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  1. Was just going to say this, so thanks. "Variety" can be zero and still be deemed acceptable.
  2. What in the rules says that a metal team painted that way isn't allowed? "Metal models must be completely painted and based. This means that every metal model, including its base, must be painted with an acceptable variety of colour and shading." To me, that sounds like whatever you feel like allowing is precisely what's allowed.
  3. Model distribution needs to change

    I have two main issues with these multi-guild boxes; On of the major points of going from single-model to box-set sales was to make every product playable out of the box. These boxes fly in the face of that goal completely. If a new player goes to a store and sees a bunch of team boxes, they're going to be pretty upset when they go home and realize that the one they picked is actually one model each for six different teams. Some will say that the LGS owner should help them not pick the wrong box, but good luck finding an LGS owner that happens to know that much about this single specific product line. This is, and I mean this as politely as possible, a giant thumbing of the nose at people that don't buy every single thing SFG sells. It's been clear for a while that they want to encourage people to buy multiple teams, but these new boxes are a whole new level. Players are now actively punished for playing fewer teams (by having to buy excess product or work harder to find the pieces they actually want on the secondary market). What if my two teams were Butchers and Masons - I'm just double-hosed by this new set? And the idea that the number of SKUs needs to be reduced ... What? Every LGS I frequent still has Guild Ball blisters for sale and I'm not aware that any of them have complained about the space the game takes up. Even with a full complement of blisters, GB required far less space than most miniatures games and vastly less than the MtG singles counters that every LGS in the world has.
  4. Hmm that seems ... oddly chosen. Also, that cardboard bleed icon is terrible. "Oh no, I've gotten the smudge condition!" Do you have a picture of the Snared tokens from the punch-out set? I'm curious how they did those, especially since the Disease conditions are now apparently also green.
  5. Stats on the Longshanks

    @MilitaryCoo and @ForestRambo - thanks, guys @irondesk if you have any questions in the future, feel free to ask around or message me directly, but I'd also recommend taking a look at the information page. It has answers to a lot of the common questions that come up.
  6. Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    My solution idea for the crossover models is simple; Put all four crossovers for a given major/minor guild pair into a box and sell them as a set as alternate sculpts. This gives the person who already owns either the major *or* the minor guild players some value in the pack - two new players and two alternate sculpts for players they already have. Oh, and if they decide they want the full other guild down the road? They're still not getting any duplicates. I think everything would be much smoother if they bit the bullet and had four SKUs for each major/minor guild pair - two major guild boxes, a minor guild box, and a crossover player box.
  7. I have a Farmers 1 (Grange) box that I'm looking to get rid of. Where are you located?
  8. I'd love to see a channel that was like a Guild Ball Wayne's World. In all seriousness, though, a variety-show format could be cool. Do different things, have named segments, get guests, etc. And actually have it filmed like a talk show or like a news channel morning show.
  9. Organized Play Update

    Against Brewers? Kill Spigot twice and score once each with Brisket and Fillet. Against Farmers? Same plan, basically. Try to get as many goals as possible. Don't forget that Fillet is a Striker with a decent kick stat and and perhaps the easiest tackle in the game (and it's even momentous). She can drop Blood Rain Pain Circle, get extra charge distance and/or free playbook dodges, grab the ball, and shoot all with her six INF. If you give her Swift Stance (as you should), you don't really even need to worry about a counterattack from most enemies.
  10. Guild ball era??

    Based on technology and social structure, it's an amalgamation of the time periods from the Renaissance through the Victorian period.
  11. New releases in metal?

    ... They're not going to answer any of that.
  12. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    Yeah the plastic teams are far from single-piece casts. I counted well over twenty separate pieces in each of the Blacksmiths boxes, for example.
  13. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    Seems to me that it's quite likely this is true. As you and a great many others have commented, there are pretty obvious and easy ways they could have tried harder to make them succeed. I think SFG has given up on the idea of the older guilds ever existing in plastic. See also: the Shattered Loyalties (including a new model for the Farmers) and third Union box that were just announced and will release in metal and the alternate models for minor/major crossover players that are coming in the minor guild release event kits, which are also metal. I think it's a safe assumption that new team box sets will continue to release in plastic, but nothing related to the first nine teams or any additional models for the newer teams. The minor guilds won't even be fully available in plastic, as two of their eight roster choices will only ever be metal models.
  14. New releases in metal?

    Those are indeed the major > minor crossover players. For Falconers, they are Egret and Veteran Hearne. SFG have given every indication that they do NOT plan to sell the crossover models on their own. I suspect they will Ben quite rare, unfortunately.
  15. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    Not sure, but you commented on some of the points I made, so I'll reply. The major advantage (and one of SFG's stated goals) of the move to pre-assembled plastic minis is that it makes the game easier to start for new players. Someone can walk into a store with any level of miniatures game knowledge (including zero) and walk out with a team ready to play. This is incredibly powerful for attracting new players. By having half the product line (roughly - once all the minor guilds are released, 13/22 guilds will be in plastic, but 11 of those 13 are only six minis each, so it will actually much less than half the total number of models) in pre-assembled plastic and the other half in traditional metal, the game is only half-accessible to new players. Yes, there are "new players" who already are into miniatures, but the majority of those people who might ever be interested in Guild Ball already play it (I don't have hard data on that, but I think it's a reasonable conclusion based on the apparent lack of growth in the game recently). When I talk about "new players" I predominantly mean people who are new to miniatures games in general. Guild Ball is currently only open to those people in two teams, both of which are hard to play and hard to be good at (one of them especially so). Over the next three years, there will be eleven new teams that a new player will be able to use, but they will likely never have access to the first nine guild in the game. Eleven of the thirteen teams they have access to will always be smaller in model count (less options) and will have more team-specific gimmicks (I don't mean that in a bad way) than the original teams. Unless someone wants to dive in and become a hobbyist, they will never be able to play the Butchers or the Fish or the Engineers, etc. The most popular miniatures game in the world (both in terms of active players and in sales) in recent years has completely abandoned the modelling aspect of the hobby - perhaps it's time other miniatures games took the hint? (Yes, I'm aware that X-Wing has a lot of pull due to its IP, but a huge number of the people who play the game because it's Star Wars wouldn't bother if they had to assemble and paint the minis.) Just looking at the world of gaming in general, there are clearly far more people who don't want to do modelling than people that do. The pre-assembled plastic minis are a way to tap into that market, but if only half the game is available to those people, a lot of them won't want to bother.