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  1. Reece


    I REALLY don't think the candle set the blaze.That would just be silly.
  2. Reece


    On FB, it's been mentioned that something happened to Quaff. What's going on?!
  3. Reece

    Brewers in Season 4

    Very nice read. Thanks for writing it all up. One thing I'm curious about is why you say vDeci doesn't offer much for Tapper. Can you elaborate a little more?
  4. Reece

    The Engineers Minor are the Miner Guild.

    It makes sense. During the seminar of the "build a player" they were asked to name any captain, EXCEPT Tapper and Honor, for the base of the build. So it could be that it's because they've already got a plan for Tapper.
  5. Ignore my post. I don't belong here.
  6. Reece

    Here's why I don't like new Esters

    If the "main six" are still good, it'll be enough. 😁
  7. Reece

    Free Cities Draft Event

    I vote Edge.
  8. Reece

    New Player Idea

    He could be a scummy scoundrel "former" monk. That's interesting though. Like +2 def if knocked down or something.
  9. Reece

    New Player Idea

    So... maybe this has been said already, but... I have an idea I think is super cool: Drunken Master. Like, a monk type player. Give him dodges and pushes all over but not crazy damage. UM, 2" melee (staff)... cool stuff.
  10. Reece

    Guild Rule

    Look at vCinder and vDecimate. I really thought Deci needed toning down until I saw her.
  11. Why it this? I'm new to Brewers still. Only three games.
  12. Reece

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Thanks ZQ!
  13. Reece

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Update is out. Ziggy hates Engineers.
  14. Reece

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    I still can't find Harriet.