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  1. MechMage

    Haunting Conga

    Are resolution and declaration decided simultaneously? I understand that the controlling player of the model who made the advance decides the order in which Tag Along and Rush Keeper (and I presume also Unpredictable Movement even though it doesn't come up in this example) are resolved, but in what order is the decision to use them made? For example, is this correct: Ratcatcher: Mercury finishes his advance here. Do you want to use Rush Keeper? Alchemist: I don't want to use Rush Keeper, Squeak is engaging Compound. Ratcatcher: Okay, I'll use Follow Up now that you aren't using Rush Keeper. Squeak advances to here. Now Compound is unengaged but you've already decided not to charge Mercury. or is this correct? Ratcatcher: Mercury finishes his advance here. Do you want to use Rush Keeper? Alchemist: I want to use Rush Keeper since no one is engaging Compound. Ratcatcher: Okay, but since I'm the controlling player I'll decide to use Tag Along. Squeak moves to engage Compound. Alchemist: Rush Keeper is used for this turn now but Compound doesn't charge because he's engaged. or is this correct? Ratcatcher: Mercury finishes his advance here. Do you want to use Rush Keeper? Alchemist: I don't know. Do you want to use Tag Along? Ratcatcher: I'm using Tag Along and it will happen after Rush Keeper. Alchemist: In that case I'll use Rush Keeper
  2. MechMage

    Haunting Conga

    So, if I understand this correctly, the sequence is: Piper uses Haunting Melody Mercury finishes his advance Ratcatchers player decides to use Tag Along Squeak finishes his advance Alchemists player decides to not use Rush Keeper on Squeak Alchemists player decides to use Rush Keeper on Mercury Suppose no one was engaging Compound and the following happens. Haunting Melody causes Mercury to jog out of Squeak's melee zone into between 2" and 6" from Compound. The Alchemist player decides to use Rush Keeper. The Ratcatchers player decides to use Tag Along. The Ratcatchers player decides to resolve Tag Along first. Squeak moves to engage Compound to prevent him from charging. Is Rush Keeper considered used for this turn? Is this the correct order of decisions?
  3. Suppose Squeak is engaging Mercury and Compound who is within 4" of the Alchemist's goal. Piper uses Haunting Melody to make Mercury jog to within 6" of Compound. Squeak uses Tag Along when Mercury ends his advance and moves so that no one is engaging Compound. Can Compound use Rush Keeper to charge Mercury?
  4. MechMage

    Minefield and failed charge

    Distance is a known element that causes the charge to fail. There's no rule that says you can't take a defensive stance or counter attack in response to the declaration of a charge that can't possibly succeed. In some situations, it is the correct play to do so. For example, Cosset might charge Mercury who she can't reach and the Alchemist player might be wise to spend momentum so as to avoid the effects of Riger Mortis on a later activation.
  5. MechMage

    Plan into Cogs

    Oh right, I'm thinking of season 3 when he had supershot.
  6. MechMage

    Plan into Cogs

    Midas has a buyable 2" dodge making his goal threat 20" and he can use Lure of Gold to extend another friendly model's goal threat allowing for two goals turn one.
  7. MechMage

    Midas and the Bear Necessities

    Can you elaborate on why you think Smoke can't play into Farmers or Hunters? I haven't had the opportunity to play Farmers in S4 and the locals hunters players are pretty green.
  8. MechMage

    Midas and the Bear Necessities

    Hunters are a really strong match up, but Seenah really suffers for missing out on one of her few attacks. I recommend Naja into this match up for that reason as Hypnosis does a lot to mitigate the bear's power.
  9. MechMage

    0"push through a trap.

    You are in control of any model that you are deciding the movement of, even if that model isn't friendly to your team. Huh, I thought this rule was removed in season 4. Does this mean that hiding your models behind an obstruction still prevents Drag and Lure from moving them past it?
  10. MechMage

    0"push through a trap.

    I was going off memory since I was on the road when I posted that. Reading it now, when used as a verb, "contact" means to transition from a state of not being in contact into a state of being in contact via movement. If a model is already in contact with an obstruction, it can not contact that obstruction having already done so. Therefore, pushing a model in contact with an obstruction to the other side of that obstruction is allowed. That's a very literal reading of the rules, so I wouldn't be surprised at all if a lawyer ruled otherwise.
  11. MechMage

    0"push through a trap.

    0" of movement is not movement. Note that as of season 4 models can be pushed across obstructions as long as there is enough distance to clear them.
  12. Suppose Mercury is exactly two inches from vMinx and within one inch of a trap marker. He takes an advance away from vMinx, suffering a parting blow and triggering the trap marker. Does Mercury suffer -1 defense from the snared condition during the parting blow? Never mind: found the answer here:
  13. MechMage

    parting blow and least disturbance.

    1) Bonesaw benefits from cover. The parting blow happens the moment Bonesaw leaves Spigot's melee zone. 2) The rule of least disturbance moves Bonesaw back along the path he traveled until he is in a legal resting position. This will almost always leave him in Spigot's melee zone but in some edge cases may move him past it. 3) Bonesaw can legally be on top of obstructions (and in just Bonesaw's Dirge's Ikaros's and Frelsi's case, over other models bases) during his advance. A parting blow does not end an advance unless it inflicts the knocked-down condition or reduces the advancing model's remaining move to zero with a trait like Chemical Admixture, Burning Strike Hunter's Prey or Midas Touch.
  14. MechMage

    Hack Back and Movement Modifiers

    Note that fast and rough ground do not apply as they only last for the duration of an advance, which a dodge is not. This is more relevant for models with the Get Over Hear trait since Frelsi has the Flying trait.
  15. I've always seen it played that the Pass & Move is resolved before the Well Oiled Machine pass is resolved. I don't have a rules basis to support this other than if it didn't work that way Pin Vice could charge up 12" of dodge using her legendary and take it all at the end which I don't think is the intention.