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  1. Out of those, I think the last one (complete measuring stick set) is the only one I'd use often. Steppers seem neat but like they would take a lot of time to use and only marginally increase measurement precision. The melee zone templates seem totally unnecessary - just use the 1" or 2" side of a normal 6/4/2/1 widget or the official 3/2/1 widget. A ball path guide is useful, but it doesn't need so many pieces - just a single 30mm-wide ruler of any reasonable length does the trick. The Muse on Minis template set, IMO, comes with exactly what is needed and nothing else.
  2. Guildball 3D Models

    SFG has 3D models of all the players for production - you might reach out to them and see if you can just get the originals.
  3. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Built to Last doesn't say "friendly," so I guess Masons players will coin-flip for who plays it in the mirror match In all seriousness, I assume this was an error and is not intended to work for both teams.
  4. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    I agree. You could rotate them and have one in Canada every year. Does SFG pay for flights for regional winners to Nationals now? If they do, I'm not sure that sending people to three different events would be much (if any) more expensive than sending them to two. If they don't, then plane tickets to Worlds should be a pretty small part of their budget regardless of where the tickets are to and from. Ideally, the people from CA would play in the Western championship, TX in the Central, and the southeast US in the Eastern. Depending on where exactly the events ended up, those wouldn't be any farther away and might even be closer than going to Nationals in Chicago.
  5. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    The vast majority of the Canadian population lives closer to major cities in the US than to the opposite end of their own country. Presumably, the Canadian Guild Ball player base is quite a bit smaller than the US's as well. To me, it would make a lot more sense to merge the US and Canadian nationals systems into one North American championship season. There could be an Eastern and a Western (and possibly a Central?) qualifier series, with each sending a winner to Worlds. If the Eastern championship was in somewhere like NY, it would be pretty easily accessible by everyone on the east end of both countries. Same for the western championship if it was in like Seattle. If there was a Central event, it could be in Minneapolis. (Not trying to pick all US cities on purpose, just ones roughly central to the population density. Also these are just examples.)
  6. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    We get one. All the US regionals are over, so your only chance at getting into Worlds on the US end is to show up to SteamCon, place top 10 in the LCQ, and then win US nationals.
  7. GIC General Theory Thread 

    I think you'd want to do it the opposite way; fast teams with good dodges would have GICs with good effects and low dodge values or with bad effects and good dodge values. Having the extra lever to pull means each card can be tailored better for the effect it wants to have and the guild that will play it. There could even be cards that self-balance by giving players better ball-handling in other ways while docking pass dodges (sort of how I presume the Blood Thirst card is supposed to work with healing).
  8. Hunters being swept under the rug?

    @TheLieutenant Thank you for all your candor in this thread. I don't mean this as a sleight to anyone else at all, but it's very refreshing to have honest, direct communication about the Hunters from someone on the design team.
  9. Butcher GIC Theory Thread 

    This is absolutely the case. If you filter out games with players in the top 25% and the bottom 25%, the Butchers' win rate goes up to almost 60%. They are currently not very powerful when played by or against a really good player, but they clean house at the middle tables.
  10. Butcher GIC Theory Thread 

    So about those two other cards...
  11. GIC General Theory Thread 

    My thoughts (primarily relative to teams I play as and against): 1) The two new Butchers cards don't give me any more hope than the first one did. While each of them has a buff of some kind, I would consider all of them to be overall nerfs in most situations. Take it To 'Em could be powerful, but it's probably only going to affect Fillet, as it's rare (in my experience) for Butchers to do a lot of killing that far upfield. Blood Thirst encourages bad strategic decisions by forcing you to push with your damaged players in order to heal them. **Tactical Elimination** encourages Butchers to never tackle the ball, but just kill. The extra point is nice, but it will probably result in more goals scored against them. I don't think healing price Butchers pay make any of these a good deal 2) The Brewers cards, by comparison, are all straight buffs. Bring It On gives extra VP for something that Brewers do all the time and makes them heal faster. Happy Hour is probably the least powerful one for them, but Brewers rarely do a ton of goal-scoring, so the downside is pretty small. Brewers could probably use some buffs, so I'm not complaining. 3) Bait the Trap seems reasonable for Hunters in its effect, but I don't know that the payoff is worth the health cost. A free snared could be really powerful, enabling big first-activation Seenah plays or locking down a striker who has initiative. Not being able to heal the already-squishy team seems risky. I'd play this into Fish probably. Go to Ground seems great. Good heal rate and effectively a free MOM to do a thing Hunters already love doing is exactly what they need. Nature's Bounty seems only really useful if there isn't already a forest on the table. 4) Rapid Response seems great. It will enable both some cool back-to-back kills and make goal runs after a kill easier. Very powerful. Brick House, like the other [+1] VP cards, is pretty situational. This one seems a bit easier to set up than most, I think, but I also wonder how it will be measured in-game - not all mats have the center marked. 5) Veteran Rage is pretty much just a 3-1 team now. They can even make one of their three kills on a mascot! I guess I'm okay with that, because it makes his guys a little easier to kill and giving me a chance at taking them out before they murder me, but mostly because even when I get smashed, the game at least won't take as long Raise the Stakes seems ... bad? That's a huge cost to pay for a slightly higher chance of going first. Spending one less MOM on healing does the same job and (in this case) only costs you 2 health points. It seems to me that the SFG playtesting team must have some difficulties playing against Butchers. I'm not sure how else they could arrive at the conclusion that they not only didn't need any buffs but actually needed nerfs.
  12. Hi redsam. My Name's Alejandro. I'm pundit for a small comunity of guildball (Among other things) players from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    I would like to start using longshanks to record our games and leagues and events. Next tuesday the actual league ends but on the 23rd we have an 8 man tournament. It would be a great starting spot.

    Is there a way to register all players at once? and the event?

    Thanks a lot

  13. Hunter GIC Theory Thread

    It does. Having the positions be truly random would be pretty difficult to code. The app is supposed to just give you the approximate location. I divided up the middle of the pitch into ten sections - five on each side of the midline. Something I plan to add is a third row so that it can place things directly on the midline as well as on each side of it.
  14. GIC General Theory Thread 

    It's impossible to give informed feedback on the effect of a single variable in a complex system with many inputs after being shown only a third of those inputs. Because the heal rate has been tied to other mechanics, it's affect on the game will be necessarily altered by those mechanics. I'll wait until I can see the full set before I try to make any comments about how this will change the game. I will say that I like the concept of having guild-specific things that affect a whole match.