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  1. Hello! Skycon 2018 will be hosting Guild Ball once again this year on Saturday, October 13th, 2018 with the start time at 11:00am. It will be played using the Season 4 rules and there will be prizes, naturally. The event registration link is found here. The Longshanks link is found here.
  2. Bastion

    July 22: Guild Ball at Tabletop Gaming Expo

    Coming up this weekend! Be sure to make your attendance known if you're planning on going!
  3. Bastion

    July 22: Guild Ball at Tabletop Gaming Expo

    Transmission boost for the event, we really need the numbers to put this event on the map and your support is much appreciated! Even if you are just interested, it would be awesome if you were to even just toss in your hat here to show you're interested. https://www.facebook.com/events/1452494258193736/
  4. Bastion

    Lucky in a blister pack?

    This. I understand the solution is "show up at your local game store and support their hobby league!", but there are admittedly a few areas that don't have a league going and/or casual players that play at home. Getting shut out of a player for a faction you play can feel pretty lousy. This is speaking as a player who managed to get Lucky.
  5. Bastion

    Guild Ball Tournament in Mississauga, September 30th

    This coming Saturday! It will be soon!
  6. Join us for Guild Ball at X-Planet Games on Saturday, September 30th. Registration starts at 11 am! Entry fee will be $10 and prizes will be structured based on attendance.Games will be played on a 45-minute clock with 1 minute turns on overtime. Players will have the option to use a 10-man roster for their teams.Both new and experienced players are welcomed! Come on down for some Guild Ball! X-Planet Games Address: 5170 Dixie Rd, Unit 102, Mississauga, ON L4W 1E3 Time: Registration at 11am and Kick-Off at noon. Entry: $10 Facebook page X-Planet Games
  7. Bastion

    Help Against Ox Butchers

    Thank you, I'll give Hammer, Tower, Brick, Marbles, Flint and maybe Mist a try as a list.
  8. Bastion

    Help Against Ox Butchers

    I've told and seen that Ox Butcher is a natural counter to Mason lists, especially when their natural strength is armour. Does anyone have any tips or tactics against him?
  9. NPE for most, but not all. If Shark players had fun, it's not a negative play experience for them, right?
  10. I recall there was a HUGE thread about Chisel, talks about how she might be a striker instead of a beater etc... She's not the worst piece out there but easily on the bottom incline after Season 3.
  11. Bastion

    GenCon Events?

    Very nice work on getting the event set up!
  12. Bastion

    GenCon Events?

    Admittedly, a tournament (even a small one, not a championship level) would serve as a good rally point for interests and current gamers. I know regardless of game, a tournament has people walking by and going "wow, what is that game?". That's sort of advertisement in itself.
  13. Bastion

    First Light of Solthecius - 2 new union players

    They look good, but I can't help but shudder at how I will be transporting the one on the left. She looks very fragile. The stance is very Season 1.
  14. Hello, everyone! There's going to be a Guild Ball Tournament happening at X-Planet on Saturday, March 25th! Registrations start at 11 pm and the tournament fee is $10. Get together and meet some of the local Guild Ball players for some games! Prizing will be dependant on attendance but there should be at least one door prize. For more information, check it out the Facebook pages here. X-Planet Games is at 5170 Dixie Rd, Unit 102.
  15. Bastion

    Masons Nine

    If Honour is going to be your only Captain, I feel that Wrecker doesn't need to be in there. I would drop Wrecker and take all 3. If Wrecker MUST be in there, I feel Tower and Minx are probably the most solid choices. Granite isn't bad, but there are some a good portion of match-ups that would make her a liability or a non-factor, IMHO.