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  1. Seductive Dread Gaze

    You also generate 1 momentum for the momentous result, but otherwise yes.
  2. It was recently ruled that Decoy doesn't trigger until doing so has an effect. Is this the case for the Confidence character play as well? If the next character play used by the affected model does not roll dice because it either targets a friendly model or is an AoE play that doesn't cover any models, is Confidence consumed?
  3. Fertile Soil + Field of Wheat

    I believe he meant that Fields of Wheat doesn't on it's own create a net increase in the number of harvest markers on the pitch.
  4. kick, advance and glide

    From the season 3 rulebook: Gliding An active model may spend [1] MP to move across rough-ground without penalty for the remainder of the current turn. Gliding is not an action. Since the kick off does not take place during a turn, does a kicking off model gain any benefit from gliding? In a Mob Football format, such as Snake Draft, in which Granite and Ploughman are on the same team, if Granite kicks off and uses Tilled Earth, do the benefits of gliding persist through her Foundation jog?
  5. If vDecimate uses her heroic play Duelist's Advance and then attacks a player benefiting from the Clone character play or the Glutenous Mass trait, can she make a free dodge or does the defensive trigger prevent Duelist's Advance from triggering?
  6. If Jaw-Bone traps are anything like Pin Vice character plays, if a model with reanimate begins an advance within 1" of more than one, the damage from all is applied before reanimate triggers. Any traps triggered at different points on the advance would trigger reanimate separately.
  7. Dead Ploughmen Doubling Plants

    Traits continue to apply even when a model is off the pitch. Otherwise Greede's Ready to Go would have no effect. Fertile Soil similarly continues to apply even when Ploughman is taken-out.
  8. Unsnapping "Directly Away" vs Lure

    Beginning an advance within 1" of a marker is moving within 1" of that marker, even if at no other point of that movement is the active model within 1". In the scenario you describe, it would be legal to snap the ball marker.
  9. The church dudes and dudette

    A&G are indeed breadsticks. They just keep coming and they make everyone salty.
  10. The church dudes and dudette

    One thing Grace does very well is make Mist go super fast. If your list doesn't include Benediction, for example because you want you prefer the extra utility of oHarry over his durability, Grace serves a vital role as support and secondary striker. Including both is a pretty hard sell IMO unless you're in a match up in which you expect to be able to usefully trigger Purity.
  11. If Peck only got within 6" of Ploughman after being slowed by the rough ground, would gliding allow him to reclaim the 2" of reduced movement?
  12. I thought I understood how this worked, but I just finished a game in which my opponent and I had opposite interpretations. If Minx ends her activation having caused damage 4" from Pelage and triggers Back to the Shadows to move to within an inch of her, does Grim Caress trigger? Would Second Wind behave differently than Back to the Shadows here?
  13. Checking for Taken Out

    During an attack, the selected playbook results may be resolved in whatever order the attacking player chooses, but no matter what results are chosen, the check for take-out doesn't happen until all of the effects are resolved. There isn't an explicate check for take-out at the end of taking damage outside the resolution of an attack or play but from the previous ruling on simultaneous sources of damage outside of the resolution of a play a check obviously exists. My confusion is if it happens at the end of all simultaneous damaging effects or instead at the end of all simultaneous effects, including those that don't cause damage, and if for the purposes of this check if damage taken during an advance is considered to be simultaneous with the advance. Consider another scenario. Compound Mainspring and Velocity are all within 3" of each other and each only has 1 HP remaining. Compound ends his activation, suffering 2 damage from Alternator and triggering Noxious Death. This causes Mainspring and Velocity to each suffer 3 damage. If the Engineers player chooses to resolve the check for taken-out on Mainspring first, Overheat is triggered, causing another 3 damage to Velocity. This obviously isn't simultaneous because it doesn't happen until Noxious Death is resolved. If the check for taken-out happens first on Mainspring, does Velocity's check for taken-out happen after the resolution of Overheat or before it and then again after it from the damage caused by Overheat? Effectively, does Reanimate save Velocity in the case of an explosive chain reaction?
  14. Checking for Taken Out

    When exactly does the check for taken-out happen if a model is damaged outside of the resolution of a character play or attack? For example, if Mainspring is affected by both Second Wind and Deletion, at the end of it's activation if the Engineer's player chooses to resolve the damage from Deletion first and this reduces to Mainspring to 0 HP, is the check to take it out before Second Wind is resolved since Second Wind doesn't cause damage or after because they're simultaneous effects? If Flask suffers damage from Ballista's Minefield that reduces it to 0 HP, is the check to it out before Flask finishes it's advance or as soon as the damage is triggered? Does it matter whether it was a standard advance or one granted by Second Wind or a similar ability?
  15. Kat 1 and coming back on

    Now that I think about it, Ready to Go only applies when Greede is off the pitch so what I just said is demonstrably false.