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  1. Ratcatchers Guild

    If there's one Bonesaw and one Graves in the pack, I wonder if that means they're limited edition models only available as tournament prizes or something? (A bit like the Limited Edition Mist). Guess we'll find out in a month or two!
  2. Ratcatchers Guild

    Apparently called Miasma ... and Squeak the rat! (according to the link DrJekyll posted). Maybe one of the players (Squeak?) will be able to lay down two sewer grate tokens on the pitch and then move between them as a bonus move?
  3. Winter Painting Contest

    On the subject of cakes, did anyone see the impressive Hemlocke cake that was at the back of the shop at Steam Con UK last year?
  4. Farmer's Metal/ Resin?

    There's the metal Millstone model coming out that you can pre-order with the Old Father's Harvest second farmer's box. There'll also be a metal Bolt available to pre-order with the second blacksmiths. I don't think I'd expect whole teams any time soon though.
  5. Well, the last model I painted fits the theme, so I'll try for a badge:
  6. Seemed an appropriate time to paint this one ... here's Yuletide Hearth. And Merry Christmas all!
  7. Here is the start of my brewers team ...
  8. New PVC Teams

    Mat Hart made a speech at Steam Con UK about the delays in the process (a certain amount of time for making the moulds, time to ship products from China, time to get it to retailers etc.) So, as Falkman says, it would likely be about six months plus after whatever time they sign off the decision to go ahead with making the team (which so far hasn't been made).
  9. Printmakr for Steamcon creations

    Anyone ever tried sculpting in Blender? https://www.blender.org/ I think it's an open-source (free) alternative to the Z-Brush software that Steamforged uses. If you could make models in that and print them out at the £7 level via an online store as mentioned by Grenoir that could be an affordable experiment!
  10. Printmakr for Steamcon creations

    I'm basically guessing here ... but I think the Printmakr service is really aimed at industrial users. For example, if someone out there was planning their own board game kickstarter project, they could use this to print out their master models for that project, before taking them off to be cast. Steamforged must have a really high quality 3D printer, which probably isn't in full-out use most of the time for their own products, so it makes sense for them to hire it out if they can. Maybe it could even be hired to industrial users outside the games industry. I've heard previously a figure of it costing around £200-300 to print-out a human-sized figure in high quality 3D print ... this is for the sort of quality you can then make moulds from, rather than something you'd print out for your own game at home. (I've got no idea how much it would cost from Printmakr, or whether this is accurate). I'm sure the materials are much cheaper than that would suggest, but you'd have to pay back the costs of purchasing the machine, storing it, maintaining it etc. It would be really cool to make your own figures though!
  11. Just finished painting up the Guild Ball scenery pack. Here's Brisket surveying the rough ground: And here's Mash lamenting the loss of some good beer: The Guild Ball plastic tree (other trees not included!) is detachable ... it fixes on a peg so you can lift it on or off if you have a large model nearby.
  12. @RandomScrub ... interesting documentary released by the Guardian yesterday: https://www.theguardian.com/news/2017/dec/15/killing-gavle-a-swedish-city-divided-by-a-giant-straw-christmas-goat
  13. It sounds to me as though you have been a bit unlucky. The Guild Ball models have (I think) changed casting process a few times, with some different types of metal used from time to time (some of the models look much shinier) but the quality I've seen buying models from various places for various seasons has always been very good. I've very rarely had any flash to cut off models, and found them to have less flash than recent metal models I've bought from Games Workshop. The new models in particular have been very impressive ... things like Yuletide Buckwheat the donkey and Solthecian Gutter are quite complicated models that they have cast in one piece ... no assembly needed ... with good detail. If the moulds for the old models got a bit worn out (which could be possible I guess) it would be an awful lot cheaper just to make new moulds for metal models than to make moulds for plastic models (plastic is expensive to set up) so that wouldn't be a reason to make the switch to plastic. Steamforged has its own 3D printer. They could print out another master copy of the original figure from their computer files, then make a fresh mould from that for metal casting very easily. Plastic moulds are hugely expensive but then enable you to produce huge volumes of models quite cheaply per unit.
  14. The ones on sale in the Vault in the recent sale over the past couple of weeks included Dark Harvest (Thresher with gravestones), Halloween (pumpkin-head) Obulus, Skaldicfest Esters and Quaff, Limited Edition Rage, Limited Edition Avarisse and Greede, Limited Edition Tater, Easter Fangtooth, Young Theron, Chibi Shark + Ox + Princess + Salt. You can still get Skulk (in the SteamCon pack) Yuletide Buckwheat and Hearth, and Solthecian Gutter & Coin, though these three may disappear from the webstore sometime relatively soon (possibly to re-appear at some point in the future, but if you want them maybe best to buy quick). Last year you could get the Kickstarter-edition captains for the original guilds on Black Friday, but that seems to be the last time those were going on sale, as far as we know. I think the year before that they sold limited edition Boiler, but that's not been seen on sale from Steamforged for a long-time either. Limited edition Mist was on sale last year ... I think now just through tournament packs.
  15. What about a "Creator" sub?

    @Mako I wonder if the Scholars Guild summer challenge should move from "Tales of Infamy" to "Community Event Archive" ... this would make it more obvious that the main new content in the section is blogs and podcasts etc. (Although it's also fine where it is ... Time to stop reading forums and do something useful with my day off work instead, like painting!)
  16. We've got an octopus that plays football ... and a horse and a bear. And I heard on a recent podcast (I think it was Singled Out) that at one early design stage Guild Ball had rules for playing in seas and oceans, so ... who wants a whale as a mascot?! (I'd probably accept a penguin as a compromise.)
  17. If you imagined a twelve man box being twice the size of the existing six man plastic boxes (blacksmiths and farmers) it would be a huge box to put on a shelf at a gaming store or put in your shopping bag ... although maybe they're just thinking of selling 12 together initially (maybe direct and not in a box?) then splitting the team for retail later. ........................................................... I'm not sure whether I'd buy them, so haven't filled in the survey. Theoretically I like some of the new sculpts and might enjoy painting the fishermen again. But in practical terms I already own fish and have a few unpainted guilds in my cupboard already ... I don't have time to paint them again at the moment, even if I decided to buy them again. If it's a choice between painting ratcatchers/falconers or repeating the fish, I should paint the new ones. It would obviously be nice for new players though to be able to pick up the plastics. And I admit I rebought the Kick Off masons in plastic to get the figures in a larger scale (as well as the other bits and pieces in the box).
  18. De Tinnen Roos Statue Dimensions

    Strictly speaking there are three versions ... Ready to Build (tidy up yourself), Ready to Paint (flash/mould lines cleared up), Ready to Display (polished, stick it straight on your shelf). Unboxings available on STF youtube channel by "Andreas the Norwegian Viking": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qNlPyFdR9s You can also order direct, might be helpful for those in Continental Europe: https://www.detinnenroos.com/en/licensed-products/
  19. De Tinnen Roos Statue Dimensions

    There's a picture here with some podcasters for scale! http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/episode-12-the-spicy-general
  20. Interesting discussion, thanks. I think Limited Edition Rage is another good example of a model with great story-teling features, with Blackheart's sword, the bloody coin and Coin, and (I think) Blackheart's pony-tail/top-knot on his belt. Will also be interesting to see how Sherwin tackles the magic question for Vet Seenah. Maybe you could write a story where Pintpot has six pints of beer, then sees that the legends are true and there really is a human spirit in Seenah ... a bit of third person/unreliable narrator stuff could keep it ambiguous ... the model could be Pintpot's perception, or true. (The sculpt so far looks nice and should be interesting to paint). ps. I wonder if Russ could make good money from sculpting more dogs with necklace/charm-bracelet hooks and selling them as jewellery at pet fairs!
  21. LE Mist

    The lion looks pretty big in the twitter picture (@thatPhilBowen) ... must be at least 40mm to fit the plinth that he's on as well. Maybe a bit of a sleepy lion though from the pose! Not sure if it's the finished model ... to me the head looks a little too big.
  22. Winter Painting Contest

    This is the GW snow. It's quite good, but you can get through a pot very quickly: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Texture-Valhallan-Blizzard-24ML
  23. Steamcon USA Keynote

    It would be kind of fantastic to get a Steam Con 2018 pack with Vet Seenah, three bear cubs, Vet Honour and a sheepdog! I wonder if Vet Seenah makes the Guild Ball world a bit more explicitly "magical" ... although it's been hinted at before, and I saw recently that resin Minx was originally packaged with an optional wolf-head, so maybe not the first shape-shifter.
  24. Steamcon USA Keynote

    Did someone say that Vet Seenah was a bear defending her cubs? Is the idea for a bear with extra cub models, or was that just a joke? (We got a very nice sheepdog with Vet Honour, so why not!)
  25. Guild Ball Sculpting/Goal making

    Here's some gravestones ... these are UK shops, but if you're in US they might stock it in a shop over there too: https://www.darksphere.co.uk/p.php?p=56415 http://elementgames.co.uk/games-workshop/warhammer-fantasy/tomb-kings/grave-stones-renedra