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  1. MechMage

    Apply sturdy after KD

    Sturdy lets a model ignore the first KD result it suffers as a result of an attack or play. Already suffering from the Knocked Down condition does not prevent Sturdy from triggering.
  2. MechMage

    Skulk's Pest Control

    Pest Control is a sustained character play but it is not an aura. Skulk's Melee Zone is 2" but if it were somehow changed that would change the area Pest Control applied to.
  3. MechMage

    Windfinder KD off Playbook Eye Spy

    GM negates the trait, the same as Duelist's Lung.
  4. That is correct. Since the Brewer is the active player during Tapper's attack, he places the scattered ball. If he places it behind his goal line, the Brewers can not generate momentum until the ball moves in front of it or the Engineers place or gain possession of the ball.
  5. MechMage

    AoE Ongoing Effect

    Sustained character plays last until the end of the turn. Usually these modify one or more models stats in some way. On Going Effect AoEs are 3" diameter circles that stay on the pitch until the end of the turn. Usually they have an effect they apply to models that enter them or end their activation within them but sometimes they count as ground or effect models for only as long as they are within the AoE. On Going Effect AoEs are not the same character play that produced them, so they bypass Burnish's Reinforced Plating but they are character plays of the model that created them so they are ignored by oRage's Maverick.
  6. MechMage

    Microspeed Chase

    Remember that the movement penalty is for moving in rough ground, not standing in it. Before Jackstraw moves, he does not suffer a movement penalty from rough ground.
  7. MechMage

    Action within an action

    Suppose Ebb jogs through Ratchet then Harriet's melee zones, taking a parting blow from each. Each time the Engineers player gets 2 net hits and selects 2 playbook damage. Does Ebb take 4 damage total, 2 from each attack action, or 2 damage total from his single jog action? If its the former so that Ebb took only 2 damage, does Harriet's If You Can Dodge a Wrench trigger? Suppose Ebb walks away from Ratchet and takes 2 damage from the parting blow. Ebb continues into Ballista's Minefield. Does Blessings of the Old prevent the damage from Minefield because it has the same source as Ratchet's 2 damage: Ebb's advance or does it not because it has a different source: Ratchet's Parting Blow vs Ballista's character play. Suppose Ballista charges Ebb and wraps to his first column, dealing 1 damage and putting up a Minefield. Later Ebb advances within that Minefield. Does Ebb take 2 damage from the Minefield or 1 because it's from the same action, Ballista's attack, as the playbook damage from earlier?
  8. MechMage

    Action within an action

    Does this mean that if Ratchet hit Ebb and Mainspring with a Blast Earth, hitting Ebb and triggering Mainspring's Overheat, Ebb would only take a total of 2 damage, not 5?
  9. MechMage

    False Start

    When you start any advance, you haven't covered any distance. One assumes that triggers based on the start of an advance happen, tautologically, at the start before the rest of the advance in which the movement takes place. That is to say, when the check for effects that trigger at the beginning of an advance happens, no movement has happened even if movement will happen later in the advance. In order for the "starts an advance" trigger to be based on movement happening, it must be delayed until movement actually happens. In the Benediction scenario, Benediction is exactly 4" away from Ballista. By the time he moves, he's no longer within the Minefield aura so even if he counts as starting an advance at this point, he is not within the Minefield.
  10. MechMage

    False Start

    It has previously been ruled that an advance that covers a distance of 0" is not an advance and so doesn't trigger effects that look for the end of an advance such as Stop Slacking! and Counter Charge. If an advance covers a distance of 0", does it start? Consider Peck standing within 4" of Ballista under the effects of Minefield and also within 6" of Compound who is within 4" of the Engineers goal post. The farmers player wants to move Peck an inch but wants to avoid being charged by Rush Keeper so he declares that Peck will make a jog. Immediately Peck suffers 4 damage from Ballista's Minefield. This in turn trigger's Peck's Pain Response, allowing him to made a 1" dodge. Still within 6" of Compound, the farmers player declares that Peck ends his advance. Since 0 distance was covered by the jog itself, can Compound use Rush Keeper to charge? Does Minefield not trigger until Peck actually covers no distance with his advance? If so, does that mean that an advance has not started until some distance is actually covered? Suppose Ballista has Minefield Up and is base to base with Benediction. Benediction attacks Ballista twice, each time pushing him 2" directly away for a total of 4". Benediction then jogs away from Batista. Does Benediction suffer damage from Minefield? By the time he actually covers any distance, he is more than 4" from Ballista.
  11. I believe Pain Response happens immediately when damage is dealt without waiting for the resolution of the attack or character play to finish. Compare Minerva's Nocturnal Hunting which explicitly doesn't resolve until the attack or play is finished. In the case of multiple playbook results, either as a result of a wrap or multiple results in a single playbook circle, the attacking player decided the order to apply the results. If they deal playbook damage before applying a push or a dodge, they don't have to decide where to push or dodge until after Pain Response has resolved.
  12. MechMage

    Microspeed Chase

    It's not just nearly impossible to calculate, it's geometrically impossible. If Jackstraw is 2" from Mercury, he engages. If he is any further he doesn't, but there is no real number n such that n > 2 and there is not another real number m such that n > m > 2. There is no distance a model can be placed that is "just outside" another model's melee zone if it suffers a parting blow. In practice it is almost always good enough to place a model knocked down by a very small distance outside the melee zone. The principle of the question is "Is there an atomically small distance in Guild Ball below which movement is not considered movement but at which movement is considered movement and is this distance constant?"
  13. Suppose Jackstraw (move 2"/4") is standing is rough ground. Mercury jogs out of his melee zone and takes a parting blow. The parting blow knocks him down, ending his advance barely outside Jackstraw's melee zone. Mercury ends his activation and Jackstraw begins his. Jackstraw jogs towards Mercury, but as soon as he moves through the rough ground, he suffers -2"/-2" move and must stop as his base move has been reduced to 0". Is Jackstraw engaging Mercury?
  14. MechMage

    Instant Gliding

    It doesn't say that anywhere in the thread you linked, only that the Morticians player can use Glide while he is advancing. If Scourge has already been slowed by Rough-Ground, gliding is unhelpful.
  15. Suppose Scourge is standing Rough-Ground. Cosset successfully hits Scourge with the Lure character play so that he makes an advance. The moment that advance starts, the same moment at which the Morticians player gains temporary control of Scourge, he's advancing through Rough-Ground and suffers -2"/-2" move. During the advance caused by Lure, the Morticians player can cause Scourge to Glide, but if this is done after Scourge has already been slowed by Rough-Ground, it won't refund his movement. Is there a window of time in which the Morticians player controls Scourge in which to Glide but he has not yet been slowed by Rough-Ground?