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  1. Folkenhellfang

    Coffee Shop Triumvirate

    When ever you face a scoring team you are almost certainly sealing your doom when the ball is on your half of the board the whole game. I think the Hellraiser box formation was as impressive as it was effective, right up until it was broken. Beater teams playing scoring teams need to prioritize keeping the ball in the other half of the pitch, and keeping enemy players out of snap shot range. Supremely easier said than done, but it's what I try to shoot for.
  2. Folkenhellfang

    Coffee Shop Triumvirate

    Smith's are looking very strong in S4. Not much room for error, especially when your opponent rarely makes one. I need to get a stamp made that reads: "SUBOPTIMAL!"
  3. Folkenhellfang

    Steam Con gift box

    So what are the boom sticks? Enquiring coaches want to know.
  4. Folkenhellfang

    Union in chains results

    Who's the other guy in the story? I thought it could be Shank sat first, but he's described as being a bit older...
  5. Folkenhellfang

    Tenderiser - How do you play him ?

    Sorry for taking so long to get back here. I gave Big T a shot upfield and I was a bit disappointed. His low TAC makes it tough to really take advantage of his playbook. Like always, it's easy to look back at a game and see where you came up short. I should have made better use of crowd outs, but at the end of the day when a model is easy to use in the heat of the moment it makes for a good argument for using it. That said, I think Tenderizer works best in his intended role. Check out the article linked in the Ox and Shank thread for a great anecdote on using Tenderizer.
  6. I won a FLGS league, in season 2, using Captain Ox in all but one game. I still feel more comfortable using him, and I think he plays better into some teams than Fillet does. I really like him as Captain because those games feel like a real team effort rather than just loading up the one woman army. Shank was a big part of my team then, cutting down players returning to the pitch and being a good goal threat. The changes to take outs and more crucially, his INF stat changing to 2/3 has made him hard for me to leverage. I still believe he has a place, and I think the 1 INF charge GID is really gonna make him shine again. Man, nice to know there are players out there that share my thoughts on the Butchers. I really need to give Shank some more pitch time.
  7. Folkenhellfang

    Butcher GIC Theory Thread 

    Frustrating. I'm not interested in what the next round of GID should be. I'm much more interested in how we leverage the cards we have, and your results and thoughts on using them. I strongly agree that the initial set of cards weren't all that great. Extra VPs are boring compared to all cool effects present in the game. Sure, I wanted team wide Anatomical Precision, but we got something else. Based on my recent games played I have some thoughts. Blood Thirst It is very strong in the first two turns. It's an easy choice to deal damage over other results early in a match, and the often light return damage suffered is easily offset by life drinker. This frees MP to be used to clear conditions or for crucial bonus time rolls. I've only used it in the previous iteration, and I definitely felt the pressure late game with the low heal rate. At HR3 i feel it’s one of the safest choices, but a bit boring. I actually think it works better for the game at HR2. Take it to 'Em At HR3 it’s a pretty safe choice and it does something magical. It makes Shank viable! A 1 INF charge means he can engage any target at max melee, draw a counter attack, momentously deal damage, and dodge out of engagement. He can buy a dodge to get back into engagement and attack again! I think that is pretty great, and brings back the very real threat that Shank could take out a player just returning to the pitch like in season 2. Sure, there's Wingback... but you can't count on having it every game. I'm most excited to use this one. 4 attacks from Vet Ox is pretty exciting. Crushing Force Probably the best GID for competitive play. I find it fairly easy to win initiative turn after turn with the Butchers, and with the threat of unanswered attacks from Fillet it's clear that this one is very powerful. The complexity this card implies is amazing. Your opponent will have to consider much more than just avoiding a single player now. If they counter attack Boiler and disengage, what risk are they putting themselves in against other un-activated players? How will they recoup the spent MP? Will the expenditure cost them the initiative? Healing? Clearing conditions? The HR2 is pretty rough, but this is a very powerful card. I think you should enjoy it while you can, lol. I think the bigger questions aren't what's next, but which GID against which Guild? I want to know how you've done with this set and what you think about them. Let's wish a little closer to the close of this round of testing.
  8. Folkenhellfang

    Perception of Butchers

    As a Butcher player I would have to agree with much of what has been said here. Somebody early on said that every meta well struggle with the Butchers at first. Their strengths are easier to exploit, and the scoring game will be nascent. Everybody thinks their cool guy/gal with a nasty weapon can fight only to learn the hard way that some are better at it than others. To criticize them on their limitations is to ignore the design of the rest of the game. They can't be good at everything, there must be limits. Bad counters? How does the player compensate? Few 2" reach players? How does the player compensate? By playing the game, by leveraging your strengths, and managing your weaknesses. Just like in any game. Preception of the Butchers? They are a team of surprising speed, decent defense, good access to tackles, and high combat ability. Play their game and you will lose. Make them play your game.
  9. Folkenhellfang

    Mystery box!

    @Selfy Lol, you burger punk. I too was ready to send you something you asked for. It's pretty easy for context to be lost in a comment as straight forward as yours was. Maybe clue us in when you are joking next time. Anyways, I agree that the lack of tracking info was annoying during this little adventure we all shared, and they did day the dice would match... but there really was a lot of value packed into these boxes. I would probably do it again.
  10. Folkenhellfang

    GIC General Theory Thread 

    Apologies, The teams were: Hunters Theron, Sheena, Fahad, Jaecar, Hearne and Minx Vs Fishermen Corsair, Tentacles, Angel, Sakana, Vet Siren, Avarice & Greede Brewers Tapper, Hooper, Scum, Mash, Pint Pot, and Gutter Vs Fishermen Shark, Salt, Greyscales, Jac, Siren, and Hag
  11. Folkenhellfang

    GIC General Theory Thread 

    Our league played two games today : Hunters vs Fishermen Using Bait the Trap and Slippery Fishes Brewers vs Fishermen Using Happy Hour and Slippery Fishes In the Hunters Fish match up the + DEF from Slippery Fishes wasn't a factor nor was the heal rate. Bait made definitely made a difference, but no bonus VPs were scored. The poor heal rate on Bait was negligible due to their pillow fisted opponents, and the Hunters pulled out a win as the Fish clocked out. The Brewers Fish match up was definitely affected by the CIDs. Slippery Fishes took the sting out of some crucial attacks, but Happy Hour was key. The Fish made two 8" goals, easily hitting 5+ on four and five dice shots. Sadly, when the Brewers went to make a shot to get out of the 8-2 deficit Happy Hour stopped their own goal! As the game drew to a close, the Brewers caught up through take outs. At 10-8, Brewers, Salt attempted a tap in goal and missed due to Happy Hour! The heal rates didn't really come into play as the Fish couldn't make an impact damage wise, and the Fish couldn't spend scarce MP to heal. Happy Hour did end up saving the day for the Brewers, but it was a painful double edge sword. That missed goal could have easily spelled a quick defeat, and the +TN didn't stop the 4 dice goal shots. We had allot of fun trying these out, and I'm excited to try the other ones.
  12. Folkenhellfang

    Mystery box!

    Alright! Went in on a mystery box and we got: Brewer og 6 Hunters og 6 with Sheena and 2 Chaska! Chibi Esters & Quaff Theron & Fahad Chibi Honor & Marbles pin Limited Edition Fangtooth 10x Hunter Dice 10x Union Dice Big League cards and S3 plots. Worked out pretty well!
  13. Folkenhellfang

    Butcher GIC Theory Thread 

    I can't see that it's time to openly weep over the CID. How many games have you lost so far over them? I do agree that SF acts like our guild is their biggest concern in terms of game balance, and it seems like these are more like limiters than buffs. I would like to know what some of you consider tanks in guild ball. The average in the Butchers is a 4/1 defense, objectively better than the average Brewer and arguably better than the average Mason. If you are getting beat up so much you need to recover 8hp to stay in the fight... really what are you doing? Let's get some games in before we theory craft ourselves out of the game.
  14. Folkenhellfang

    Offal a New Butcher, No More Vets

    Oooh good idea, but would that step on the Alchemists' toes too much?
  15. When I see players struggle, it is usually because of two things: The ball is on your half of the pitch the entire game, and sending your players in unsupported. You can't win a ball game if you don't have a chance to score. Sometimes just kicking ball upfield can give you the space you need to give you some options. You can't expect any one player to take out another player. Don't fight man to man, always have at least another player to commit to a fight. Don't sweat dice rolls, they always even out over the course of a game. Just have faith, you'll come out fine. Masons have some great tech, but low DEF high ARM isn't as resilient as it might seem. Without going to deep, the sisters are deadly, and under the new deployment rules Granite seems really interesting. Stay positive, keep reading, and don't give up.