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  1. I just got this expansion, and had a question about how the Plow Scarecrow moves. This enemy has an Attack Range of 1, and its first behavior icon is move 2 towards aggro. If it's two nodes away does it use all of its movement to get into my node, or does it stop 1 away and use its range? Also if it starts one away does it move at all or just attack me? So basically what I'm wondering is, does range stop movement or does only entering/starting in the node with the target stop/prevent movement. Thanks guys!
  2. Wow that's impressive, especially all the demos you are giving! I too am an X-wing player turned Guild Baller. I guess I initially looked up the route to San Bruno the other day during rush hour, because it's only an hour when I check for a 7:00 arrival time, which is totally doable for me. Is there room in that league? Sounds like it's at least some fairly new players, which would be good because I got into the game at Gen Con, and have only played 3 times as Engineers against Butchers.
  3. Any chance you are making it up to gamescape north? Tuesday nights = me there. Hope you had a good turnouts on your two nights.