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  1. I'm the worst Corsair there is.

    What Hunters team were you playing against? I think Corsair has very good game into both captains as his Tough Hide works particularly well against a team without access to Tooled Up, and they have an incredibly hard time getting the ball off of Corsair once he has it. Pinned is annoying, but it's still once per turn - you have a lot of models to play with, and Siren is an absolute all star here, as usual. She's safe from their ranged plays to either steal the ball, or to position herself for a Lure to pull people in or reposition them into Corsair's range if he is getting gunned down. Prey on their lack of 2" melees - drag them to just inside Corsair's melee range so their next activation looks bad, get crowd outs when you can, tackle the ball without fear of counter attacks, and Blind the models who threaten to do a bunch of attacks or go for a goal run. A&G post-errata were popular with Corsair because he utilized them the best, but many have moved off of them since. They do a lot of damage, but they'll always have the problem of being easy to disrupt and once one of the duo is dead, the other is almost useless. Gutter is a popular Union choice currently because of her access to momentous damage and Chain Grab acting as another Drag-like ability. She also has a solid kick stat, which is important for a team that wants to get at least one goal.
  2. You can only use plays that target friendly models through Impart Wisdom.
  3. With Age Comes Wisdom reads: At the start of each other friendly model's activation, this model gains a cumulative [+1] TAC for the remainder of the turn. In terms of competitive play, is the Fallow player expected to announce the trigger for With Age Comes Wisdom every time it occurs? Is it sufficient to announce what her total TAC is at the start of her activation, or perhaps when the first attack is announced?
  4. Jaecar's Pitfall Trap triggers whenever an enemy model moves in any way. This can be from the enemy model activating and jogging/sprinting, from dodges (either playbook dodges or from traits e.g. Shadow Like) or even from Jaecar pushing the enemy model through his playbook results. If a model is within 1" of a Pitfall Trap, the only way for that model to get away from the trap without triggering it is through a placement (e.g. oHearne's Nature's Blessing, Smoke's Cloud Jumper) or by triggering the trap with a different model.
  5. Union 101

    A&G are fun for when you want to dunk on people and do a bunch of damage, but are otherwise not very great right now. They're *really* slow, and neither half is strong alone - when one of them dies, they're both essentially useless for the rest of the game. Decimate is a solid pick though. She probably won't rock your world or anything, but I'd never be sad to put her on the pitch. She's an especially solid option against Blacksmiths and Masons, with their low defense and high armor.
  6. All goals, all day

    The momentous tackle dodge is a good result, but it's only reliable off of a charge, and you'd still need to spike a roll to the on 4 to even get away from a 2" model safely. Clone doesn't really solve that either - it's good when she's holding the ball and someone comes at her to take it, but it doesn't do anything but negate a counterattack on the turn she's trying to get a goal. Snapshots are cool and all but they're extremely risky. I wouldn't want any less than 4-5 dice on my kick (before Bonus Time) if my plan is to put someone in range specifically to snapshot.
  7. All goals, all day

    If your plan is to go 3-0 every game, this is probably the 10 that will best support that. If you want the option to go 2-2 if necessary, I'd consider someone like Rage or Gutter in place of Snakeskin, who I doubt you will take very often - she's better at holding onto the ball than she is at actually getting a goal, and you're going to want the ball in play essentially all the time.
  8. Union 101

    Strongbox is very good, but he's slow and I've definitely had games where I was never in a position to get someone into Shelling Out, and all he did was give a Confidence to Mist that maybe generated me 1 extra MOM. I really like him, but unless you're confident in being able to generate a scrum that he is nearby, Coin is often a good pick against teams that are trying to outrun you on the flanks to score some quick goals or play a turtling strategy where a 3" jog isn't going to cut it - Shark, Smoke, and Ballista just to name a few. I still try to take Strongbox as much as possible because I really appreciate that he doesn't put any pressure on my activation order, which is one of my favorite things about playing vRage in general. But I'd be lying if I said there weren't matchups where Coin is definitely just better. You're only down 2 INF overall, but I also wouldn't look at Grace as a 3 INF model. Yes, technically she does generate a total of 3 INF, but the 2 INF that she gets isn't always used particularly well. Unless I specifically want to use Quick Foot or Healing Rain, or I'm getting use out of Purity, I'd rather take a different model most of the time. I'd rather have 2 INF I can put anywhere all the time, than 2 INF I have to sometimes throw away and only 1 INF I can put anywhere.
  9. One at a Time Lads!

    One At a Time Lads! applies the same effect as Rowdy to models within the AOE. The play does not distinguish between enemy/friendly/other models, and as such, applies to any and all models within the AOE. This effect applies at all times - a counterattack resolved within the AOE will not lose dice from crowd-outs or gain dice from gang-ups.
  10. Union 101

    Grace definitely has some game into Engineers, both increasing Rage's threat range to make up for Deadbolt and clearing rough ground AoEs from Blast Earth is a nice bonus. I'd consider her in that Minx/Decimate flex. It took a while for me to really evaluate Impart Wisdom, but it's won me so many games by extending the range of Red Fury. I don't usually set up my plays with it in mind, but it's a super powerful tool for giving Rage options. If Rage gets deadbolted into the ground, but Benediction and Gutter both manage to get on someone, Rage can be 11" from Benediction and still use Red Fury on Gutter (5" jog + 6" Impart Wisdom). Many games I won't do anything fancy with it - I'll just get use out of the extra 2" range to Benediction alone, as he's the main pusher for getting enemies into Rage's charge lanes - but that alone can be a game changer.
  11. Union 101

    Snakeskin's ball killing potential is pretty solid, especially against Engineers with their lack of 2" melee, but I don't think you need a dedicated model for that unless you're playing against someone like Shark, and her damage output is not that impressive. Benediction and Mist will do a solid job of keeping the ball controlled without making you spend 3+ INF on it every turn, and Rage+Gutter+Minx will do plenty of damage. Benediction's 2 damage on 3 is not exciting, but the team is designed to get as many TAC bonuses as possible and may be an acceptable option for damage as well. Mist will admittedly have some troubles against Engineer's armor, but he's your only way to reliably threaten when kicking off. You could make an argument for picking someone else if you're receiving, but I appreciate having a reliable goal threat, on top of an extra 2" melee for crowd outs/engages for Bloody Coin. For full disclosure, Decimate is a very solid pick into them, and would likely replace Minx if you had access to her. I think Blackheart is a fine captain, but I've never been excited about playing him and never have, so I can't comment on how well Blackheart + oRage perform. However, I agree with the idea that if you want to take oRage with one of the other Union captains, you are probably better off just playing a vRage team.
  12. Union 101

    I'd take a standard list - vRage, Gutter, Benediction, Mist, Minx, and I am partial to Strongbox but Coin is likely the correct choice. Against Engineers, it's easy to lose to poor target acquisition. You don't want to lay into someone like Hoist to start things off - you'll spend way too much time trying to kill him and you'll get outscored in the meantime. You also need to be aware of all of the Reanimate models. Make sure that you can kill the model through triggering Reanimate - the usual strategy of keeping a model at low HP going into a turn is doubly important here because of that. Gutter is great as always. Make a scrum by Chain Grabbing off of the first person who comes into you. If they turtle up with a Ballista gun line, try to lead the advance with Rage and Benediction - Regeneration and Rising Anger make them awkward targets - while Gutter and Minx go up the wings to set up for a Rage charge into a good target. Ratchet, Harry and Colossus are both great targets for a Gutter explosion. Ballista himself isn't too bad either, and a KD'd Pin Vice or Velocity will do the job just fine as well.
  13. Wake up and smell the chains!

    I am the tiniest bit sad, but mostly excited for the future of how the Union develops. The writing was on the wall for the end of Union as a subset of players for other guilds, so I am not at all surprised. The system proved problematic without a limit to Union players on the pitch, and limiting to 1 only meant that a tiny subset of Union models saw play outside of pure Union. Farmers have a significant cost in taking Union models that don't interact with harvest markers, Blacksmiths by design cannot have Union models, and I suspect the design of future guilds will only further push the boundary and make the previous use of the Union more and more obsolete. The design space for the Union suffered from the need to have all of these pseudo-generalist players that would look appealing to completely different guilds. There are a lot of good models, but a dearth of interesting ones. I'm very excited for where they choose to push the aesthetics and mechanics of this mercenary group, and suspect we'll see a lot of model rebalances/reworks some next rules update/Season 4. The keynote lacking clarity is mostly because it's not there for clarity - it's there to get you hyped about the exciting future of Guild Ball (and all of SFG's other games) that they'll reveal to us over the coming months. Not to mention they had to save something for SteamCon US. I'd expect a good amount of info out of the Q&A at SCUS.
  14. Hello friends and ballers! Just Games in Rochester, NY is hosting a CaptainCon Cup Circuit event. When: Sun Nov 12th. Doors at noon, dice at 12:30pm Where: Just Games Rochester 1601 Penfield Rd Suite 750, Rochester, NY 14625 Cost: $10 USD Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/120526671958998 Details! Regional Cup format using the most up to date OPD Event will be run using Longshanks.org Any unreleased models are legal for this tournament, and can be proxied using paper dolls. As long as the full card for a model has been revealed to the public, you can play them! 16 player cap Prizes store credit, swag, or appropriate event kit as available If you have any questions, please let me know. Hope to see you there!
  15. Should A Missed Trigger Clear?

    In any tournament scenario, I would rule that the trigger occurred and no effect took place. It may lead to some feel-bad situations, but ultimately, in a tournament scenario, it's up to the players to know what their characters do and follow the rules. The offending player should not be able to strategically "forget" their triggers in such a way that it advantages them. Even if the offending player is not intentionally forgetting, being lenient and allowing them to use it later has the potential to drastically change the other player's plan, and they may feel cheated as a result. This is the kind of scenario that would benefit heavily from a REL system in organized play. In a casual tournament, sure, rewind or give them a second chance or what have you. But at competitive REL, the stakes are higher and you should be held liable for your mistakes, especially when they're "mistakes". Guild Ball is not a big enough game to realistically implement a REL system, but that is a benefit of it regardless.