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  1. riffbw

    Muse on Minis Order tokens

    I believe they will. I'd probably hold off until we see what their S4 set looks like since I think all you can get now is the full Union/Order combined package.
  2. riffbw

    My Union Conundrum

    Instead of putting Greede on the field an exposing him for Singled Out, you get the Singled Out on all models for free. Greede has a lot of situational upside, but if you want the big beater, you're better off keeping him attached with "Hit That One!". 7 tac looking for 4 to KD multiple opponents is really good with the reach a beating Union team can have. I haven't seen Fangtooth since S1 early S2 outside of the occasional Fish team. Now you have a real choice to make between A&G and Fangtooth. Both give the 1 success KD, both have decent damage, but you get more AOE control and damage with Fangtooth and more utility with A&G. I don't play A&G much, but in a BH I think they are best in a BH 2-2 team. The tackles and KDs will be beneficial and taking Harry, Coin, Mist, and Decimate/Gutter/Snakeskin as the 2nd goal threat with some punch works well.
  3. riffbw

    When Do We Get an Order Forum?

    Singled Out probably sells him.
  4. riffbw

    S4 cards revealed

    Some really nice changes all around. I'm surprised vRage wasn't touched more than this.
  5. riffbw

    When Do We Get an Order Forum?

    So let's talk about the the Order. Who are you 6 to start with and why? I'm leaning towards Mist, Spigot, Fangtooth, and Harry with Pride and Trisket to try out first. I've never put Trisket out in a game and my Spigot and Fangtooth should arrive any day. I'm like the combo of gimmicky football with some solid beat down. I'm sure this isn't an optimized 6, but it looks like fun to me.
  6. riffbw

    My Union Conundrum

    I play BH purely as a 3-0 and love every minute of it, but in my last game I turned up the damage just a bit vs Brewers. I forgot how fun and effective his murdering side can be. He's very versatile which is why I say he won't get a boost. I'm just afraid they are going to compensate us for losing Trisket and make him a pure footballing captain by replacing Butchery. This change also helps a vRage nerf because we won't be tempted to play just BH since he can beat down nearly as well as a potentially nerfed vRage and still play football well.
  7. riffbw

    My Union Conundrum

    I don't think they'll touch Gutter since she's still the most heavily nerfed character since Season 1 launch, but I see vRage getting hit. Usurper is no longer relevant so he's do for a rework and Red Fury is arguably broken when you set up properly. I have no suggestions or ideas on how to fix him, but I see it coming. Most of the reworks are designed to bring the guilds in line with their intended play style and to make all models viable. A vast majority of my local community asks me "why play Blackheart when vRage is better and gets more consistent results." That tells you something is wrong in the Union and I don't see BH getting a boost. BH is already a very strong captain. That leaves vRage getting tweaked to make the pair equally viable.
  8. riffbw

    My Union Conundrum

    vRage is still a monster of a captain. Red Fury + Gutter Scything blow is what Butchers can't do. Add in the turtle's aura and Bloody Coin and you can massacre teams on a single activation. But I'm expecting a nerf somewhere to stop this. I've seen Gutter TO 3 models and nearly a 4th in the scrum on vRage's activation. In my area there are two comments "why play Butchers when vRage does their job more effectively?" and "Butchers need a big boost."
  9. riffbw

    My Union Conundrum

    While true, the new Snakeskin does give a great option. A vRage 2-2 lineup with her as the scoring threat looks really strong. She is defended against early character plays and has the range and ability to go snag the ball off someone and score or at least make them worry about it. After her damage boost, I feel she can be a surprise finisher with the right set up.
  10. S4 Scalpel was revealed today and this change jumped out at me. It looks like Second Wind is changing which will affect Decimate. How often do you use SW with Decimate? For me it's about a once a game or 2 in 3 games play. It's incredibly useful on my goalscorers to Run the Length and then SW. It's also a great first turn influence drop because it guarantees some use when combat isn't quite set up. Even for 2, it was overly expensive. Changing SW to a reposition and dropping the cost to 1 opens up a lot of options within the scrum. Do you think this play will get more use now that it's cheaper and how do you see it being used? For me, I'm seeing a uses for Harry and Strongbox to position their auras and Harry to get in prime position for maximum gang ups after using his inf and avoiding crowd outs.
  11. riffbw

    Canada West Nationals Tournament Report

    Great write up. I'm both happy and sad vFangers and sSpigot aren't going to be Union eligible in S4. They are just too good. Bloody Coin or vRage's Legendary make vFangers incredibly OP. Butchery is only slightly behind that. I was drooling over these two, but S4 will end my BH shennanigans with them so I'm not wasting time practicing with them together. Please never stop the passing jank. It's what makes Union and the church so exciting. When it comes to crunch time, I'll try whatever to get the goal. If I fail, I fail, but when it hits, you'll remember it forever.
  12. riffbw

    8 vs 8 game

    I think it would unbalance the game without some added restrictions. With 6v6, we routinely see 2-3 models per side allocated 0 influence. If you add two more batteries to each side, we get four more activations each turn with little productive gameplay added. Models that can do work without needing to be allocated influence become even more valuable to fill out the roster. Lower health models are subject to easier TOs wince there is more damage potential on the field. If I were to propose more than 6 models, I think it would have to start with position requirements. You can take a maximum of 2 strikers, maximum of 3 midfielders, maximum of 3 wingers, you must take 3 defenders or 2 defenders and a goalkeeper, etc. This forces teams to be a bit more balanced where they cannot load up on all the best central beaters or dodgy goalscorers. I also feel like stating "every model must be allocated 1 inf during the maintenance phase" would be necessary. This serves two purposes as it prevents a few more powerful models from getting all the influence and it slows down a team concentrating on the first few activated models for a TO. As far as game length goes, I'm not sure it would add too much if you give every model 1 influence. That's a handful of models activating quickly each turn since the options are very limited as to what they can do and the precision isn't quite as important.
  13. riffbw

    S4 Snakeskin Revealed

    I'm right there with you. I haven't been shy about calling her my S3 MVP for Union. With Snakeskin, you could score a 4th or 5th activation goal with another model and then go retrieve the ball with her. I set up retrievals (with some luck and 4 inf) for the ball and Nimble Clone and almost guaranteed I couldn't lose the ball that turn. Clone with On My Mark was also a great way to kill the ball with the 1st or 2nd activation and get it back in to play after see how the turn plays out. I honestly can't remember the last time I set up to do damage with her or did more than 1 dmg in a game with her. If she was attacking, it was to get the ball or dodge. This was never her role as a winger and I still don't see it as her role now. I'm with you on the damage to an extent. I think we may need to view her as the best inclusion for a goal threat in a vRage team. 5 Tac + Shelling Out + Gang Ups + My Gang/Bloody Coin (when applicable) makes her 2 momentous on 3 and 3 momentous on 5 relevant. If they want her engaged in the fight, this will do it. The extra Tac can always help her disengage and look for the ball too. I think this puts her ahead of Decimate. I'll reserve too much judgement until I see the rest of the squad, but this puts a huge dent in my 3-0 Blackheart strategy. She was always a ball retrieval piece and could dance her way out of trouble if necessary, but had the defensive tech to lock down the ball and wait for support. Thank you for sharing this. I hadn't thought about her in this capacity. Beautiful with her 13" threat range, tackles, and dodges could make her a retrieval first turn goal threat. I'm curious if these changes will see her replace Mist as the primary striker. She sacrifices 2" melee for Tackles and gets WDTG over acrobatics. She was already my backside goal model. Mist scores off one flank and they typically kick to the other where Snakeskin is in range to start retrieval work. I'm just biased though because I think she's been one of the strongest pieces in the game that's focused on retrieval. Until I see the other cards, I can't help but believe these changes are the result of public outcry claiming she wasn't usable compared to other options and not because she performed badly at her role. I won't deny she could be an influence hog, but 3 inf to kill the ball is 20-25% of your resources and a solid investment.
  14. riffbw

    S4 Snakeskin Revealed

    https://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/season-4-snakeskin So she's getting a makeover to bring her more in line with the Union, but I think they are killing what I loved about her. No more momentous Tackle Dodge on 3 and no Shadowlike to disengage for free. She's probably better at what she's intended to do, but this really hurts how I like to use her.
  15. riffbw

    Finally Found my Next Guild

    True. Not sure how much close control is out there, but if it comes to that, the KD is on 5 hits and just let it scatter. I get that there is still a chance it will end up on an enemy model, but it still gets around close control. Even if I can't get it twice, I did mention their being enough tackles in the playbooks to work with. Devana may have to follow up another model going for the first tackle to leave the tackle then Airmail option available. But if we are going to extenuating circumstances, you can always use Minerva's Eye Spy on the Close Control model for +2 TAC, then on Devana's activation use Hack Back and then Death From Above and have 13+ dice going needing 9 net hits. This does drop the odds quite a bit, but that's the nature of the game. You have to adjust to this and no plan is perfect, but there are options to try and set up.