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  1. benber007

    A Cut Above the Rest: A New Union Captain Arrives!

    I think the 2 new Solthecian players migth bring her up a notch. I've played her 2 times, in one game she did great (2 goals), in the other she struggled with the tac 5. I'm undecided on her but my first impression is that she was a bit underwhelming. Will giver her more tabletime thou, it migth the "out of comfort zone" factor talking.
  2. Good cast has always. I'm personnaly not a fan of the attitude but your insigth and thougths on the game are always interesting and helpful! Thank you!
  3. Nice, just in time for my british humor fix ;-)
  4. benber007

    Double Dodge Podcast

    When is the next one? I'm getting impatient ;-)
  5. We are gonna have our first tournament on the southshore of Montreal! It will be held on the 5th of November at Le Beginner in Longueuil. More info can be found on the Guild Ball Montréal FB page.
  6. benber007

    So who's in your 8 men line up?

    I'm one of Tarkand regular opponents(Union) and I have to say that this line-up, Theron, Fahad, Jaecar, Egrett, Seenah and Chaska, is so far the toughest one I have faced. Like he said, the burst dmg from Chaksa realy shores up one the Hunter's weakness wich is slow dmg. With him, you can reasonnably kill a lot player in two activations and with a decent threat range to booth. I will play the Hunter soon and will probably start with this line-up myself. I expect this build to be even better in a month once season 3 comes out and Minx gets better.
  7. benber007

    Dice Math Tables

    This is very interesting, thank you!
  8. benber007

    Strictly the Worst: Episode 3!

    Interesting cast, thank you for doing this! The only gripe I might have about it is that some of this info will be quickly invalidated after Steamcon. It would be interesting to year you again on this subject once the season 3 rework is out. Again, great cast, looking forward to the next one!
  9. benber007

    So who's in your 8 men line up?

    25000 view?
  10. benber007

    So who's in your 8 men line up?

    I'm gonna have to pick up that bear.
  11. benber007

    Hunting for wins! My games with the Hunters!

    Since I've watched this game from the sideline, it was very interesting reading about it. Good stuff!
  12. benber007

    So who's in your 8 men line up?

    No but she is getting buffed for sure.