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  1. riffbw

    All goals, all day

    But when the focus her down, that's incluence that isn't being used against more useful characters in your lineup. She's got enough tech to not be worthless after coming back on either. I have a hard time dropping Harry because of the area control and and scrum he brings. I play for 3-0, but Harry Decimate, and BH make for an easier shot at a 2-2 if it gets too tight. I have never tried Hemlocke in a 3-0 team, because I think the team would be too squishy with her placing Harry.
  2. riffbw

    All goals, all day

    I traded goals with a scoring Midas team evenly. It came down to one activation where he sealed the game 12-8. He knew he had to go for it or I would score and win. BH doesn't feel like a grind with the speed of both Mist and Snakeskin. Score, tackle, pass, score again. It might be the way I position the players, but I havent had many issues recovering the ball (Snakeskin MVP again). The only issue I have had is just trading goals, but that massively speeds up the game.
  3. riffbw

    That's 1, 2, 3, strikers out

    No Mist and no Decimate is killer. I can't imagine running Union without at least 1. Decimate is my favorite two way player. She can throw down or play football well enough to always be useful. When I run vRage she's a must have to get the 4-1 set up and makes it possible to 2-2 quickly. Even without her, Union have enough options to be dangerous with vRage.
  4. riffbw

    All goals, all day

    I play BH looking for the 3-0 over Trisket all the time. BH, Coin, Decimate, Harry, Snakeskin, and Mist are my normal 6. You can put Mist and Snakeskin on either wing and have a solid goal threat. You keep the rest in a scrum in the middle and use Inspiring Hat and BH to quickly switch the field. Don't underestimate Snakeskin. She's my MVP. Nimble Clone ball killing is fantastic and she can dance and tackle. There are so many uses for her. Kill the ball to set up a late turn goal and use BH to take it off her. Score quickly and send her in to tackle it away. Shadowlike out to start the next round. She's also very underrated so opponents may ignore her. I have so much fun with the roster, Trisket, Grace, and Benny have never hit the table. Rage is in the tournament roster for the matchups that he is better suited for.
  5. riffbw

    3-0 Blackheart team

    It's not just ball killing though. Get her in position with the ball, nimble, and clone then a BH On MY Mark pull it off her. Not to mention she's got the necessary tackles and can dance herself free when needed. Shadowlike also helps.
  6. riffbw

    3-0 Blackheart team

    This is all I run and my six are Blackheart, Coin, Mist, Snakeskin, Harry, and Decimate. You can switch fields so quickly and the scoring threats of Mist and Snakeskin give you good field control. Using BH and Harry can allow you to work side to side quickly. I also love how easy it is to dance with BH, Snakeskin, and Decimate with dodges. This lineup has enough legitimate threats to be devastating and is impossible to lock down.
  7. riffbw

    Wake up and smell the chains!

    They won't be removing them from play, it's just fluff wise, they won't be a big factor anymore and it doesn't appear they will even exist as a guild. I hope I'm wrong, but it doesn't look good. I would love to see Snakeskin still alive. I haven't heard the clone theory before.
  8. riffbw

    Wake up and smell the chains!

    I wish I could be optimistic, but I can't. Hopefully someone can step up and be more positive.
  9. riffbw

    Wake up and smell the chains!

    The Mascot and Harry would fill it out, but I don't think Harry will be included because he doesn't fit unless they are just trying to sell the box for the last Union branded models. I think the fluff is heading towards a Church guild and Trisket, Grace, and Benny being new enough that they don't need full new models or tech. Vet Mist was just a thought, but if they move these characters to a Church guild, I bet the rebalance Mist on a new card meaning veteran status. He went from best in game to solid because he could be fielded by too many teams. Locking him to one team allows a bit more freedom in design so he can be the best non captain striker if SFG want him to be. Losing Shadow Like, Smoke Bomb, Covered in Darkness, and Skilled Within Shadows since he is no longer covert means a complete rework. I imagine Where Did They Go would come back though. Just speculation, but fluff wise it fits.
  10. riffbw

    Wake up and smell the chains!

    I'd love to be wrong, but with no new models, the Union are without a Captian. Gutter would be the next player up, but she's leaving. The balancing force between the guilds is changing and the Church is coming out into the open. The Union is now expendable. A mascot has to be on the way along with one more player. I also think Mist will get a veteran version and a 3rd sculpt as well. He's no longer a character hidden in shadows, he's openly a member of the Church. His tech can change from sneaky and using cover to something more suited to a center forward.
  11. riffbw

    Wake up and smell the chains!

    The Union died with Blackheart, Rage had just prolonged the suffering. I hope they gut him. That said, I think this is the end of the Union. Rumor is no new models. They will remain a playable guild, just no new characters. Trisket, Grace, Benny, and Mist will be the foundation of a Church guild. Minx will join Hunters. Fangtooth will land somewhere. Snakeskin and Coin are dead.
  12. riffbw

    Ideal roster for a Rage/Blackheart team

    I'm not as up on the new Meta, but I love dropping BH into Masons. It's a tough fight, but the 3-0 win is the best way I've found to best them. A competent Masons player can do a lot of work and shut either captain down.
  13. riffbw

    Snakeskin legit

    It's all been said above, but she's my MVP right now. She's got so much good tech in an underestimated package. She can fight, dance, score, and kill the ball. Fighting is her weakest aspect, and I rarely use it. You ran my preferred 6 and I will use them in almost every matchup. Absolutely love that team's ability to spread the field and switch the field. Snakeskin is to useful as a 2nd striker and ball killer that she has to be included in all but the most fight oriented of teams.
  14. riffbw

    Ideal roster for a Rage/Blackheart team

    I'm a but late to the party, but I run this. BH, vRage, Coin, Strongbox, Mist, Harry, Snakeskin, Decimate, Gutter. I love my 3-0 BH squad and run Coin, Mist, Snakeskin, Decimate, and Harry. vRage switch Strongbox, Harry, Decimate, Gutter, and Mist is still a strong 2-2 team. I like footballing and so love the dancing combo of BH, Decimate, and Snakeskin. Snakeskin has been one of the best pieces for me. She's got the needed tackle and Shadowlike to make her worth including. She's a solid footballer and a 2 inf battery that will often get ignored without the ball. Nimble + Clone is expensive, but in the footballing meta she's a great ball killer. I've also found she's the perfect 2nd striker for Mist. Put one on each flank and leave the beaters in the middle. Switch fields through Harry's Aura or BH's On My Mark and you can easily end up open on either flank with a strong scoring threat.
  15. riffbw

    Brisket over rage?

    I'm a BlackHeart man through and through. I cannit displace him for that reason. I've had good results with him in most matchups. So it's trisket vs vRage. For me this is a no brainer. I play Blackheart as a 3-0 captain so I look for a butcher to offset that. It has to be vRage for those odd matchups. I know technically BH should be able to run 4-1 or 6-0, but vRage is just so much more efficient and reliable when looking for TOs.