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  1. MechMage

    will S Brisket get a change in season 4?

    IMO a lot of her problems would be fixed by increase the range of Route One, possibly to 8" or 10" and changing it so it can target free balls as well as enemy players in possession of the ball marker. IMO it should still target as it currently does. I don't think that solves her problem of being so incredibly ball dependent but I don't know what could without compromising her identity. I also wish she had Usurper [Butchers] but if since they didn't add it initially they aren't likely to add it any time soon.
  2. MechMage

    Back in the conditions

    As you astutely observe, if the first time a model suffers the taken-out condition is caused by condition damage, it is before influence is allocated so even though it would trigger Back in the Game it would have no beneficial effect. Any subsequent take outs would not be the first time a model suffers the taken-out condition so would not trigger Back in the Game.
  3. MechMage

    Seasoned Spigot

    It's cool if you can make it happen but it requires the opposing player to end with their ball carrier within 3" of sSpigot but if that happens seems legit.
  4. MechMage

    Buckwheat- Ass Kicking question

    I always assumed that unless specified traits templated like defaulted to only attacks from the model on whose card the trait is written. Otherwise if Mallet is in a game every Mason charge does 2 extra damage and pushes the target 2" away from Mallet and both Brick and Hammer surf an inch on every Mason attack. AFAIK no one has every asked so I guess that might be the way we were supposed to be playing it.
  5. MechMage

    Football Legend

    Friendly means controlled by the same player. In the Masons mirror matches, opposing Mallets are not friendly to each other.
  6. MechMage

    Minerva's Nocturnal Hunting

    MP is not required to do something without spending MP. As you point out, since it is not an action to suffer condition damage, Nocturnal Hunting is not triggered by take-outs caused by condition damage during the maintenance phase.
  7. MechMage


    Models returning to the pitch via Icy Sponge can trigger Counter Charge. A model can charge any enemy model it can see, but if it is not possible to reach that enemy, it may move in a straight line in any direction. If it doesn't end it's advance engaging the enemy model, this constitutes a failed charge.
  8. MechMage

    Seasoned Spigot

    In a few months, sSpigot won't be able to play for Blackheart. I don't want to get in the habit of running them together. My heart still aches from when Avarisse, Decimate, Hemlocke, Mist and Snakeskin were ripped away from Midas.
  9. MechMage

    Seasoned Spigot

    The more I look at sSpigot the more I think he could be a strong part of a 2/2 maximum swing sBrisket team along with other flexible beatdown/footballing players like oDecimate and oMinx. Then I remember that in a few months the selfish brawler striker team is going to be the solo domain of Blackheart again.
  10. Taken-Out is a condition, so it would be transferred by Chemical Admixture. Note that this does not reduce the enemy model to 0 hp unless the damage component of the attack does so, traits like Escaping Fate, Noxious Death, Overheat, Reanimate don't trigger. If the damage portion of the attack does reduce the target to 0 hp and it has Escaping Fate or Reanimate, it suffers the Taken-Out condition, conceding 2 VP, but it's trait clears that and all other conditions before it is removed from the pitch.
  11. I believe rookie Chisel is an alternate sculpt for oChisel and therefore can not be used to represent vChisel.
  12. MechMage

    Guild Ball at The Whiz July

    Oh whoops, I'm embarrassed I forgot to list that. It's Saturday July 21th 2018.
  13. MechMage

    Impact and Counter Attack.

    Am I correct in thinking that the counter attack can cause a reposition but not an advance unless it also terminates Farris's advance by knocking her down?
  14. MechMage

    Impact and Counter Attack.

    That's correct. Note that because the Impact attack and counter attack take place during an advance, it is not legal for other advances to take place as a result of it. This prevents character plays like Dreadful Squeak, Hog Wild and Grapple Hook and traits like Between a Rock from triggering. If vGutter's counter attack got 9 net successes, I believe it would be legal for her to knock down Farris to end her advance then resolve Grapple Hook but I'm not certain.
  15. MechMage

    Pit Fall triggering

    Not only does the hunter not have a window they can miss in which to trigger trap markers, they don't have a window they can skip! This means that if an enemy model moves within 1" of a trap marker, it must be removed and it's effect must be applied; it is not legal to save the trap for later. An important note about movement in Guild Ball is that it is not made in one discrete step. That is to say, if movement is interrupted by an effect like a parting blow, the active player can wait until the completion of that effect before deciding the direction and distance of the remaining movement. In the trap scenario described in the OP, it's perfectly legal to chance Esters advance once your opponent pointed out that the trap is triggered. Since no dice are rolled, it would be sporting for the Hunters player to allow the Brewers player to reconsider taking an advance at all, but since that had already been declared they would be within the rules to insist that the Brewers player stand by that declaration.