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  1. Another small gathering of players hit the pitch. Hunters fielded Skatha, Seenah, Vet Hearne and Fahad with the Brewers Fielding Esters, Mash, Friday and Skum. Seenah kicks off and manages to poke the ball across half. Friday collects the loose ball and passes back to Mash while the Hunters inch forward to get into position. Seenah clearly is more interested in gaining weight for the coming winter as he is only able to push Friday slightly. The ball is moved down the pitch with Friday calling scum to collect and take to the goal. 4-0 Brewers. The hunters react by kicking the ball out to Hearne who in turn charges Esters to knock her down and pass to Fahad. Mash engages Seenah to tie him up while Friday re positions and awaits for a ball to be crossed for her to finish the game. Forgetting that the Fat Lady doesn't mind a first hit, Fahad charges in and loses the ball to a counter attack. Esters quickly moves the ball from play and down the pitch to Friday. She collects, tees up, and misses! 4-0 Brewers still. The ball comes back into play with Hearne who quickly passes it up to Fahad. The cat lays waiting for the perfect moment to strike until Esters shows vulnerability. Fahad charges in and provides the team hope, dodging into range to score. 4-4 all square. The Brewers won't take that as a game ender. The ball is booted towards mash who collects. Esters empowers the team by finishing the tired Hunter captain. 6-4. Mash passes to Friday who immediately takes a shot on net; woosh it goes flying right on by. Seenah quickly makes sure to tie up Friday by keeping her on the ground, however Scum having scored the first goal is hungry for a second. Scum collects the lose ball but is too tired from all the running to take a shot. He drops the ball for Friday who is able to draw up the courage to wiggle free from the bear and grab the ball. This time she does not miss, ending the game 10-4 for Brewers. http://tinypic.com/r/kees91/9 http://tinypic.com/r/2505ms4/9
  2. It was another tough day for the Hunters on the pitch of Guild Ball. The Farmers stepped up and wagered that in order to support Hemlock for the Hunters, the groves must be cleared for pastures in order to feed Windle. Skatha recieves the ball on the small pitch to go in for a quick goal. She glides effortlessly across the slick morning frost still coating the tips of the grass. She passes a quick snowball to Seenah, if only to ensure the bear is not hibernating yet. With the momentum in her favour she sets herself up for the goal. A clean strike into the middle of the millstone. 4-0 Hunters. The farmers don't take too kindly to her initial goal, for they have been awake scoping the area since the crack of dawn. Grange comes in to reminder her that the grove is the perfect place to harvest mushrooms. A few slices and Skatha is on the floor as Windle beings to eye an easy target. The big oaf decides that a hearty breakfast should be enough to see him through the fight. 4-2 Hunters. Seenah comes rushing in, unimpressed from the snowball that had found his face. A quick hug turns into a mauling with Grange on the ground. Hearne decides to jump in and redeem his struggling captain. While the others engage in a grinding scrum, Harrow grabs the ball and knocks it in to finish the game. Final score 4-6 for Farmers as the go home happy to have found another field to harvest in favour of Hemlock. http://tinypic.com/r/2dmflhy/9
  3. The Hunters and the Spooks took to the pitch to settle who should have Hemlock. Skatha, Jaecar, Seenah, Vet Hearne, Minx and Fahad took to the field against Obulous, Dirge, Graves, Casket, Brain Pan, Memory, Adverisse and Greed. Though out numbered, the Hunters put in a tough fight. Skatha kicked things off by booting the ball across half with graves retrieving the ball. Minx, anxious to play in her first Hunters game darted too far up the field. She found herself lured in by Obulous and taken to the grave by Memory 2-0 Morts. Fahad charges in to send Memory back to the other end of the pitch while Casket sends the cat to the Grave. 6-0 Spooks. While the scrum is taking place Skatha is able to work her magic up the pitch and score, bringing the Hunters back in it but still trailing. The ball is kicked back out towards the crow who delivers it to Obulous. He sees the window of opportunity open and goes in for the shot. 10-4 to the Morticians. Meanwhile Jaecar slips from the shadows and punishes Graves while Seenah hugs a crow. 10-8 Spooks. Skatha sees Hemlock slipping away but all is not lost. She calls for the crowd to punt it out to her, but she is too far away and they cannot kick it that far. Seenah, Hearne and a newly rested Minx manage to take down the greedy Obulous. 10-10 all square. With Obulous gone and the rest of the spooks out on the other side of the pitch, Hearne is able to collect the ball and drop it for Skatha. She collects it, fakes a pass with a snowball and scores! 10-14 for the Hunters winning the respect of Hemlock http://tinypic.com/r/dgl2jb/9 http://tinypic.com/r/ayn8qp/9 http://tinypic.com/r/2iru81i/9
  4. CapnSquid

    Hunters and Engineers grind for Hemlock

    I'll have to get pictures from my opponent. He took a few
  5. CapnSquid

    Hunters and Engineers grind for Hemlock

    Sadly I didn't think to take pictures. Realized that when I was typing this up. Our Esco league starts on Tuesday so I'll be sure to snap a few! Planning on Staying, VHern and Seenah
  6. The Enhineers challenged the Hunters to a friendly to see where they would throw their support for Hemlock. The game kicked off by the hunters delivering the ball into the opposing Mason's half. The hunters charged up the field with Seenah rushing in alongside Veteran Hern. Skatha made sure to get them there quickly and support from a far. In no time the stage was set for a slow grind. The weather proved too cold for both the Engineers and Hunters as both seemed to underperform. Eventually Hern finds the strength to glide through the icy rocks and tackle the ball off of Hoist, poking it into the goal. A quick counter attack by Velocity sees the game 4-4. Despite the determination in each team, the weather proved too much and both teams decided to take shelter. The game ends 4-4 with the Engineers deeming Hunters worthy of Hemlock.
  7. CapnSquid

    Brewers FC

    Brewers FC, my first team for guild ball inspired by our home brewing! Goal post is still a work in progress and need to do a bit of touch up yet. Spigot needed a proper spigot (not a broken bottle), Mash needed a mash paddle and I like the idea of a brew pig to represent Scum.