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  1. Shonsue

    iPad photo resizing??

    So does anyone have tips to resize photos to post them here? I'm running an iPad, and I can't seem to make my pics small enough to be able to add them directly to a post. I can link to imagur, but I know I personally would rather see the pics in the forum post. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.
  2. Shonsue

    New Hunter's Project

    So I have a con coming up and I've decided to do my first diorama ever. Did a lot of research before I started. I'm hoping that by posting it here I can get some C&C as well. Hope you enjoy. Here we go! i started with bases for each member.
  3. What, no Butchers pitch? I had the thought of the floor of the pitch being tiled like the inside of a slaughterhouse, with drains here and there to rinse the blood and gook down. "Id but THAT for a dolled"
  4. Shonsue

    More garden variety hunters

    Don't knock yourself mate. These look great. I'd characterize them as a high-table standard. As for the "as good as I'll ever get" comment,... Dig through your minis for something you painted a year ago and really compare them. I'd bet you'll be surprised at the difference. It's hard to see from model to model, but it becomes apparent over an extended period of time.
  5. Shonsue

    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    I must say that I love your 'minimalist' style. Getting everything SOOOOOO smooth turns me green with envy. Bow down, Bow down!!! I'm not worthy.
  6. Shonsue

    Search assist

    Wish I could take credit for it, but that was posted in the 'goal thread', thread. I know the cow is from Warhammer Fantasy Giant, but wasn't sure if someone might know where others came from
  7. Shonsue

    Search assist

    So I'm in the process of creating my goal, and I'm wondering if anyone can point me towards miniatures or model kits that have cuts of meat or sausage links, etc. kind of like the ones in the Second?
  8. Shonsue

    Dice Math Tables

    WOOT WOOT!!!!!! Thanks for the probability charts. It will most certainly be advantageous to my already bludgeon-heavy butchers. Your numbers will "live in infamy on pitch's all across this ball playing planet"!! And your name will be cursed in locker rooms everywhere. *muhahhhahhhhaahhhh!*
  9. Shonsue

    The Goal Post Thread

    Wondering if you could give us a rundown of where your pieces and parts came from.
  10. Shonsue

    The Goal Post Thread

    Now that's just showing off!!! Really love it though.