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  1. Mother Burrow and Line of Sight

    Choose does not require line of sight.
  2. Wake up and smell the chains!

    I'm sad about it. It will be a good thing if it leads to more in guild diversity but it feels like a cool list building mechanic has been removed. I feel sorry for the people who bought one or two union players for their guild teams.
  3. Harry?

    From what I heard, union players are still legal in alchemists until the alchemist associated minor guild is released. After that no one is stopping you from playing using season 3 (or earlier!) rules, but in SFG compliant events you can't play with your toys.
  4. Drag vs burning spirit

    Can you elaborate? missing1leg and I gave opposite answers.
  5. Drag vs burning spirit

    Having an aura pass over you is not entering it. If Corsair drags Mercury to be within an inch of him, he would not suffer the burning condition.
  6. It has previously been ruled that Hog Wild can not interrupt another advance. Does this apply to other reactive advances, such as Granite's Between a Rock...? For example, suppose Farris uses Impact to attack Harmony during a sprint and does 1 damage to her. Can Granite make a jog or does Farris's active advance prevent it? Can reactive dodges, such as Peck's Pain Response and Snow's Pack Mentality, interrupt an advance in the same situation? How do reactive pushes, such as Farris might experience as a result of a counter attack off her Impact attack, interact with her in progress advance? Do pushes on other players, such as from the Chain Grab or Drag character players, behave differently from those on Farris? Do models pushed into Ballista's Minefield as a result of a counter attack during Farris's sprint count as entering it as part of an advance?
  7. Stave Can't Take Life Anymore

    I believe Stave can push himself off because being pushed doesn't count as voluntary movement. Doing so grants the opposing team 2VP for the take out but no MP as the active model is a Brewer. I'm reminded of a time at the Fall Brawl that a Brewer got the spot prize for inflicting the first take out of the round by surfing his own Stave.
  8. Unsnap ball off the pitch

    I would have thought the same thing, but if it's not legal for a marker to be placed off the pitch, why doesn't the rule of least distance return the ball marker to the pitch when a scatter takes it off?
  9. Tater's sweeping charge

    Sweeping Charge requires a playbook damage result, triggering whether or not damage is actually dealt. Tough Hide has no effect on it, although it will reduce the direct damage from the playbook.
  10. Skulk is a new Spook

    I don't think Skulk will see a general release for quite a while. He'll probably exist in a state similar to season 2 Tater. I wouldn't call that the Morticians getting two new players back to back.
  11. Cage ball vs. Vet Rage

    When kicking as Union, I highly recommend Mist. He has a 5+ defense and a lot of kick off pressure. Benediction is a good second player who pairs with Mist and vRage well, but either Harry or Gutter would work. Sometimes you won't be able turn engage one, especially against Engineers. In those situations the best you can do is make it dangerous for them to come into you turn 2. Here it sounds like you were caught by surprise by their edge presence, which was magnified by the format. It's tough playing in the middle 14" of the pitch, but the Engineers don't have the players to outfight vRage by a long shot. I think if you play a rematch and manage to kill the ball, even if it's after Ballista scores his first goal, you'll find the Engineers get caught in a slog that they can't win.
  12. General Question about Death on the Pitch (fluff)

    The apothecary's guild is just a polite way of saying necromancer's guild.
  13. Vet Egret

    vRage does. It's hard to fault your jealousy.
  14. Measuring For A Free Ball

    Yes, it's legal for a model to be base to base with a ball marker without snapping it.
  15. Memory Movement

    There is one other way to clear Memory's conditions: take him out! When Brainpan brings him back to the pitch he'll be condition free. If vHemlocke retains Smelling Salts, that will work on Memory but that's just speculation and wacky formats.