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  1. kerbarian

    Wrapping Plays vs Reanimate

    Would this also work with a single playbook result that applies both damage and a character play? For example, vKat charges a knocked-down Locus who has [2] HP remaining. vKat gets 7 net hits and chooses his result. vKat applies Intensify first, which reduces Locus to [0] HP and (as part of the character play timing) triggers Reanimate. Then vKat applies the playbook damage and Locus is taken out.
  2. The Engineers led by Ballista lost to Masons led by Hammer. This was (ahem) the plan all along, as part an intricate plot that involves Gutter joining the Butchers as step 4 of 17. It definitely wasn't just the Engineers getting outplayed by Masons in a regular league game. Much more nuanced and complicated than that... Flint kicks off, and his ball threat makes it difficult for the Engineers to work towards a goal. The Engineers do manage to score two goals, first by Hoist who takes a Knee Slider up right next to the goal, and after that with Velocity passing to Hoist for a second Snap Shot goal: In the end, though, Hammer finishes off Colossus to win the game, after taking out Velocity early and goals by Flint and Hammer:
  3. Engineers led by Pin Vice quickly scored three unanswered goals against Corsair and the Fisherman's Guild. The Engineers suffered only moderate damage to Velocity and Locus, easily repaired after the match. Gutter was unimpressed by this showing from the Fisherman's Guild and sees better prospects with the Butcher's Guild. Siren kicks off and Pin Vice is already planning her first scoring run: Pin Vice sprints for the ball, she and Locus pass it back and forth like a Well Oiled Machine, and then Pin Vice Controls Locus to jog in for the goal before the Fishermen can react. It's a Knee Slider by Locus, digging a furrow through the turf and getting some distance from Avarisse and Greede. After the goal kick, Corsair ignores the ball in favor of Dragging Velocity in and hammering her to the ground. Velocity is able to recover and slip away; she grabs the ball, dodges off of Siren, and passes to Locus for a Snap Shot that's Clockwork Perfection. The next goal kick scatters all the way back to mid-field: Hag helps the Fishermen surround Velocity and Locus, and Avarisse comes in to knock them both down and start snapping limbs. Greede deals a vital blow to Velocity, but she's able to Reanimate. While the Fishermen are distracted by the brawl, Ratchet Overclocks Colossus and Mainspring moves into position with Launch Control ready. Colossus sprints for the ball, maneuvers down the field with help from some fancy oil-enabled passing by Mainspring and Velocity, and scores the final goal:
  4. kerbarian

    Can Butchers play football?

    I think Butchers can do a pretty good job of going 2-2, but it's worked best for me when I go for the two take-outs first. In particular, the first time I get the ball I'll often kill it for a while to get some take-outs (or at least set them up) before going for goals. If you can get up by four points and have Brisket sitting in the middle for an immediate counter-score, it's tough for footballing teams to act. If they start the goal ping-pong you should win, and if they don't you can keep hunting them down for take-outs. I've also had success scoring when my whole team is in the enemy half of the pitch and has generally disrupted things. There can be opportunities where the natural thing is to look for the next take-out, but if you look carefully you can find a goal opportunity instead and it's often not guarded against as well as when people are facing footballing teams. I usually include Minx and she can be great at that kind of thing. However, if you go in with that approach -- start by going for a couple take-outs or invading the enemy half of the pitch -- you can easily end up with a 1-4 result even if you're looking for goal opportunities.
  5. kerbarian

    what sealer is better?

    +1 to Testors dullcote, though I've only used it in moderate humidity.
  6. kerbarian

    2/3 is actually worse than 1/4

    I think it depends on the model whether 2/3 is worse than 1/4. For Shank, I agree that 1/4 would be better -- at least that way he's capable of being a big threat. As is, he has mobility without the punch to do much when he gets there, and I just don't see the point of bringing him. At 1/4 I'd consider him (though I'm not sure I'd play him) and at 2/4 with the mascot VP and icy sponge changes he'd be strong again but no longer an auto-include like he was in S2. For Meathook, though, I prefer 2/3 over having her as 1/4. At 2/3 she's a great setup/support model and isn't hurting your team on the turns she can't engage.
  7. I still generally choose to receive when I can, but the number of guilds that can apply a lot of pressure when kicking off makes it feel like less of an advantage than it has been. If Shark/Vitriol/Flint/Mist/PV has just kicked off, it can be hard to do anything with the ball without inviting them to steal it. However, I'd still rather have to dance around carefully with the ball than to not have control over it.
  8. kerbarian

    Taking Engineers to Vengeance - Blog Article

    This post goes through the details of Mainspring getting a first-activation goal when receiving, using Controller and PV's legendary:
  9. kerbarian

    Why Midas?

    It depends on the lineup, but you can see a lot of DEF 3+ with Truffles, Boar, Harry, and vOx. I agree, though, I don't generally think of Butchers as a low def team. But they're definitely fragile, where Smoke's legendary + conditions can make it easy for vKat and others to finish them off. When I play Smoke, I'll usually load her up with INF for the turn when she uses her legendary, and other than that she doesn't get much. Usually I'll leave her somewhere in the middle of the field with 2-3 INF for two purposes: she can pretty reliably counter-score off of a goal kick, or I'll activate her late to spread conditions around at the end of the turn. Her TAC and playbook are pretty useless for both tackling and momentum, so I rarely make attacks with her.
  10. With Swiss pairings, all players regardless of record have an expected outcome of winning 50% of their future games. For example, if someone starts out 0-2, they'll be playing against other 0-2 players and have a 50% chance to win that next game. Essentially, you can expect (statistically) that people's records will move towards a 50% win rate over time. So if you were the kind of player who would encourage other players to drop in order to improve your own tiebreakers, you would want to encourage your opponents with a losing record to stay in (and move closer to a 50% win rate) and encourage your opponents with a winning record to drop (to avoid them moving closer to a 50% win rate). I'm not particularly concerned that that behavior -- players encouraging other players with winning records to drop -- will be a problem.
  11. kerbarian

    Battle Reports- Tuning My Tournament 9

    Yes, that game was against @kryzak. We had a rematch today at a regional qualifier with slightly different lineups: Butchers: Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Meathook, oBrisket, Minx Masons: Hammer, Wrecker, Tower, Mallet, Flint, Mist The first round was very cagey. I received but felt like I couldn't use the ball to dodge Fillet up without letting Mist come in and steal it. I eventually worked around the side and got Fillet to take out Flint after 8" of teamwork dodges. Meathook got pulled into Hammer's threat range by Mist, but she heroically held Hammer off with defensive stance, counter-attack, and bonus time on the counter-attack. Meathook got the >> and left Hammer with a stack of unused INF. At the top of round 2 Brisket charged Wrecker and scored, and then Mist counter-scored. Fillet took out Wrecker and then went for the Snap Shot via Brisket, but Fillet missed her pass on 4 dice (bonus timed). That was rough. I think Hammer took out Boiler. In turns 3 and 4 there was a big scrum in the middle where Hammer got one more goal but not another take-out, and I was able to finish it out with take-outs of Mist (with help from Who Are Ya?), Flint (again), and Tower. 12-10 Butchers. Basically, I took out everyone except Hammer this time, plus the one goal. I don't think Hammer and Fillet ever took a swing at each other. Which seems now like a great plan, though I can't say I had it in mind that way at the time :). Hammer has the advantage over Fillet in a direct fight, but Fillet is faster at taking out the rest of Hammer's team than Hammer is at taking out other Butchers. Also, being able to receive the kickoff is a big deal in this matchup, and I got lucky with the first roll this game. On Boiler, I agree that Swift Stance isn't the main reason I bring him, though it is a big reason in certain matchups. Mostly I think of Boiler as a good generalist. His >< and KD aren't great but can be important in a team starved for control. Anatomical and Crucial Artery are great. He can take a stack of INF and do good damage with it without setup. And while the Princess combo doesn't often happen, it's brutal when it does and makes your opponent play around it somewhat. I keep thinking of Boiler as the first guy to replace in my lists because there's nothing he does (except Swift Stance) that the rest of the team can't also do. But he does a lot of things well, and I think I'm still pretty happy having him around.
  12. kerbarian

    Battle Reports- Tuning My Tournament 9

    Thanks for the continued reports! I also played into Hammer Masons recently in a casual tournament. The lineups were somewhat different than yours: Butchers: Fillet, Truffles, Meathook, vOx, oBrisket, Minx Masons: Hammer, Wrecker, Flint, Mallet, Tower, Minx Masons won the roll and chose to receive. I kicked off with Fillet staying just outside of 10" from Hammer. The Masons' first activation was Tower who Tooled Up Hammer, grabbed the ball, and passed to Hammer. At this point I looked at the math more closely and realized how bad the Fillet-Hammer matchup is for Fillet. A Tooled Up Hammer can take out Fillet or at least leave her KD and out of melee, while Fillet can't do anything about Hammer's counter-attack. Fortunately my opponent missed the pass, so Fillet had some time to breathe. She was able to take out Tower that round but was left KD and out of melee reach by Hammer. Long story short, I lost 9-12 and felt like I got a bit lucky with that score. I did take out Hammer by leaving him KD at the end of a round (thanks, Truffles!) and then finishing him off the next round, but it took a big investment from my team to do it. I got three take-outs (Tower, Hammer, Wrecker) and a goal, and the Masons got two take-outs (Fillet, Meathook) and two goals from Flint, including a snap shot to finish the game. I'm not sure on a good way to deal with Hammer. Harry is certainly a good option, but I'm still trying to resist him. vOx and Truffles can get the KD cheaply (if not controlled) but won't do much else, and I'd need to KD him 2-3 times to make it stick. Bringing Boiler for the R1 Swift Stance would at least let Fillet threaten R1 without worrying so much about being taken out by Hammer. And Boiler should be able to KD Hammer on a charge as well. I tried some new players in that tournament (vOx, vBrisket, Truffles) and really the only one who impressed me was Truffles. Sadly I'm still liking Boiler quite a bit, and I think that still makes Princess worth it. Next up to try at some point is Boar.
  13. I've always played it as the middle version. The wording is "A returned model is placed in base contact with an edge of the Pitch within the friendly deployment zone." That can either be: "A returned model is placed in base contact with (an edge of the Pitch within the friendly deployment zone)" or "A returned model is placed in base contact with an edge of the Pitch [and] within the friendly deployment zone." The former is more restrictive and that's how I understand it. The edge of the Pitch you're in contact with must be within the friendly deployment zone, but that means that half your base can extend in front of your deployment zone. If you read it as the latter then you could be farther forward, in front of your deployment zone but just touching it (barely "within" your deployment zone) and also touching an edge. But I've never seen it played that way.
  14. kerbarian

    Tournament 9 discussion

    I'm not sure I'm sold on vOx, either. He has 2" reach and has abilities that are great in a brawl. Vindictive is nice for efficiency. Outside of that, though, his playbook isn't great and he doesn't bring much utility. My current plan is to bring him mainly against other fighty teams, and I think he'll have a spot in my 9 for that.
  15. Ah, thanks, I hadn't found that thread. As @TheLieutenant says in that thread in the case of an opponent knocking down of a friendly model, "The placement of the ball-marker is done by the opposing team's Controlling Player." So if I'm the one doing the knocking down near my own goal line, I would be the one placing the ball-marker. And then it would match your fourth case of the ball-marker being behind my goal line as a result of "being placed by the Controlling Player of a friendly model" and I would stop generating momentum, right?