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  1. rozyncrantz

    New Butcher Player's Starting Ten

    My personal experience is that Shank never does enough work (3 INF just doesn't cut it...) and I'd usually rather have pretty much anybody else in that slot. My Fillet team almost always winds up Princess, Boiler, Meathook, vBrisket, and Harry; sometimes Boiler gets swapped for Boar if I need the 2". I straight up do not grok vOx and what he's supposed to do, so I can't recommend for or against.
  2. rozyncrantz

    Match Fixing & Taken Out Models

    It has been previously ruled that the player inflicting the takeout is the active player for purposes of scattering behind the goal line (i.e., if you are taken out and it scatters behind your goal line, you can still gain momentum as the opposing player caused the scatter). I'd assume that the same logic applies. However, Match Fixing applies only to kick scatters, so would not be a valid play in this scenario anyway (as this is a standard scatter).
  3. rozyncrantz

    A future for a Collected Rules Clarification PDF?

    Looks quite good to me. I think I will still produce a PDF of it to be easy to parse away from a computer (though not til next week, busy for a while). Thanks for the work!
  4. rozyncrantz

    Using vBrisket (and oBrisket)

    oBrisket is a better ball holder (5/1 w/ UM against half the models in the game), and has dirty knives as a DEF fixer. vBrisket has a buyable dodge (which can be used on other models), the above and beyond goal INF, and can hit Ball's Gone! or T> reasonably well on a 1 INF charge (or free with Wingback). Those are really the key differences between them. oBrisket is probably the better choice to use on a ball kill strategy, based on her defensive stats and tackle on 1. vBrisket supports better, between Quick Time (her and Fillet can combine to add 4" to Boar's threat) and INF efficiency if she's coming in from the wing. Her goal run is a touch more expensive, but the extra INF can be absolutely huge afterward. I play vBrisket much more than oBrisket, she just winds up doing more for me. If I'm receiving, she'll get boated up to make her goal run. If I'm kicking, she'll Quick Time somebody to start the melee faster and go to the wing to lurk for the return goal or opportunistic plays as they come up. I have yet to really grasp vOx so I have no real commentary there. I have yet to find a space where I would take Shank at all in Season 3; he simply falls short every time I try to get him to do something.
  5. rozyncrantz

    A future for a Collected Rules Clarification PDF?

    Hell, I'll even make the document if nobody at the home office has the time.
  6. rozyncrantz

    Guild Ball Gotchas Ep. 2: The Pat Cat

    The Pundits will be appointing a special counsel from the Lawyer's Guild to get to the bottom of this.
  7. rozyncrantz

    Is scoring goals too easy.

    Yes, that's definitely the issue. I was just responding to the mechanical question; the part I forgot to add is that while killing the ball you never actually go score with it unless it's the closing goal, because then your opponent has the opportunity to have the ball.
  8. rozyncrantz

    Is scoring goals too easy.

    Generally by: A- placing the ball in a spot that is very hard for your opponent to get at it and do something (e.g., boot it off into a corner behind your wall of brawlers) or B- keeping it on a model that it is egregiously difficult to get it away from (e.g., Scum or Snakeskin), preferably off somewhere hard to get to The point is to deny the ball as a resource for your opponent, forcing them to either slug it out or expend massive resources to obtain the ball.
  9. rozyncrantz

    Bacchus Open - 17 June, Fulkerson Winery Dundee, NY

    Only one week out from what's going to be an awesome event!
  10. rozyncrantz

    Which Widget? Magazine

    I personally like the measuring sticks done by Advanced Deployment, since they're thin and can be used easily in crowded situations. The flip is that their lengths are 3"-8" (no 10") and you often need a laser and a proxy for ball path. I also find that the Warmachine-style 1"/2"/.5" widgets are very good for melee ranges in tight spots where the widgets with a 3" side get in the way. My favorite effect tokens are the blank wood ones from Broken Egg; they're hella cheap and I find it much faster to write on a blank than I do to find a specific trait/ability token.
  11. rozyncrantz

    Mechanica Themed Team - How will it do?

    This. Plus Fixer and Blast Earth. A free condition clear and rough ground to bog the enemy down; without anything else those would get him in almost every time.
  12. rozyncrantz

    Hunters - Brute Squad (KD & Control for 2/2 win)

    As a generality, I've been using Ulfr or Egret, for the additional goal threat and lack of obligation to load them up on INF. As time goes by, I lean more toward Egret because she needs less setup. Chaska is super handy into some matchups, but if you run him then A&G probably need to get their goal.
  13. rozyncrantz

    Mechanica Themed Team - How will it do?

    Yeah, his beefiness will probably look more appropriate. Locus just wasn't out yet when I did it....
  14. rozyncrantz

    Mechanica Themed Team - How will it do?

    It's literally just a Hoist that I chopped up, ground down some to fit, and replaced the human Colossus torso with. If I remember right I wound up doing a little bit of green stuff fill to make the fit correct. Very easy conversion, for the cost of an extra Hoist. If it's a look you prefer, definitely go for it - took very little time or effort. Caveat: I used a Dremel with a burr grinding bit, which made it effortless. YMMV with different tools.
  15. rozyncrantz

    Mechanica Themed Team - How will it do?

    Like this? I've always disliked the colossus model, thought this was a lot better. I've thought about switching out the torso for a Locus torso, but I have other projects...