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  1. Scoring a goal and Disease

    In Collected Clarifications: Run the Length!:- Occurs before the model's activation ends, Goal Kick happens after. Since disease is worded as "When a model suffering the disease condition ends an activation, [...]" and Run the Length explicitly occurs before the model's activation ends, you should be able to have Miasma dodge with Run the Length and then apply disease to any models that are within 2" of Miasma's location after the dodge.
  2. Pure Guild

    Gutter in Shark isn't really about trying to get 2-2. It's about having good tools available to go 2-2 if the 3-0 main plan inevitably hits a road block via strong ball defense.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/events/208190283246232/ Entry - $15, includes lunchPrizes - store credit based on placement, with raffle prizes to all attendeesSaturday, May 19thDoors at 12pm, dice at 12:30pm16 player capStandard OPD rulesWelcome to the next Guild Ball tournament at Just Games! This is taking place right after the launch of the new Exiles and third Union boxes, so people will have plenty of new models to play with and try out. This is great practice for the upcoming East Canadian Nationals tournament happening in early June. Store credit will be awarded to the top placing players. In addition, we'll be raffling off a bunch of toys to everyone in attendance. There are three ways to get a raffle ticket: 1) Show up (easy!) 2) Have a fully painted and based team 3) Have a goal post Some of the raffle prizes include chibi season 1 captain and mascot cards, Lucky models and cards, widgets, and some Blacksmiths goodies, and the prize pool is only getting bigger! Unpainted miniatures are allowed, including any models from the Exiles box or the Solthecian Union box. Tournament results will be reported on Longshanks: http://longshanks.org/events/?event=1027
  4. Hauting Melody

    If the UM model jogs towards Piper, UM does not trigger because UM cares about other models jogging and ending within its melee range. The UM model being friendly for the duration of the jog is irrelevant. If Piper jogs towards the UM model, then UM would trigger as normal if Piper goes far enough to end within their melee zone.
  5. Taken-Out Carriers

    Models cannot suffer conditions while they are off the pitch. Thus, Miasma and Scourge will return to the pitch without the Disease condition.
  6. Reverie questions

    1) As written, I would assume that you have to shoot if you are able to, as the "may" applies to the Sprint and Shot together, and not the individual actions. But a lawyer should clarify this. 2) Yes, you are still required to pay any and all MOM costs to shoot. 3) If you do not have the MOM to shoot on goal, then you don't have to shoot as you are unable to pay the cost. If you do have the MOM to shoot, then refer to the Lawyer's Guild's answer to question 1.
  7. Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    Home Crowd was the S2 plot card which gave you a momentum if you lost the initiative roll. It was baked into the core rules along with the Tap-in rule, which similarly started on a S2 plot.
  8. Farris - Give it a Whack

    Yes, Farris can use Give It a Whack on the ball when she has dropped it during her activation. Just keep in mind that models cannot choose to drop the ball if they are engaged by an enemy model.
  9. Fisherman Player Summaries

    Greyscales - Greyscales is a slippery nuisance. His raw goal threat is a less-than-stellar 17" before playbook dodges, but 2" melee and Where'd They Go? give him the tools to snag a ball out of the biggest clumps and sink in a goal afterwards. 5 TAC with a momentous dodge on 1 and a tackle/2" dodge on 2 are the main results to look for, but it's very reasonable to charge and look towards his momentous Where'd They Go? or use his momentous Ball's Gone! simply as a momentous Tackle. Because of his slightly-below-average goal threat, he generally hangs out along one of the wings, using Unpredictable Movement as his main defensive measure to keep enemies away while he waits for an opening. If the enemy team is able to engage him through this, his effectiveness goes down quite a bit, as he'll often need a full 4 INF to tackle the ball and get close enough to the goal to shoot. Needing to spend INF to disengage at the start of his goal run does not make him happy. Furthermore, 4+ DEF/0 ARM and 13 HP make him one of the squishier models in the game once someone gets ahold of him. Good into: 1" melee // Risky into: fighting teams that can engage him through Unpredictable Movement Sakana - Sakana has a solid unsupported 18" goal threat, with the potential for more from playbook dodges. 3/8" KICK is one of the best stats to have. TAC 5 + Anatomical Precision means he'll be hitting his momentous dodge on 1 and Tackle on 2 pretty regularly, and of course his 2" melee is great. His biggest weakness in terms of goal threat is the lack of a buyable dodge, such as Acrobatics or Where'd They Go?, meaning that he cannot split up his movement as effectively as someone like Greyscales. When not going for goals, he's also able to support a more takeout-oriented Corsair team by applying Weak Point to the important targets each turn. His damage results aren't the most impressive, but he can hit them consistently. With a solid 4+ DEF/1 ARM, above-average 15 HP, and a free counter-attack with Poised, he's not the easiest model to kill either. He doesn't have a 2" reposition until his 4th column, so he won't always be able to completely free himself on that counter-attack, but he forces your opponent to get as close as possible when attacking him. He won't always be the best choice for your team, but he'll never be the worst. Good into: teams with armor // Risky into: none
  10. I'm the worst Corsair there is.

    What Hunters team were you playing against? I think Corsair has very good game into both captains as his Tough Hide works particularly well against a team without access to Tooled Up, and they have an incredibly hard time getting the ball off of Corsair once he has it. Pinned is annoying, but it's still once per turn - you have a lot of models to play with, and Siren is an absolute all star here, as usual. She's safe from their ranged plays to either steal the ball, or to position herself for a Lure to pull people in or reposition them into Corsair's range if he is getting gunned down. Prey on their lack of 2" melees - drag them to just inside Corsair's melee range so their next activation looks bad, get crowd outs when you can, tackle the ball without fear of counter attacks, and Blind the models who threaten to do a bunch of attacks or go for a goal run. A&G post-errata were popular with Corsair because he utilized them the best, but many have moved off of them since. They do a lot of damage, but they'll always have the problem of being easy to disrupt and once one of the duo is dead, the other is almost useless. Gutter is a popular Union choice currently because of her access to momentous damage and Chain Grab acting as another Drag-like ability. She also has a solid kick stat, which is important for a team that wants to get at least one goal.
  11. You can only use plays that target friendly models through Impart Wisdom.
  12. With Age Comes Wisdom reads: At the start of each other friendly model's activation, this model gains a cumulative [+1] TAC for the remainder of the turn. In terms of competitive play, is the Fallow player expected to announce the trigger for With Age Comes Wisdom every time it occurs? Is it sufficient to announce what her total TAC is at the start of her activation, or perhaps when the first attack is announced?
  13. Jaecar's Pitfall Trap triggers whenever an enemy model moves in any way. This can be from the enemy model activating and jogging/sprinting, from dodges (either playbook dodges or from traits e.g. Shadow Like) or even from Jaecar pushing the enemy model through his playbook results. If a model is within 1" of a Pitfall Trap, the only way for that model to get away from the trap without triggering it is through a placement (e.g. oHearne's Nature's Blessing, Smoke's Cloud Jumper) or by triggering the trap with a different model.
  14. Union 101

    A&G are fun for when you want to dunk on people and do a bunch of damage, but are otherwise not very great right now. They're *really* slow, and neither half is strong alone - when one of them dies, they're both essentially useless for the rest of the game. Decimate is a solid pick though. She probably won't rock your world or anything, but I'd never be sad to put her on the pitch. She's an especially solid option against Blacksmiths and Masons, with their low defense and high armor.