede looks like a knight with a lance riding a tortoise (Strongbox?). The design-a-player seminar designed "Kid Blackheart" ... a young member of the entertainer's guild (?) who impersonates Blackheart? New organized-play kits, including one with a running version of Iron from Blacksmiths and one with Ikaros with more advanced/organic wings. pictures from @tehlon here: https://twitter.com/squirtlesohappy
  3. ADG

    Steamforged at Spiel in Essen?

    Steamforged has a stall of their own listed in the exhibition guide. They should be in Hall 6, stall D110: https://www.spiel-messe.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Spielguide_web_0810.pdf
  4. ADG

    Free Cities Draft

    I reckon if you sculpted some very ornate duelling pistols and maybe threw in some light samurai-type armour that could look in keeping with the mason's fine armour-work. Veteran Harmony has a bit of a samurai-vibe to her too. Hmm ... must find time to play some games!
  5. ADG

    Free Cities Draft

    The latest story showed Mallet visiting Kami at the training camp, so could that mean Kami is leading the vote for the masons? Or is that just a story thing, and not reflective of the votes?
  6. ADG

    Free Cities Draft

    Having read today's story, I think Champ would be a good choice for the masons. A player dedicated to winning the game, and wanting to be a "champ" would probably target the most prestigious team ... the champions of several past seasons! The tough/dedicated, hard-training approach seems to fit in with the story about Hammer etc. too.
  7. ADG

    Starting Farmer's

    Welcome to the game! The rules for harvest markers are on the second card here: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5aaa53490d9297e80c97106f/1521111901837/GB-Season3-Farmers.pdf They read as follows: "A Player may only have up to [5] friendly harvest-markers on the Pitch at once. When a model moves into base contact with a harvest-marker during a Sprint or Charge, the harvest-marker is removed from the Pitch. During the Maintenance Phase, before Influence is allocated, a Player may remove any number of friendly harvest-markers from the Pitch and add [+1] Influence to the friendly team’s Influence-pool for that turn for each harvest-marker removed." It's possible the rules could change soon. The new (Season 4) rules are being introduced next month, and we've heard there could be quite a few changes to the play-style for farmers, though these are designed to make them easier for new players. But don't worry too much about learning all the current cards, as there'll be new ones very soon! (The general game isn't expected to change much though, so do start playing now!)
  8. ADG

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    If there's still demand for Vet Seenah, maybe she could go into Godtear as a new champion? That universe is more magical, so a were-bear wouldn't be out of place. And each champion has followers ... which could match the idea about a bear with cubs.
  9. ADG


    Flea sounds like a natural fit for farmers. (Or too obvious?) But also a good excuse to get another farmers model with a dog on the base! (Veteran Honour Mk II). Dog models are always popular ... (just ask Russ! #DungeonsandDoggies)
  10. Limited Edition Wonder Minerva:
  11. Here is the start of my brewers team ...
  12. ADG

    The Free Cities Draft

    I think we're establishing some good alternative methods for picking teams here A lot of people are assuming Kami should go to engineers because she'd be another addition to their gun line. But maybe that's a bit predictable. If she's from Numasai nobility she might be interesting in a "prestigious" team like the former champions, the masons. Her guns maybe not used for damage or knockdown but for other useful tricks. Or maybe her noble family could have arranged for her to end up in the GB champion team, only for her to discover she's sent to the low-born farmers. Could make for a bit of comedy in the story.
  13. ADG

    The Free Cities Draft

    Just realized that I've always assumed Honour and Harmony are the real names of those characters ... as they could work as real names too. But maybe Honour is really called Sarah or Jane! I guess we're safe to assume Harriet is really called Harriet, on and off the pitch.
  14. ADG

    The Free Cities Draft

    I guess in Amber's case, it could be that Amber is her real name, rather than her Guild codename, since some people have that as a name in the "real world." You could make some links to other guilds too. Some interesting reading on wikipedia points to beliefs that amber was produced by the sun, and was used in folk medicine for healing. That and coming from tree resin might give some hunters links? Also some historic links to electricity ... engineers? Or given the use of amber in jewellery maybe we could imagine the blacksmiths making some jewelled weapons or shields. But in story terms, might be fun if she ends up in brewers. And Cutlass does make me think of the fishermen ... (replacement for losing Gutter to butchers last year?)
  15. There are some people splitting up the multipacks on ebay at the moment, which works for a lot of the new players from the "exiles" and "faithful: new beginnings" boxes. I got a spare Veteran Honour to paint up in masons colours. But that doesn't really work for Pride, because in that case there's going to be vastly more demand for Pride than for the rest of the box. I think it would be great if somewhere down the line Steamforged could do some "made-to-order" sales, like Games Workshop does for old, out-of-production models. They could every so often bring back an old model (kickstarter captain, holiday model, minor guild crossover player, Pride etc.) on a limited made-to-order basis, issue an appropriate warning about the delay to fulfil orders, then produce the number they've sold. This could maybe apply to the scenery and goalposts too. Maybe in five years time Guild Ball will be stronger than ever, and there'll be lots of new players scouring ebay for old figures, and it would be nice to give them a chance to track down all the sculpts for their guild.
  16. ADG

    World Map Wallpaper

    Just in case you haven't seen it (maybe you've got the short rulebook from Kick Off), there's a nice double page map of the Guild Ball world in the Season 3 hardback rules. I haven't seen it online anywhere as a wallpaper though.
  17. The Union in Chains story mentions "impact clearly breaking his body open" and "his corpse lay still" ... which makes original Harry look pretty dead. Although I kind of like the idea that Solthecian Harry is original Harry having to use his (previously unknown) acting skills to compensate for the lack of an inspiring hat! I don't think we ever knew anything much about original Harry, so maybe he was an actor all along.
  18. That seems fair to me. The Erskirii Wolves resin models and some Minerva models have come out below Steamforged/community expectations, and so they are replacing both. You can't always fix things instantly, but where it does go wrong, they do fix it. My Minerva was lacking detail on her face, but wasn't much different from my other models after painting. Frelsi (the eagle) has a lot of detail that you can paint up quickly with a base colour and a wash. Ikaros has a good face, and enjoyed painting Rundaas too.
  19. I'm very impressed ... I'm not sure what we could challenge you with next!
  20. Just finished the falconers now. Wasn't too hard to avoid the clear plastic after all when undercoating by brush.
  21. The falconers have landed! Made some quick progress with these thanks to a day off work:
  22. ADG

    My Fish

    I can see Corsair ... great stripey trousers!
  23. ADG

    Looking to get into Union, but questions

    Yep, the Blackheart and Veteran Rage teams are expected in resin somewhere around the time of the Steam Con conferences (October/November-ish, plus possibly manufacturing time if you order them). I wouldn't expect the exiles or faithful of solthecius sets to come out in resin any time very soon (like the order). They've only just put them on sale in metal ... with faithful of solthecius only hitting the shops in the last week. If it ever does happen, my bet would be over a year away. Generally the plan for resins is to do the old major guilds as their minor guild comes out, so if there are three or four more minor guilds in 2019, there would be three or four major guilds to release in resin already next year.
  24. Here's my attempt at Minerva:
  25. Yeah, I thought about trying to take him off the stand and then glue him back on, but probably best not to!