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  1. Ratcatchers Guild

    They are being sold as 6-player boxes of just the new players. Presumably, they will have a goal, terrain piece, and ball like the other recent 6-player boxes. For the Ratcatchers, at least, they are releasing alternate models of the two old Morticians players that will play with the new team (Veteran Graves & Bonesaw) with the launch party kit. There doesn't appear to be any other plans to make the older models more available for buyers of the minor guilds.
  2. 2 names on Longshanks.

    I like this idea in theory. Problem is that it would allow people to shanghai other accounts *very* easily. The process really needs to be controlled in order to work. I'm going to add a feature at some point that will let people request a merger of two specific profiles so that all I need to do is "approve" or "disapprove". The process already isn't difficult (for me), but that should make it easier (for everyone else).
  3. Need Help !!!!!

    According to http://steamforged.com/pundits/ there are pundits in the Tampa area, Orlando, Palm Bay, and Ocala (though that list isn't updated frequently and may be out of date). Phil from Guild Ball Tonight is from the Tampa area, I believe, so I imagine there are players there. If those places are too far away, then it may just be up to you to drum up some action
  4. GB resolution for –18?

    Get events from East Asia and Africa on the Longshanks (to complete the set of continents). Increase the Longshanks presence of South America, the Middle East, and Oceania. Have a winning record (50% or higher) in tournament games. ... the third goal seems hardest by a significant margin.
  5. Weird Forum error?

    FWIW, it's been happening to me for the last several months, not weeks. If anyone wants a fix, install the Chrome extension called "Stylish" and add a custom style for the domain "forums.steamforged.com" with the following contents: .focus-post-bar .cTopic .ipsItemControls { margin-left: 0 !important; padding-left: 0 !important; } That at least makes the bar not hover over the avatar/title section.
  6. Save a swift strike?

    Sorry to hijack, but does this mean you could do a regular attack, kill the target, then charge a new target and use both Berserk attacks on the second target?
  7. I've been saying for a while that I think the smartest decision they could make in regards to the plastic re-release would be to simultaneously release the second set of six for each of the Brewers and Masons as the first set. This would open up a huge, easy market of people who have already bought plastics and may want to expand their teams.
  8. Printmakr for Steamcon creations

    Having seen a sample of the models that their 3D printer is capable of making ... that doesn't sound like an unreasonable price at all. We're not talking about public access 3D printers or even Shapeways quality - this is something you could use as a master for production molds. Ridiculously high quality for stereolithography.
  9. New PVC Teams

    Two minor guilds per year would mean Farmers and Blacksmiths wouldn't get new models (other than potential SteamCon exclusives) until ... 2022? Don't know about you, but having each team only get one new release (and not even one directly for them) over the next 5-6 years seems a bit too slow.
  10. I used Longshanks for the first time for my Tournament yesterday, really great system and so easy to use, thanks for your hard work (:

    Will you be add a way to handle or log Team Events? Will be running one next year and they are getting quite popular In the UK?

    1. RedSam


      That's great to hear!

      I'm not sure when it will be ready, but support for team events is definitely in my plans. I know of at least a couple of WTC-style events in January, so I'm hoping to have something working by then.




    2. Kueller
  11. Playing Butchers at LCQ

    @Pending Forum Suspension I played against your friend Jeff - we had a fun Fillet mirror match that had some really good back-and-forth. I ended up losing 12-6, but the game felt a lot tighter than that. My experience at the LCQ was ... Farmers. I played into Thresher twice and Grange once. The Thresher games were rough. He feels like a super-Fillet. I got royally 12-0'd in one game and 12-6d in the other. The 12-6 game was winnable, but I made a dumb mistake that resulted in me wasting a Fillet activation and *not* killing Thresher. Game went downhill after that. I managed to 12-0 the Grange team, though. I think we've got a much better shot against his team than Thresher's.
  12. What about a "Creator" sub?

    The quote bar is back to being in the middle of each post for me (It's actually appearing immediately after the last line of text in each post, if that helps solve any CSS mysteries.)
  13. What about a "Creator" sub?

    It seems to have *fixed* that problem for me. Been doing that for a few weeks now and just stopped today.
  14. Union/Church - I'm confused!

    I think the most likely scenario is that we will get a box that is Brisket, Pride, Grace, Benediction, Harry, sSpigot, and Mist. While they've shown the willingness to take away Union options from other guilds, I don't think it's likely that they will remove options from the Union itself. My suspicion is that all of the current Union players in the above list will either become dual guild or will get Veteran versions in the Solthecian box. I believe them becoming dual guild is much more likely. The box is introducing fewer players, so there are fewer opportunities from which to select the four crossover players. I think the four will be Mist, Harry, Grace, and Benediction. Perhaps Brisket as well, though I think it would be fine if Union lost her.