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  1. If Hearne has Sun Strike and chooses the momentum GB result for Singled Out from his playbook does he generate two momentum? One from the momentous result and one from Sun Strike?
  2. Looking for play groups in Utah

    Checkout the Pundit map on the SteamForged website. It looks like there are three Pundits running groups in Utah.
  3. Kick off

    I picked it up from my FLGS and am very happy with the quality. The mold lines weren't bad and cleaned up easily with a hoddy knife and file. I personally am not a fan of the flat bases and I am replacing them with lipped bases. Some came off without any issues but a few pegs broke and had to be pinned. My advice if you decide to rebase them is to be very careful with the minis that have small feet since pinning them will be extremely hard to do. My only other tip is to clean up flashing/mold line on the ends of the plastic dial connectors. If you don't they don't press the cardboard together tightly and the dial is really loose.
  4. New Captain Season 3

    I don't see Ox being part of the Solthecians. Being that Brisket won the Butchers civil war and Veteran Ox looks like he's still wearing his shackles from prison I'm thinking he will openly oppose the church in the fluff. My thought is that if Fillet won we would have seen Ox return on as member of the church.
  5. Dream on – The new guilds we'd like to see

    I would love to see the Bankers Guild. Possible abilities could include: Banking influence or momentum for future turns. Having the risk/reward of a player who can invest influence this turn to get back addition influence on a future turn, unless he is taken out. Affecting the cost of character plays.
  6. A bit of a cold shower wouldn't you say? (S3)

    I think the change to Nature's Growth just makes Zarola that much better. My favorite open move on receiving a kick off is Midnight Offering someone to get the ball. Using Midnight Offering on Theron before he activates now makes his forest placement harder to predict. Hunters have always needed a bit of setup to be at there best, this is just another layer.
  7. A&G Changes

    I'm super excited about the changes. One of my favorite aspects of Guild Ball is the thematic design intergrated into each card. You read the fluff and see it reflected in the players cards. The new A&G feel like a true duo that offers you a lot of opinions and makes it hard for your opponent to react to all the possibilities. People seem afraid to trade a Greed goal for the 2vp of him being taken out. Timing seems to be a key issue to successful pulling it off. Wait until last activation when your winning the momentum race to score with Greed. That way you can activate Avarisse first next turn to pick him up. I can't wait to single out someone, drop Greed, and watch him roll all those dice. (Tac 7 + 2 Singled Out + 1 Ganging Up = 10 Dice Attack!)
  8. Season 3 Minx

    A popular theory is that the selective trait was removed from the cards and will instead be listed in the season 3 rulebook. That way Steamforged doesn't need to reprint cards each season to add new guilds.
  9. Season 3 Sneek Peeks

    The YouTube channel Watch it Played uploaded a video going through the Kick Off box with DC. Here are three sneek peeks they showed off.
  10. Season 3 Hunters / Wishlist

    Episode 20 – Are they a twat Audio Playehttp://www.wcww.co.uk/the-podcast/ http://www.wcww.co.uk/the-podcast/
  11. Printable Pitch?

    Most people starting out will pick up a piece of felt from the local fabric store. Major chains like Joann fabrics will have 40% off coupons if you download their app. Otherwise you can use an old towel and either cut it or use masking tape to mark out the field.
  12. Killing the ball

    I'm confused about your question since every model in the game has a tackle in their playbook. I think the point they wanted to make is they want a soccer/football game with combat and not a combat game with the option to play soccer/football if you feel like it.
  13. Season 3 Hunters / Wishlist

    Matt talks about it 1:26:30 into the podcast. Matt Hart stated the follow changes to Seenah: 1: The mob favorite ability is gone. They've reworded Bear Hug so if the character play is used to takeout a model you gain plus 1VP. 2: New character trait called Intimidating Roar. At the start of Seenahs activation he may choose a enemy model within his melee zone, that model is pushed 2 inches directly away.
  14. Season 3 Hunters / Wishlist

    My hopes for season three Hunters are Minx, a bird of prey mascot, and Veteran Seenah. Minx was all but handed to the Hunters in the season two fluff. I don't know that she need to become a veteran as some have suggested since the veteran title seems to be the way Steamforged emphasizes the way you make character choices. Plus Hunter's Guild Minx would have a different play style since she's rejoining her people. As for mascots the four legged land animals have had their fun, now it's time for some fearsome birds. I would LOVE to see Veteran Seenah in human form! Possibly as a bad boy/girl of the Hunter's Guild that was forced to take on animal form, or a Druid who's trapped by some mishap with a ritual.
  15. Halloween Match Report!! Butchers vs. Morticians!!

    T&G Productions is quickly setting a very high bar for Guild Ball match reports. Here's hoping that your third match report is Georgie dethroning Tom's Butchers. Keep up the fantastic work!