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  1. Painting for beginners

    Or just go grey and have the best of both worlds.
  2. Guild Ball in plastic

    I heard you could get the glue off the plastic miniatures with a cleaning solution that degrades the hold of the glue. Instead of metal bases, I'll just be using lead textile weights and gluing them to the bottom of the base.
  3. Guild Ball in plastic

    Remember, plastics are cheaper in the long run but much more expensive in the short than metal. Steamforged has likely already done the bulk of its sales for its existing teams. To now go and make plastic versions of those characters would probably result in a giant financial hit right in the balls. It sounds like they are addressing all the primary concern people have with plastics. I'm very happy about it all and I'll be placing a big 'ol order for metal weights as soon as I get my first plastic team.
  4. Shark to strong?

    False comparison. The argument is whether or not a character's balance or lack of balance influences the fun of the game. So, if a character is over-powered, that character's presence in a particular game can make that game unpleasant, since he could potentially become an auto-include. I don't think Shark is over-powered; however, I believe you've failed to make a single post that could be considered persuasive to this point. Your passive aggressive and bitchy behavior doesn't help your argument. Take a deep breath and remember, this is a forum where we discuss little metal miniatures.
  5. Shark to strong?

    Yeah, "play better" didn't really seem like an adequate counter to the designer's opinion. Not very insightful . . .
  6. Q: Alt/Ltd Mist metal re-release?

    I don't think the two are dependent upon one another.
  7. Hag

    I want to figure out how to do those water bases where you can see under the water and have her coming out from the depths to play some football.
  8. Guild Ball Player Diversity

    Men work more hours a week than women. They work more dangerous jobs that typically pay more. They work more high paying jobs in general, even when it's within the same field, like nursing. In nursing men focus on technology and working in remote areas, where women typically take the nursing positions that favour more focus on patient interaction. Women take more time off from the workplace than men. Men are more likely to relocate for an increase in wages. Men typically demand high salaries in the private sector when it comes time to negotiate. Men are more likely to put their job before their family. Etc. etc. etc. But I guess all of that is too tough to swallow. I guess it's more comfortable believing there is a global conspiracy being conducted by the omnipresent patriarchal monster, used to keep women from making too much money, despite the heavy reliance on two-income families that benefit most men. Apparently the profit model has been abandoned and now businesses pay men more to sustain the ravenous patriarchal beast. When will people realize that the progressive attitude toward what they perceive as sexist and racist is actually deeply sexist and racist? Wait . . . why the heck are we discussing the gender pay gap? How does this relate to Guild Ball? Is Ester making less than Tapper!? Is Fillet making less than Ox!? Equal pay for equal Guild Captain work, I say! Now there is a Woman's March I can get behind!
  9. Guild Ball Player Diversity

    What I take from your post is a lot of moral platitudes and feeling-based arguments. I have difficulty engaging with these two things because I find the process rather masturbatory. I can't disprove your feelings and you can't disprove mine. Know, however, that my post should be read with a slight air of detached disdain and not any sense of anger. This is not necessarily because the things you've suggested are unworthy of consideration, but simply because they are thoughts I've had before and have long since left behind due to my own awakening toward a general outlook that favours reason over empathy, especially when I find that empathy dangerously misplaced. I've addressed everything you've discussed throughout my three posts. You've chosen to ignore what you feel is inconvenient to your position. I'm a little tired of individuals thinking someone doesn't understand their point-of-view simply because they don't mindlessly agree with it. You're not spitting anything beyond me, trusts me. I promise you I can accurately summarize your views on diversity, while I doubt that you could provide me that same service. Know that the people your post reached are likely individuals who already agreed with you before they read your post. As sexist and racist as some people like to think the gaming industry is, there seems to be one hell of an echo chamber when it comes to progressive thoughts in game forums. I highly doubt someone who was against forced diversity to appease a tiny selection of vocal individuals read your posts and decided to change their views . . . quite the lofty view of your own rhetoric, I would say.
  10. Guild Ball Player Diversity

    1. Everything can be done badly does not seem like an adequate response to the valid criticism of forced diversity. Characters should be created without a reliance on the shallowness of skin and gender diversity. These are not the defining elements of an individual's character and they most certainly are not what makes a character special and unique. The only reason some may define themselves by their colour of their skin is because certain political pundits have forced them to by grouping them into some homogenized identity, making it easier to appeal and pander to them as a collective, rather than as individuals. When moral panicked masses clamor for more women or more blacks they force artists to transform their creative process into a checklist of hollow attributes. Characters become two-dimensional shells, not because of a lack of artistic skill, but simply because the process has been corrupted. It's pandering in its most vile form. The characters that shine the brightest do so because they have traits that go far deeper than anything progressives look for in a fictitious avatar. 2. No, friend, it allows SOME players to identify with their characters more. Hopefully I've already made clear my disdain for individuals who need to see a character with the right melanin content in their skin in order to see themselves. The emotional experiences of your friends is of little importance to me. For every friend you have that jumps for joy because a character they like has the right genitals between their legs, I have two friends who feel as though their being infantilized by pandering shills. Your cultural stories can be told through any character, regardless of their skin colour. An alien that values the same things as your culture values is just as viable a vehicle to your culture as an avatar that is your exact physical replica. So, you could just as easily have everything that defines a native or black person imbued within a white middle age male character. I'd wager the only reason a person would take issue with this fact is the sad fact that minorities in the West have been indoctrinated to believe their skin colour is EVERYTHING. White people are considered the status quo because white people are creating the artifacts you enjoy. The U.K. has a white population of 87 percent, so you'll forgive them when the people within the country who consist of the majority create art that represents them, even if that representation is completely shallow. We live in an age where you have access to almost every piece of cultural artifact across the entire globe. If you can't find art that you can identify with, the fault is on you, not some monolithic boogeyman producing homogeneous cultural content. In the end, you will push for what matters to you and I will push for what matters to me; however, how we push will be completely different, I promise. When an artifact exists that I feel is pandering I will simply not consume it. I will use the power of capitalism to make my voice heard. Progressives (I don't know if you are among these people) will make their voices heard by purchasing the product they have disdain for and then hitting up forums to scream and protest in an effort to publicly shame artists to conform to their narrow view of what makes a human being interesting. I am more than a black man.
  11. Winter's Moon

    I did my base six man set in a summer theme. Everything nice and bright and green. I bought Chaska, the bear, and Minx and did them in an autumn theme. Now I can get these guys and do winter!
  12. Winter's Moon

    She's obviously Canadian! People walk around in shorts in the winter time around here if the temperature even creeps above 0. Thankfully she's as tough as the guy who is essentially topless to her right. #realequality
  13. Guild Ball Player Diversity

    I just asked that exact question. Why does inclusiveness need to be forced? It serves no purpose beyond providing players aesthetic variety. I've sort of already addressed your racial diversity comment earlier in this thread, so I don't feel it necessary to engage with that . . . but thank you for letting me know you're white, I guess. It doesn't matter when diversity is included in the game, unless that diversity feels forced. People can tell when diversity is forced. Yes, it does matter if the purpose is for "social justice". It's pandering and insulting. Again, I've already covered exactly why it's both of those things earlier in this thread. I don't appreciate this "real world problem" argument. It's a little silly given that we're in a thread that's dedicated to the topic we're currently discussing. "to worry about whether some people are offended by the idea of black and white people getting along, and treating women as equals (as if they were all just people)... ?orry" And there it is. I was waiting for it. The complete mischaracterization of my argument and the implication that I'm somehow offended by black and white people getting along or that people who are against forced diversity don't treat women as equals. Forced diversity IS NOT treating ANYONE as equals. I hope you've created that strawman as a subtle promotion of the upcoming Farmers Guild.
  14. Guild Ball Player Diversity

    Social issues are worth exploring in a large variety of different mediums; however, diversity for diversity's sake doesn't belong anywhere if that diversity is simply based on a variety of unimportant attributes like gender and skin colour. Why not care about diversity in Guild Ball? Well, because it's completely unimportant. Again, if that diversity is simply an aesthetics issue, that's fine, but if that diversity is forced in order to please some people who clamor for diversity because they've been told, without proof, that diversity in the arts is important, then I would argue it's detrimental to both the art and the appreciators of that art. For every individual who demands diversity, you'll find more individuals who are repulsed by forced diversity. It's like the stockphoto analogy I referenced earlier, many people get a strange cringe feeling when they see a forced diversity stockphoto. I don't want that for Guild Ball.
  15. Guild Ball Player Diversity

    Don't you think that the primary reason there is less variety in the Guild Ball female form is primarily because there are simply less females in the game? Obviously you're going to have a reduced variety when you're pulling from a smaller sample size. Also, men and women put on muscle differently when they exercise and I'd argue that the body types men achieve when they are fit is far more varied. There can be fatter fit guys, skinny fit guys, and incredibly jacked fit guys. Typically when a woman gets in shape she loses weight and sometimes becomes skinny and perhaps she gains some muscle in the process. Unless the female players in the game are taking testosterone, you're not going to end up with models that resemble muscular men. Now, I understand that this is a fantasy game, but of course we would all agree that the game does do its best to ground itself within some form of reality and if that reality is depicting the fit female form as a fairly standard model type, so be it. As it is right now, we have skinny women, muscular women, and fat women. I don't see a problem. Now here comes the important part: So what? If your need for more variety (even though that variety already exists) is simply because it looks cooler, that's great, I can get behind that; however, if you're attempting to add some social message to this request, well I'm going to take issue with that. Why should any of us care about diversity? What does it matter? I'm highly skeptical of these sorts of progressive arguments because I find them usually to be fairly shallow. Again, if you're only wanting diversity because of aesthetics, disregard this last paragraph.