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  1. MechMage

    KD and active traits

    No, the Knock Down condition only prevents the use of Attacks, Advances and Character Plays.
  2. MechMage

    Floored Bolt and Swift Strikes

    When a character play causes multiple effects without specifying an order, the controlling player determines the order in which they are applied. A standard ball scatter applies immediately after a model is knocked down and Swift Strikes applies immediately after damage is dealt, so Salvo could elect to take his Swift Strikes dodge from Floored Bolt after the ball is scattered by applying the knock down before the damage.
  3. In the resource section and GBManager app, the Fisherman's Guild has no listed Union options instead listing the unreleased Navigators players Fathom and Horizon. In previous seasons, oHemlock, oFangtooth, Snakeskin and oGutter could play for the Fisherman's Guild. Can they continue to do so in organized play until the Navigators are released or are they already prohibited?
  4. MechMage

    Smashing face (Pintpot)

    Note that Smashing Face affects all models in Pintpot's Melee zone but it doesn't hit them. Effects that negate hits like Glutenous Mass Resilience or Clone are transparent to Smashing Face.
  5. vGrave's sustained character play, Exhaustion reads "While within this aura, enemy models spend +1 MP to declare a Counter-Attack." Note the use of "+1" instead of "1 additional" as used in the Fear character trait and Hypnosis character play. If a character is able to make a Counter-Attack without spending momentum, such as by using the Poised character trait, but are within vGrave's Exhaustion aura, must the Counter-Attacking character spend 0 or 1 momentum to make the Counter-Attack? If a character does not have Poised, does the Exhaustion tax count as a separate instance of spending momentum for the purpose of Piper's Pay the Piper character play?
  6. MechMage

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    Butchers got a lot of games in the UiC last year and suddenly overtook fish and Kami is one of the characters they're pursuing.
  7. MechMage

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    In terms of raw games, it doesn't matter whom we vote for; it will increase our draft order either way. The whole point of a fourth pick is that if there aren't enough raw games entered and all three of our preferred players are taken before our vote we don't get someone random. Furthermore, even at launch I doubt Cutlass will be Redundant with Compound any more than Knuckles will be redundant with oKatalyst.
  8. MechMage

    Vet Cinder "immediately"

    I think the ball is scattered first as it's part of the normal take-out sequence and must happen before the model is removed from the pitch which happens before vCinder takes her bonus action.
  9. MechMage

    S4 Clone

    Compare Burnish's Reinforced Plating which specifies that "the model hit may ignore all damage and effects of the character play" to Vitriol's Clone which uses the passive voice "the attack or character play is ignored." Since Clone has no subject, I believe that RAW the entire play is ignored however I would like official confirmation.
  10. MechMage

    S4 Clone

    What if she is hit by Flurry? Would you say that other models within 2" of Egret take damage even though previously the entire play would have been negated?
  11. I'd think a Voodoo Strings push negated by Stoic must count for Stoic since if it didn't count as a push then the next push on that same Stoic model would be the first push (the previous one having not been a push) so would be ignored again. Since that isn't the case, I think it's safe to conclude that ignored pushes are still pushes. Not that Voodoo Strings says "Each model can be pushed by Voodoo Strings only once per turn." It does not mention "moved by".
  12. A parting blow can never trigger a reposition (but if it also ends the advance that initiated the parting blow it can cause another advance.)
  13. MechMage

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    I don't think she'll suck. I think she'll be a close approximation to Knuckles (whom I don' think we have a good shot at.) who will conveniently also deny other teams a goal keeper.
  14. MechMage

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    She's a goalie now, sure, but you're not playing the long game. vVelocity was a goalie last season and no one took her because she was way worse at it than Compound because Compound is amazing. If we draft Cutlass, no one else gets a goalie, no one takes her for a season and she gets reworked into something else season 5 except she doesn't have the same name as one of the best players in our guild so she may actually see play then.
  15. Close Control specifies 'first'. There is only ever one first tackle (or knock down push or take out) inflicted on a model each turn. Every attack is the next attack at some point.