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  1. PS. The webstore's still listing the Faithful as available from 20 July, although they've been delayed till 3 August: https://store-uk.steamforged.com/collections/the-vault/products/the-faithful-new-beginnings
  2. ADG

    The Navigator's Guild

    Lots of comments about Moana, but has anyone yet mentioned Han Solo?
  3. Does anyone know the expected shipping date for the Erskirii Wolves team produced for the Guild ball World Cup? https://store-uk.steamforged.com/products/erskirii-wolves-pride-of-the-motherland On the webstore it says "available from July 20" ... but is it a bit like the new morticians/hunters and this is a special-edition resin order that could have a long turnaround time? .................................... PS. Looks like Russ's Dungeons & Doggies has funded! Fun models and (now they're in PVC) a good price too (£27 for 12 models). https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/russrmc/animal-adventures-tales-of-dungeons-and-doggies
  4. ADG

    Veteran Harmony's Sword

    There should be a circle-shaped dip in the Veteran Harmony body that helps you lock in place the sword grip in the right place. There's a circle on the back of the hands of the sword part. You probably know that already ... but just in case yours was cast badly. My (unsophisticated) solution when I can't get things to glue together is to get the knife out, scrape off all the old dried-up glue to get back to a clean surface, then use the knife to cut cross-hatches on the surfaces for a bit of extra grip and try again.
  5. ADG

    The Navigator's Guild

    I'm scoring myself two out of three for name guesses! (Well, maybe one and a half, as I didn't quite get Wander). This looks like the first alternate sculpt player in coloured plastic rather than metal? Although I wish the two Horizon sculpts were a bit more different. One is holding the lantern up, and the other down, but if you're doing two sculpts it would be nice if one was standing and the other running, to give a bit more variety. That said, it's overall a nice box of models. The albatross is great, and touches like the globe ball and the laid-back expression on (I think it's) Ebb. Navigators Angel is nice too ... can people who win the launch pack models in tournaments please put some on ebay in a few months for the bad players? Edit: Oh, I see, the alt sculpt is the new coloured resin. That makes sense. (Confirmed on facebook). I guess two Horizons maybe means you can paint one with the lantern on and one with it off. How about an object-source lighting paint tutorial for Horizon?
  6. ADG

    Tokens after S4?

    I guess that means they want to use the same trait on some models with a less gluttonous appearance, so they're giving it a more general name?
  7. Yes, my initials too! Thanks for the corn stalks idea and look forward to seeing some more of your pictures soon.
  8. Finally finished painting the farmers, and putting some harvest markers together ... a fun project. I've collected the models I worked on earlier with pictures of a couple of the latest additions at the end. Putka seed pumpkins inspired by the Steamforged blog and corn stalks (railway scenery) by @Grenoir Here's The Honest Land: Old Father's Harvest: Goals: Harvest markers: Alt sculpts (not including Dark Harvest): Rookie Windle: Veteran Honour with harvest markers:
  9. Ploughman:
  10. ADG

    Comparisons to RL Nations

    Well, I'll go for an easy one and say that Eisnor (home of the Viking-like Esters and Mash) is Iceland and/or Norway. I reckon someone can take a good guess at Mald ...
  11. ADG

    Problem with login/registration

    I couldn't log in for at least a week or so, but it is (obviously) working again now for me too, so maybe everyone should be back.
  12. A bit of new product news (since I'm not sure it's been posted anywhere else yet) ... the next model in Broken Toad's range of Guild Ball busts is based on Veteran Brisket. This follows on from Rage, Angel & Salt and Piper. It was on sale at UK Games Expo in Birmingham. Can't see it available online yet, but no doubt will be announced fairly soon. Other things available (possibly announced before): Muse on Minis and Frozen Forge both have token packs for the Exiles. You get all the tokens for the six players in one pack. All Rolled Up had the dice trays that have been shown on the Steamforged blog. Currently on their site you can get ratcatchers, morticians, blacksmiths, farmers and hunters. They had falconers on show at the Expo, and will be available online soon.
  13. ADG

    What the eff is Brainpan?

    And he dresses like one of the ringwraiths! He's very tall as well. Probably just so the model works as a puppet-master, but it does make him a big model. We don't know much about them, but apparently Brainpan has forgotten his name, and it might be Memory that's really in control!
  14. @Malritch ... I love the enthusiasm in your posts! Have a nice holiday.