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  1. robertato

    Vet Calc confirmed

    the green tube connecting to her chest makes me think she will at least have some kind of connection to poison still.Maybe she will be able to also throw out burning or something? Blind will be a blow if she looses it though.
  2. robertato

    Ballista vs Pin Vice

    tooled up minefield does make people think twice before entering... It is situational but the threat of 5 damage just to engage him does make people think twice.
  3. robertato

    Mist or Decimate Union pick

    Do AnG need too much influence to really go off with alchemists though? I've not used the as it seems that they would need a good amount of the teams resources to do much?
  4. robertato

    What do we need from a minor guild?

    Pure wish listing I would love to see another source of fire aoes. There are a lot of anti condition abilities floating around now esp pieces like Grace who can just straight up remove the aoes from the board. It's not just for the condition application but they allow us to control the board so maybe an emphasis on this type of control? Blast Earth or something that will allow us to block off areas of the pitch?
  5. robertato

    Idea for Thresher Change

    I would echo that on his own Thresher isn't too bad. He is definitely top tier bit it is the team synergies that do it for me.I haven't seen it mentioned yet but Fallow can, in the right circumstances, output as much as boar but has all kids of soft control options, better def, five influence cap and only one less health for instance. It just seems to me that they could loose a few tools, still be flavorful and fulfill the role on the team without being quite so egregious. However I do think more playtime is needed before anyone starts waiving nerf bats about, I have beaten thresher. It's actually Grange that I find worse. The scrum of death just kills the ball and his aura plus gang ups rob you of your ability to get the ball back easily. You end up in a stand off waiting out the clock, which isn't that fun of a game.
  6. robertato

    Steamcon UK venue feedback

    I would like to caveat my review with saying I had a really great time, the token system was good and I appreciate that Steamforged did not need to do this so thanks. I liked the venue, it felt thematic but the food was terrible (you were bang out of luck if you didn't eat meat) and the pricing I would charitably described as gouging. The event was fun, there was a great atmosphere and I enjoyed all the events I attended. The free play area was always bustling but I never was not able to get a table.The seminar benches looked uncomfortable, but I was sat on a table at the back so it wasn't as bad. I think a nerd muster point for pick up games is a good idea too. Overall I would say that it was a success, I had a great time and really enjoyed meeting not only the makers of the game but also the wider community. The only bad point really was some venue niggles but in my view these were in no way bad enough to hamper my enjoyment, can't wait for next year now!
  7. robertato

    SteamCon UK. Let's hang out!

    Sounds very much like a plan!
  8. robertato

    Using Crucible

    I've been experimenting with her a bit recently, her aura is useful but due the short range only really useful about once or twice a game. She is so squishy that she gets smashed easily forcing early an activation to put nimble up which is not ideal with her. I have been playing against teams with a lot of reach which may skew my view but her counter attacks leave her a bit vulnerable. It would be nice if she had something to make her a bit more slippery to pin down or a tac bonus against models suffering conditions. Slip past on two is nice but it still leaves you in your opponents melee zone unless she is being ganged up on. I want to use her more but I struggle to know who to leave on the bench to take her as she doesn't bring all that much to my game.
  9. robertato

    SteamCon UK. Let's hang out!

    I'm looking to buy some stuff and get a load of games in, hopefully I learn a thing or two. There are a few of us going up so will be hanging about the free play area.