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  1. That is really really cool! What is the sample size for your stats ?

    I think it' a good sign overall,  even with Brewers ending up in T3 everywhere. The results are still biased. It would be cool to see a players win rate with a guild like Brewers, compared to his overall win rate. With this Relation you could get a better feeling for how good they really are. For example : I am actually doing pretty well with Brewers and i would personally disagree with the rating in this point. But on the other hand I don't enjoy playing them as much as i do with other guilds (they are still cool though) - so I  end up playing them not often . 

    But ending up with 3 different "top tiers" is a good thing for sure.

  2. I went to "Spiel" in Essen, didnt even wanted to start another Tabletop.  Daniel Knauss told me that Morticians would be my kind of playstyle, so I picked them up.

    Now I own every Guild atleast once, nearly every model (only missing few limited sculps). Got a second Mortician team cause I rushed to paint them for worlds. 

  3. I was lucky, like i said, i thought it would be a coin flip,  because I totally didnt thought about the Counterattack.

    And to be honest i had 3 good games and had the impression that it was a high skill environment and would have been totally okay with losing one or more of the games.  

    I didn't intended to sound bragging,  i just wanted to explain that I actually though a bit before doing stupid/risky stuff. Even if I actually fucked up doing what I planned or fail math.

  4. In terms of consistency: I played 45 tournemant games, in 13 tournemants, lossing 7 games, winning 6 tournemants. 

    I tend to be a pretty controll based player,  but sometimes,when i expect myself to lose the attrition i am going for the aggressive plays.After sleeping 3 hours max and having some drinks i didn't though i could win a slow game.

  5. Thanks, i was a bit worried because I was searching for the right words a lot. 

    @ Hunters: I think I've never benched Zarola. She and Jaecar are pretty common picks if I'm playing Hunters.  Midnight Offering offers you an amazing toolbox Option,  which can be used offensivly and defensivly . It's a nice way to speed up your beaters or strikers, or to reposition them,after sending them in. Unpredictable Movement is a nice way to block off Pinned models without reach just by placing Zarola on their only possible path. People are concerned that hunters cannot score as fast as other teams could,  what might be true,  but you have lots of options which allow you to deny your opponents to score .

    @muscle memory: It is not like i am doing the same stuff all over again,  but you learn how to handle certain models and situations. It really helps reevaluating the game state and chosing your primary target. 

  6. I would not call them bad by any means.  I guess they are "special". Personally I would even say they are pretty strong. I just played them like 20 times, but they fit my style of play pretty well. I think it is a really frustrating Team,  first for the Player getting used to play them, after that for their opponents. 



  7. Oh dear.

    I think Morticians might be a bit over the top but to be honest,  the biggest part is playing a frustrating game. But to be fair, fishs that only interact with you to trade 1Influence for 1 Momentum rushing you down Round 2, Engineers in certain matchups,  Alchemists, Masons etc can be frustrating too.

    If your opponent plays smart you should never be able to play 88% of your games the same way. No offense.  Honour with A&G and Flint,scoring 2 Goals Turn 1 have a totally different approach to the game compared to Ox Butcher.  I think they should tune down Obulus a tiny bit and reduce Silence to 2/4 Influence and we would be perfectly fine.  But in this case they should take a look at Blackheart, Coin, Midas etc.  And i didn't start talkin about buffing some: Harry(!!!) ,Graves,maybe Ballista  (i personally think he is fine) etc.


  8. Hey, Tim here, the Mortician lucky enough to win German Nationals.

    I rank morticians as a team pretty high, but I played them simply because they are my only fully painted Team and because I think I can play them on auto pilot, after like 250 games with them. I would have loved to play alchemists, but they weren't painted, or Engineers but I would have missed mother too much.

    In fact i did play another Roster:

    Obulus, Scalpel, Dirge, Ghast, Avarisse and Greed, Mist , Silence, Bonesaw, Rage.

    I personally only really struggle in the Fishermen matchup with Obulus, they are too fast to control. That's why I went for a Bonefish build. It worked pretty well, had to kick. Scalpel did so,walking forward 7", kicked sideways.  The fisher recovered the ball and kicked it right into the rest of the team, scalpel went in, dropped her legendary,tackled the ball and shot a goal in my first activation,putting the fisher under pressure with follow up goals. 

    Personally I really like scalpel, but I'm in my comfort zone playing Obulus.