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  1. MechMage

    First game against Farmers

    Unless you're staying so far back as to not be able to land your circles turn 1, Compound will be of limited use. Remember Thresher can have 3" melee if he needs it which usually allows him to attack from outside Compound's Rush Keeper bubble or engage Compound to prevent him from charging.
  2. MechMage

    The Owner after Seduced

    During the Seduced attack, Boiler is an enemy model to vOx. When Boiler suffers the Taken-Out condition, the Old Ways triggers, giving vOx the Owner trait until the end of the turn. vOx retains this trait once the Seduced play ends and the Butchers player regains control of him.
  3. MechMage

    First game against Farmers

    Farmers have very high hit point pools to compensate for their low armor. Unfortunately, character plays don't care about armor and it's very hard to boost condition damage. I see two possible plans of attack to compensate for this. Augment Smoke's condition damage with conventional attackers. The best available options are oKatalyst, Venin and Avarisse and Greede. Unfortunately, all of these models have a 1" melee so if you're not careful with your positioning your attackers will be too crowded out to do any work. oKatalyst and Avarisse in particular have very poor defensive stats which the Farmers are great at exploiting. Do whatever you can to get rid of Harrow's aura. An aggressive kick that forces him to move away from his team to retrieve that ball is good but you may have to focus your efforts on him if that's not an option. His aura will negate almost all of your end phase condition damage. Give up on take outs and plan on a 3-0 game, thereby sidestepping the farmers large hit point pools. This plan is risky as it only takes one good (for your opponent) scatter to stall you out a turn and by necessity you'll have to feed players into the Farmers' meat grinder just to make shots, to say nothing of the possibility of a devastating missed shot. Either captain can work here. Smoke has a slightly longer goal threat and is a better escape artist but don't underestimate the power of Lure of Gold. Midas can easily earn his keep on this kind of team by allowing other strikers to sling shot closer to the ball faster. When you kick off, be very wary of Thresher's threat range. It's 11" with no help but with Millstone's push or Harrow's Marked Target it goes up to 13". Few players will use both but once Thresher is in range of your kicker you can use Mercury's Fire Blast to slow him down again with a burning ongoing effect AoE. Ultimate, I don't think either game plan solves the match up but with proper execution either gives the Alchemist player a fighting chance.
  4. The question wasn't whether or not Crucible could target a model without the ball with Great Balls of Fire, it's whether or not the play applies the burning condition on such a target.
  5. No. Compare Cast's Shield Throw: Target enemy model suffers 2 DMG. If the target model is in possession of the ball, it loses possession of the ball. Then perform a circular scatter with the template centred on the target model. Note the usage of the word "if" which is absent in the wording of Great Balls of Fire.
  6. Character plays triggered off of playbook results automatically hit. They trigger traits like Stormwind, Momentous Inspiration and Glutenous Mass Resilience.
  7. No, I just misremembered this ruling, my mistake.
  8. The play hit and is resolved, it's effects and damage are just ignored. Sunstrike would generate momentum. In your vs Tough Hide example, the playbook damage result is applied and resolved, but no momentum is generated because it did affect the target. All effects of the play are ignored, including the effects on models other than the one the play hit.
  9. MechMage

    How to Avarisse & Greede

    Greede is slow, fragile and doesn't do much on his own. He's mostly a liability that is justified because of how much he empowers Avarisse. In previous seasons he had an accurate kick and WTG so he could operate on his own for short periods of time but that was deliberately removed.
  10. All effects that happen at the end of a model's activation check for validity before any are resolved but are resolved in the order of the active player's choice. In Smoke's case, the Alchemist player can choose to resolve Watch the World Burn before or after dodging from Run the Length.
  11. MechMage

    How to Avarisse & Greede

    A&G are a much better merc than they are a player on an actual Union team. They pack more damage into a single model than anyone in a lot of guilds but they aren't as efficient as most Union players and when your entire team can productively turn influence into momentous damage the ability to make 3 swings with 4 or 5 influence, even if they're quality swings, isn't as appealing. That's to say nothing of Avarrisse's improved but still slow movement values in a team full of fast hybrid strickers/fighters.
  12. MechMage

    Request: Mercury Success Stories

    Mercury is pretty great. With beaker keeper, he can do 10 damage to a model at 6" if he has someone to hit while generating momentum and his 2" burning aura can be a life saver. I've had him toast Bolt off of Furnace and keep the butchers off my team for one more crucial turn. He's also got a tackle on 1 and a 4 die kick if he ever has to extract the ball but I haven't needed him to since season 3.
  13. Blessing of the Moon Goddess as a to the next successful attack. An attack that triggers Glutenous Mass Resilience is ignored. I'm not sure if that means that it counts as having no hits, in which case it is unsuccessful, or if it ignored by the game entirely, in which case the following attack is still the next attack. Either way, Blessing of the Moon Goddess is not discharged and will apply to the following attack.
  14. Is this a S1 Maverick situations then where the ruling is that the ability works differently than how it's printed then, or is there some other underlying principle that I'm overlooking?
  15. Does this mean that models without remaining hit points can't suffer damage? Suppose oGutter attacks vSiren who only has 3 hit points remaining and gets 6 net hits, selecting a momentous Scything Blow and momentous 1 damage. The Union player chooses to resolve the Scything Blow first, causing vSiren to be reduced to 0 hit points and suffer the taken out condition. The fish player chooses not to use Escaping Fate. Since vSiren has 0 hit points remaining, does the 1 damage playbook result generate momentum for the Union team? Does it trigger oGutter's Life Drinker?