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  1. Leolian

    Painting blog

    My flicker photostream easier than linking when im not at my pc.
  2. Leolian

    Painting blog

    Thank you. Not touched a brush for a while but I’ll get back to them soon. I’ll post some wip of my dancer when I get a chance.
  3. Leolian

    Painting blog

    Thanks fella. The bricks are some modelling ones from eBay or somewhere. The grass tufts are games workshop.
  4. Leolian

    Dark Souls Minis

    Very nice They look great painted all together. Need to hurry up and finish mine.
  5. Leolian

    Painting blog

    Bit more of a break than I'd intented b ut I'm back on track. Might give ornstein and smough a go next
  6. Posted in the dark souls forum but it's pretty quiet there so I thought I'd chuck them up here too for anyone that's interested. Happy painting.
  7. Leolian

    Dragonslayer Ornstein finished

    That's fantastic! Great job.
  8. Leolian

    My finished set

    Great job dude! Wish I had the patience to finish the whole lot.
  9. Leolian

    Painting blog

    Couple with the base and detail finished. On a bit of a break from painting but hopefully I'll get some more up soon!
  10. Leolian

    Painting blog

    Love the verdigris on your gargoyle btw!
  11. Leolian

    Painting blog

    Thanks fella! and yes, I keep the paint pretty thick, especially the lighter end of the spectrum. Watery paint just dribbles into all the cracks. I use nearly undiluted white and the darker the shade the more I usually dilute. When blending its also a lot easier to go from white to grey than the other way round. Im also pretty short sighted and always take my contacts out to paint. Magnification is vital. You'd be amazed how different things look when you can see up close.
  12. Leolian

    Finally finished my gargoyle

    Any more pictures? He looks great! Edit: Duh. Just realised you can click across.
  13. Leolian

    Painting blog

    Started working through these awesome minis. Knight nearly finished so I'll add him soon. Hope to get them all done before the next batch arrives