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  1. Not sure if all the falconers' names have been discussed yet? Looks like the inspirations are: Devana: goddess of the hunt in Slavic languages, associated with the Roman goddess Diana Minerva: is the Roman goddess of wisdom, whose symbol was an owl Ikaros: the Japanese spelling of the Greek legendary character Icarus, who flew too close to the sun. Apparently the name of a Japanese space-rocket: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IKAROS Frelsi: freedom or liberty in Icelandic Runda(a)s: The Hittite god of hunting Mata(a)gi: the traditional hunting people of northern Japan ....................................... From looking in google search, the spelling of Mataagi and Rundaas looks a bit unusual with the double A ... they seem to normally come up with a single A. In particular, Mataagi with two As seems to be a town in Uganda, whereas the Japanese hunting people have one A. I guess you could argue that Guild Ball languages are different from our languages, so it doesn't have to match?
  2. You've probably already got an email from Steamforged, but in case anyone missed it, there's a sale on today on the Steamforged webstore for St Patrick's Day. You can get some good deals on Kick Off, blacksmiths and farmers, and there's a lot of the limited edition models (Fangtooth, Tater, Young Theron etc.) back on sale.
  3. I'm still hoping some future sale will put Ltd. Edition Boiler back on sale. It is national butcher's week after all! https://www.nationalbutchersweek.co.uk/
  4. I have to admit that I spend much more hobby time on painting/podcasts/reading forums than actually playing. You can certainly play casually though, especially if you have opponents at a similar skill level. If you're playing casually you can just take any models you like, rather than needing a "good" list, and you can take risks with your game-plan and not be too worried if it collapses. I haven't played properly on the clock yet, but having been learning or re-learning the rules for a couple of game systems recently I think aiming for 90 minutes/2 hour games (or less) in various systems seems a good target to me. Any longer than that and most games start to drag a bit and become frustrating. I went to a tournament for another game and found it great for properly learning the rules and learning how to play faster and enjoy the game more (even though I lost everything!) When experienced players play newer players have you tried handicap systems ... eg. you could give the new player pre-errata Thresher and then try to beat them with a team of "bad" models that don't synergize well, or something like that?
  5. Salt ftw!

    If everyone turns up to the next Steam Con wearing a Vet Captain Salt t-shirt then they have to make the model right? ... Or maybe even if it's above 50%?
  6. Salt ftw!

    Do I spot Salt peeking over the shoulder of the new rookie model of Jac?
  7. Salt ftw!

    I think we should get Veteran Salt, perhaps on a ridiculously big scenic base (something like that Godtear wizard's rock!). But failing, that, now Salt is confirmed female, perhaps we could get child of Salt ... maybe Pepper? or perhaps Vinegar goes better with fish! (and chips). I'd like to support @Igpus on the penguin though ... maybe for the minor guild mascot. (Penguins are pretty good at catching fish, and I bet someone can find a football-playing penguin on the internet somewhere).
  8. Salt ftw!

    Is Sherwin's comment the first confirmation that Salt is female? I know it was rumoured before (I think on the basis that we saw a fat-looking alt sculpt in the early Indiegogo pictures that people thought looked pregnant) ... but was it official? I guess @Mako was backing Scum!
  9. Guild ball era??

    I'd agree with both of the above ... they're recovering from the Century Wars ... this feels a bit like the UK pulling itself back together under Henry VII and Henry VIII after the wars with France and the Wars of the Roses (1455-1485) in the 15th century. The scheming city-states and manipulations of Obulus are all quite Machiavellian (1469-1527). Henry VIII had shotguns, like Chaska: http://www.thefield.co.uk/shooting/history-shotgun-shooting-26590 You could argue that the engineer robots and the falconer birdsuit are essentially like the machines designed by Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). But then again, the engineers and other characters like Vet Rage are also very steampunk and 19th century. And Harry the Hat also exists in a Sherlock Holmes-period game (Infamy), so it's not exact! https://infamygames.com/products/harry-the-hat-hallahan?variant=37315613452
  10. Vet Honour?

    At the original seminar (though ideas may have changed completely since) some of the ideas included: that the sheepdog could nip at people's heels to give them an extra move/dodge (as SATS says), that she should maybe still have some aspect of superior strategy as it was one of her signature moves, and that she could be not a reaper or a planter but a "trans-planter" with the ability to reposition harvest markers. Obviously we have to expect a low move score (could she be 3 inches like Granite? lower?), we think she has perhaps farmer-made leather armour rather than masons metals, so a lower armour score, and the dog seems to be on her base so no Brainpan/Memory moves, but probably an aura effect.
  11. EU Shop for Muse on minis

    In case anyone's interested, these appear to be available on the Steamforged webstore now.
  12. New Errata

    I wonder if there's any news on the print-on demand card service for those too lazy to print out the new cards themselves ... Or what would be quite cool would be, for example, if they slipped the new Thresher, Millstone and Tater cards into the Exiles pack with Veteran Honour. (In my first farmers box I got about eight different language versions of each card, so it can't cost much to slip a couple of extra cards in).
  13. Finding Single Figures

    There's a lot of talk about supporting local retailers ... maybe if Steamforged send them each a random selection of individual players each month (including even some limited figures?) we'll all have to go in the shop every couple of weeks to see what turned up!
  14. Finding Single Figures

    There is also the chibi version of Salt (if you like it), which may become available again as a single item in one of the limited-edition sales at some future holiday time. Or might crop up at the Steamforged stand at a trade fair perhaps. http://www.beastsofwar.com/guild-ball/new-chibi-guildball/ And there's maybe a slim chance that if Salt wins the favourite mascot competition on facebook, he'll get a new miniature made as a result! (We just got the puppy version of Princess for the Butchers). I think if retailers are able to order individual models from Steamforged, this is not something that is widely known, and would be interesting to see confirmed. I had an order with one retailer for a mini they thought they could get in stock, but gave up after a couple of months when I spotted it elsewhere.
  15. Finding Single Figures

    One possible option for those in the UK (if you have some language skills) is trying to search EU stores ... this is going to be more expensive than UK shops, but should be cheaper than ordering from the US, as there'll be no customs. Here's one I found with Guild Ball stock: www.fantasystronghold.de/ Maybe there are some other good sites out there?
  16. EU Shop for Muse on minis

    It does seem hard to track down stock of the season 3 errata tokens (eg. Hammer, Theron) as individual items for those who want to upgrade existing sets. I guess they're still waiting for these to make their way over from the US. (Now that there are full season 1-3 token sets from Muse & Frozen Forge out, hopefully future erratas won't impact tokens!)
  17. My Butchers :)

    Looking good. Any photos of Brisket/Boiler/puppy together to see the set?
  18. Here is the start of my brewers team ...
  19. New releases in metal?

    Maybe they could have points-tokens in new box sets. So you buy a new team from your local game store, because the price is cheaper than SFG website, and you can get exclusives like alternative Bolt. In the box there's a points-token. When you collect enough (supporting the LGS) you can cash in the points via Steamforged mail order to get a rare sculpt like alternate Egret, who might not otherwise be available anyway. (Mantic does something similar with Mantic points). ... it's a sort of game to collect the figures too ... I guess it has to be difficult to track down some to make the "collecting" fun ... but ideally not impossible/hugely expensive to do so! Which shops are doing launch events for ratcatchers/falconers?
  20. Guild Ball in North London

    @alphalegionaire I just clicked on The Outpost link again this morning, and it claims to have a couple of Bolts available again. Maybe you can mail-order one if you're quick!
  21. New releases in metal?

    Here's an idea ... Steamforged has a new(ish) loyalty scheme on their webstore ... where you get 5 points for every £1 you spend (essentially 5% back). Maybe instead of cashing the points in for a voucher you could also exchange points for rare models. If they set the points high enough, it would prevent people buying the models just to sell on ebay (because you'd have to buy too many other things for the points). But if you were a regular shopper, buying all the holiday editions etc., you'd gradually build up enough points to be able to fill in any gaps in your collection. (Finding time to paint them all is, of course, another problem!)
  22. New releases in metal?

    I think the New Alliances/Veterans box is a really nice set of models. Looking forward to painting all of these ... great work from Russ. Lion is nice too. A few related thoughts: *Veteran Honour's sheepdog is shown on her base. This suggests that it won't be a separate model (Brainpan/Memory style) but rather the effect of the sheepdog will just be felt in gameplay terms: wider base, possibly wider melee zone, or character plays. *Does this mean no Veteran Honour as the Steam Con 2018 giveaway model? Does that mean everyone gets a giveaway Vet Seenah for Steam Con? *There's also (I think) a picture going around of alt-sculpt metal falconers in a falconer's guild launch pack. Are these launch-pack sculpts (including Vet Graves/Bonesaw for ratcatchers) going to be ultra-rare, or maybe available at some point more widely? (Can't play well enough to win any in a competition!)
  23. Guild Ball in North London

    The biggest store in central London is Dark Sphere, near Waterloo/Lambeth North. But their website doesn't show any Bolts in stock any more: http://darksphere.co.uk/c.php?c=1514 Note that they usually show the stock in store that you can pick up on the day, or the stock for dispatch (kept in a warehouse elsewhere) that you can order via mail, or to be picked up (after a delay) from the store. You can pre-order Ratcatchers with Alt-Piper here: http://darksphere.co.uk/c.php?c=1521 The Outpost in Sheffield (only a few hours from London!) were advertising a set of Bolts on the Guild Ball supporters facebook, but also seem to have sold out now: http://the-outpost.co.uk/our-products/miniatures/guild-ball/Blacksmiths-Guild/The-Blacksmiths-Guild-Alternative-Bolt It might now be a case of checking ebay, or hoping he gets re-released. Edit: Might be worth a phone call to a store to check if the website is correct, or there's anything spare lying around.
  24. Skaldicfest Esters and Quaff: Ltd. Edition Millstone: