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  1. Heroic Plays are actions, and thus cannot interrupt another action. The Playbook results have been resolved, and the momentum has been generated, but the Attack is not over until step 4 is completed. Thus you cannot use the momentum generated from an Attack with vDecimate to apply Duelist's Lunge on the same attack. EDIT: lawyer ninja'd, my apologies
  2. Akaleth

    Veteran Chisel - no more speculation

    vChisel is very cool, and opens up some pretty powerful lines of play, particularly for Honour lineups. With Adaptive Strategy, Honour can missile herself turn 1, which is definitely a big deal and probably the most impactful change. Offering +3 DMG for Hammer is probably overkill but definitely cool, and a more reliable +2 DMG with Honour is definitely welcome. The condition aura would be more exciting if we didn't already have multiple models with condition removing shenanigans, but it's a welcome addition for sure, and is (overall) probably better than Lucky's trait. I'll be testing her out tonight with a list of Honour Marbles Brick vChisel Tower and someone else, probably Mallet or Harmony. I'm very excited to try out the Honour missile, which seems like a solid complement to the double linked activation strategy.
  3. Akaleth

    Masons vs Falconers

    Tooled Up isn't necessary with how small their HP pools, so I can definitely see leaving Tower at home. I personally think that basically no guild has such low HP that +2 DMG is overkill, but that could be a personal preference. It's not like Flint is bad by any means. Egret seems alright, the reasoning is solid, though I'm not too worried about her damage even with Harrier. She might warrant the inclusion of Lucky to handle the poison though.
  4. Akaleth

    Masons vs Falconers

    Thanks for the batrep - this is more or less what I expected. The Falconers roster has a pile easy kill targets and no defensive tech for Hammer to worry about. His counterattack is great against most of their team, and unless Devana is only attacking from range (which, to be fair, seems like a trap that a lot of people will fall into) then she's forced to use a Death From Above attack early to reach the KD. Double CC makes it hard to reliably trigger their plays via attacks, and I am not at all worried about a Falconers team spending 2 INF to hard cast Harriers. I like your lineup, though I would personally be finding room for Tower to further abuse their low health pools. His heroic also seems pretty good when Minerva is practically an autoinclude and I'd expect most Falconers lists to be taking vHearne to support Devana. I'm thinking something like Hammer Marbles Brick Tower Mallet and either Flint or Lucky depending on how I'm feeling.
  5. Akaleth

    Breaking Play Episode 02

    That's pretty much the exact list I was thinking of. I'd like to find room for Flint, as I think he can do an alright job of controlling the ball against their really aggressive scoring lineups, but double CC and Smashed Shins might be enough to do the trick, especially on a counterattack.
  6. Akaleth

    Breaking Play Episode 02

    I'm a huge fan of how much time you take in explaining your overall strategy and what the potential choices are. As a competitive player always looking to up his game, I find that strategy discussion to be incredibly helpful for figuring out the mistakes in my own play. Speaking to the game and matchup: I follow your thought process in picking an aggressive scoring team into a better player. In the absence of that, which captain do you think is the better choice? At face value, Hammer seems like a great choice, both because he's probably great at beating up apprentices and also because his counterattack is great when most of their throughput models are 1" melee. Disarm is annoying, but I'm happy to have Mallet nearby to put Singled Out up and cancel their only real form of control.
  7. Akaleth

    Predatory Gaze - Memory

    Predatory Gaze will not affect Pulling the Strings as increased costs for actions do not affect actions that are free. In this case, Pulling the Strings says that Memory may make a Kick without spending influence, so it's irrelevant that the Kick costs 2 influence - the influence cost of the Kick is ignored as part of the character play.
  8. Akaleth

    Tips against Ballista gunline

    My usual lineup against Ballista is Hammer, Marbles, Brick, Tower, Lucky, Flint. Hammer is key, as Tough Hide means he's dying much slower to the Engineer ranged plays, and Stoic prevents the push from Deadbolt. Easy access to +2 DMG also means he can push through their Tough Hide pretty easily. Lucky's free condition clearing can be really nice on early turns when momentum is tight, especially when you are kicking off and don't have momentum to clear a Deadbolt KD on turn 1. He's not critical when receiving but I still like him for his solid playbook. Move Brick forward every turn, putting pressure on Ballista to Deadbolt him. Once they have to spend a turn doing that, take advantage of that big tempo swing. With +2 DMG, even Hoist is a possible target, though he should only be your target if no one else is available. IMO Flint is the one model in my list that is definitely personal preference. I see the argument for any of Flint, vHarmony, Mallet, or any of the Union options, though I see Mallet's slow speed as a liability when you're pressured to move through rough ground into your opponent's half of the pitch.
  9. Akaleth

    Double Digging

    The second takeout is worth 1VP - conditions and effects from plays are removed when a model suffers the taken-out condition.
  10. Akaleth

    Pelage - Dark Allure

    Dark Allure negates the momentum gain of any and all playbook results that contain a damage number. This is true for a playbook result that only contains damage, and is also true for a playbook result containing damage in addition to other effects. Notably, this does not cancel the momentum gain of a playbook result which triggers a play that does damage, e.g. Scything Blow, unless that result also includes a damage number (e.g. vKatalyst's momentous damage + Intensify results.)
  11. Akaleth

    Killing the ball with masons

    Mallet holding a momentum for Smashed Shins can be alright. You're not likely to actually keep the ball, but it'll do work in terms of stopping a goal run. Flint isn't a bad option either with Close Control, though I wouldn't rely too heavily on him except against 1" models. Harmony1's defensive stats are pretty reliable as well. I do agree that masons are not super well equipped to completely kill the ball, but the right model holding it within your counter charge bubbles is a reasonable enough deterrent that you should have the opportunity to gain the upper hand through some quick kills or potentially with a tricky Linked activation.
  12. Akaleth

    Model distribution needs to change

    It's not as offensive as the Exiles/Faithful boxes, but it still remains that a Morticians player could want Pelage and Skulk without being interested in playing Ratcatchers. It's not as bad, but it's still a problem. Also for what it's worth, SFG heavily hinted at Pride being available through means other than the Solthecian Union box, though they have not yet revealed any details as to what those means might be.
  13. From Collected Clarifications: Damage Playbook Result, etc.:- A playbook damage result is a playbook result which contains a damage component (i.e. a number). Plays triggered from a playbook result are not playbook damage results (for example scything blow). A "playbook result that includes damage" specifically refers to a playbook result with a number printed in the circle. Pelage does not prevent momentum gain from any character plays, such as Scything Blow, unless that playbook result also includes a damage number (e.g. vKatalyst's mom damage + intensify results).
  14. Akaleth

    Model distribution needs to change

    We don't have blisters because B&M stores don't have the room for the amount of blisters that Guild Ball used to have. It took a LOT of shelf space, and they didn't mesh well at all visually with the starter boxes, which also took up a lot of room for how little they held. Blisters were too small for any meaningful descriptions, and you can't really buy them without already knowing what you want before you enter the store. It's very clear that SFG is moving Guild Ball towards a model that promotes playing right out of the box (a great move if you ask me), and that does not mesh with 6 individual blisters on a store rack. God forbid they're out of stock on something and you're left with 5 unplayable models. Not to mention packaging and shipping individual models is much more expensive. As much as I wish we still had individual models for cases like this, I get why it's not viable anymore. But there needs to be some sort of compromise so that people aren't forced to sell extra models or buy from other sources to get what they want.
  15. Akaleth

    Model distribution needs to change

    Obligatory IANAL: I highly doubt that game stores/licensed SFG retailers have the ability to break up product, because they should be selling based on SKUs when it comes to sealed product. I don't think there's anything stopping an individual from doing so, however, and I wouldn't be surprised if some people take advantage of that - both for the upcoming UIC boxes as well as people who need models from the 6-model repacks.