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  1. LinChaiMing

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    I really find this app useful. I just wish I could swipe up and down to switch between cards
  2. I could bring mine along. They're yellow though. Fully painted complete team
  3. Updated the app and imported the file AIOpack. Cards are still the same it seemswas. Single faction packs are updated though
  4. LinChaiMing

    Blacksmith Guild - Anvil and Guild Special Rule

    No union is good
  5. LinChaiMing


    If the ball lands within 1 inch of a friendly model after a kick off, can that model get the ball?
  6. LinChaiMing


    This will definitely make big changes to the line up as defensive players will definitely shine. Abilities like stoic, sturdy, fear, glut mass, close control and unpredictable will now have a double premium. Stave is sad
  7. LinChaiMing

    GenCon Events?

    Hey, are the gencon attendees planning on getting together and playing some games? Would love to get gaming in, just not a whole day of it
  8. LinChaiMing

    GenCon Events?

    Might just opt for some pick up games, especially since blacksmiths will be thing. I might actually prefer just few smaller 3 round tournaments so that it wouldn't eat up too much time.
  9. LinChaiMing

    Organised Play Document Update 9/5/17

    Thank you for fixing the tie breakers as this actually gives the top table a proper status. Eventually we'll hear complaints about SOS being negatively affected by players dropping but at least the moves the blame from the OP document to the player himself. The amount of complaints against picking the captain and mascot first before initiative just shows that people are going to need to adjust to change that greatly affects their strategy with their teams. I believe it's an excellent idea as you still get to choose the captain after seeing the 10 man list making getting the initiative more rewarding as you can choose whether to kick or receive.
  10. Coach: LinChaiMing / Laurence Guild: Brewers Timezone GMT +8 Tapper Esters Scum Quaff Spigot Hooper Mash Friday A&G
  11. LinChaiMing

    The Sanchex Cup

    @orange Quite sure you hitting 9 out of 11 dice is normal on a 3/1 target. Or only getting 1 hit thrice and totally missing once with a 4inf spigot with +2 crowded out is also normal for vassal. If I defensive stanced and countered I might have ato a chance to. Score a goal with scum
  12. LinChaiMing

    The Sanchex Cup

    Not sure if Byron would let us. But I'm in the same boat as you. Totally missed the start.
  13. LinChaiMing

    The Sanchex Cup

    Totally missed the first week, and for some reason photobucket won't load pictures for me
  14. LinChaiMing

    The Sanchex Cup Sign up!!

    Name: Laurence Tan Skype: linchaiming Roster: Brewers Tapper Esters Scum Friday Spigot Mash Stoker Hooper The Hat
  15. Got it. Was overly excited, appears that I missed the import option on the (+) on thethe lower right. Really feel dumb right now