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  1. The Navigator's Guild

    Can we guess the names of the remaining players? On the cards we can see: Angel, Siren, Azimuth, E, Fa, Horizon, W, Windfinder I reckon the mascot (an albatross apparently, as in the poster) is probably W ... because 5/10 move would fit a bird, and lower TAC than E or Fa. There's another woman (looks similar costume to Azimuth?) and another man. I'm going to guess Fathom for Fa ... maybe the woman? And Echo for E ... maybe the man? So for the bird I'll try Wanderer (wandering albatross), Wake (following in the wake of a ship) or maybe Wisdom. Apparently an albatross named Wisdom is the oldest bird in the world! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albatross
  2. I think as an (almost) general rule, alternative sculpts represent the original versions of players. The two exceptions I can think of are Ltd Edition Rage (who is either normal Rage or Captain Rage) and Falconers Launch Kit Vet Hearne ... who is obviously veteran.
  3. I can't point you to an exact rule anywhere, but I think the rookies can be used as alternatives for their regular version, but not as veteran versions. On the webstore it says the models are packaged with a regular player card, as well as the rookie league cards, so I think they can certainly be used for regular players. Arguably if you used rookie Fangtooth in an Order/Church team it wouldn't confuse anyone as there's only one Fangtooth available to Order. But if rookie Chisel could stand for either regular or veteran in masons, that could be potentially confusing to opponents.
  4. Online Pre Orders through the SF webstore

    @ItsBurgertime the alternative sculpt of Mataagi is only available from third-party retailers, you can't get it from Steamforged's webstore. (The same is true for alt. Millstone, Bolt, Piper). If you're in the UK/Europe, some shops to try are Dark Sphere, The Outpost (Sheffield), Leodis Games, Wyldstorm Games. They should all have the alt sculpt available. If you're in the US, someone else might need to point you to a store!
  5. Farmer Goal Post

    I don't think Peck would approve of that!
  6. Navigators Guild on FB

    Maybe now we can get Seasoned Harry as head of the Actors Guild?
  7. Farmer Goal Post

    While we're on the subject, what's the vegetable on Windle's claws? I read that it wasn't meant to be a carrot, but didn't read what it actually was ...
  8. Navigators Guild on FB

    For anyone who didn't watch the video yet, Windfinder and Horizon will be in the minor guild pack, while the last picture is a resin sculpt of Angel that will be released in an organized play pack. Angel and original Siren will be the cross-over players from the fishermen to the navigators. Navigators will be released at some point in Q4 this year, according to Rich Loxam [maybe at Steam Con?] The ability for the navigators to re-roll their dice is interesting, and might fit in with the "easy playstyle" of the guild. Could a lot of their strength come from the ability to re-roll their dice, while their other abilities are limited to balance this? Or would other guilds possibly gain new rules too? (They didn't want to say in the video!) Reminds me of the interview with Mat Hart on Strictly the Worst 38, where he was talking about whether re-rolls should come into the game, and how increasing randomness might make it easier for mid-level players to challenge top-level players: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/episode-38-the-gang-gets-interviewed ps. For the blacksmiths, Veteran Cinder remains an apprentice. And there's a rookie-league organized play kit on the way.
  9. Farmer's Metal/ Resin?

    You may be pleased to hear that if you like painting/modelling, there is going to be lots of choice going forward. Currently there are lots of teams available in metal from season 1/2 (fish, butchers, alchemists etc.) These are going to be replaced over the course of the next year or two by unassembled resin models, which is the material of choice for many painters. We've just seen the first of these new resin teams released, a set of new sculpts for the morticians team now on the webstore. So if you like metal, buy the old teams up before they're replaced, and if you like resin, there'll be lots of teams available in that over coming years too. And those who don't like building models can collect the PVC minor guilds ... three or four teams a year. (Apologies if you know all this already. Since it was your first post, I thought I'd reply in case it was helpful.)
  10. Buckwheat:
  11. Steamforged is going to re-release all the season 1 and 2 teams in resin over the next couple of years. We've already seen the new morticians and they're nearly all in new poses, with the possible exception of Brainpan & Memory. So I was wondering ... if you were re-designing an existing team, what ideas would you have for new sculpts/poses? (Although I'm sure sculptor Russ has already got plenty of good ideas of his own!) ................................... I'm looking forward to seeing the new masons, as the original six models were a little small-scaled in metal and the Kick Off miniatures aren't quite as detailed as the new plastics (farmers/blacksmiths). I thought a fun idea could be for the next version of Honour/Harmony to be sculpted so they're connected somehow if you put the models next to each other. For example, they could be looking at each other or doing a high-five or something ... to play off their "linked" character trait. I'm also hoping the next version of Wrecker has ears and a tail, although the upright pose might be good to keep.
  12. I wonder if any retailers will stock this ... and if they can offer discounts? Typically retailers are offering 10% plus discounts on products like metal teams, so that could bring the price down a bit. (You effectively get 5% off direct orders if you sign up for the Steamforged loyalty scheme).
  13. Harry & Harriet:
  14. Llama mascot confirmed for future minor guild?
  15. So does this mean that metal morticians will disappear from the Steamforged webstore from tomorrow? And metal hunters will be taken off the webstore on 15 June? Would metal Union teams disappear from the webstore on 20 July when the Faithful box (completing Union minor guild) is launched? ........................................ ps. Now that resin is coming back, would anyone else like to see a re-release in resin of the Kickstarter alt captains and 2014 Ltd. Boiler? There must be a lot of new players who've come into the game in the last couple of years and a limited second-hand stock of those sculpts now.