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  1. The lab rats for a event this weekend

    Did you have any trouble with your opponent killing the ball? Without any super star strikers, I imagine your list would have trouble getting the ball off of a high defense model with defensive tech or a strong counter attack.
  2. Hunters at WTC

    I played Engineers into Hunters. I was definitely the more skilled player. Blasted bits out of Chaska then Balista finished him off and scored on the top of turn 2. Seenah eats Balista but misses the hug. Jaecar leaves Mother on 1 HP. Turn 3 Balista comes back near Jaecar but my opponent had tunnel vision and took out Gutter with Seenah. Balista takes out Jaecar, killing 4 influence. Hoist runs up field. I win initiative turn 4 and Hoist takes the ball off Skatha and scores. Overall my opponent didn't know what to do with Skatha. There's not a lot Seenah can do about Deadbolt.
  3. Butcher GIC Theory Thread 

    This gives me an idea for a new Alchemist GIC: Chosen One: Friendly Midas gains Truer Replication: that thing he used to do. HR 2
  4. Hunter GIC Theory Thread

    Why does everyone act like every hunter is light footed? Egret and the critters don't get any speed from rough ground.
  5. Union GIC Theory Thread

    Gutter attacks 4 times, takes out a friendly model, gets their influence, attacks 4 more times.
  6. Union GIC Theory Thread

    Allocate is limited by a model's max influence. Gain is not.
  7. It's a trait, not playbook damage, the same as Forceful Blow.
  8. Drag vs Harpoon

    No idea. This thread has postulated their existence, but that's it. My best guess is dual Guild rat catchers/lamp lighters.
  9. I don't think that follows. vRage has Usurper [Union] not Usurper [Guild]. That said, Hoist can True Replicate an Alchemist's Compound in a big league, so I think guild does persist across opposing teams.
  10. Casket fluff

    Shark gets boxed. I don't know when but it was trivia at the Spring Fling.
  11. Engineer GIC Theory Thread

    I think Hoist is the big winner of the CP change. No one wants Hoist parked 4" in front of their goal.
  12. GIC General Theory Thread 

    @tehlon As an Engineers player, I prefer the new version of CP to the VP version. I think it has a place in 3-0 PinVice goal rush lists as a ghetto version of Pay to Win.
  13. Drag vs Harpoon

    Yes, that's what this thread has determined.
  14. Alchemist GIC Theory Thread

    What do people think of AC in a Smoke team? Most of the players she runs have dense playbooks.
  15. Drag vs Harpoon

    I think we have a harpoon-less dragger confirmed for season 4. They just don't want to reprint Kraken's card.