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  1. Hey guys, Got a few bits for sale, I have: KS Blackheart £30 KS Honour £30 KS Midas £30 KS Ox £30 A full set of Chibi Captain cards £3 each All prices listed include Uk postage, I can ship international however it would be at an additional cost. Please PM me if you want more information, pictures of with offers, discounts on multiple purchases can be made. Joe
  2. Lockheed

    Relisted, please delete

    Please Delete
  3. Lockheed

    [W] KS Midas

    Allb, I have one for sale if you're still in the market? Joe
  4. Lockheed

    W: Limited Edition Midas and Mist

    PM'd mate
  5. Lockheed

    Looking for LE Flint (EU)

    PM'd you fella
  6. Lockheed

    Looking for LE Honour

    Hey Jaytcee, I have one, Resin new in box if thats of any interest? Joe
  7. Lockheed

    Want LE Mist and LE A&G

    Hey Noob, Yes its still available, but I live in the UK but I am willing to post of course. Pm me if youre interested. Joe
  8. Lockheed

    Want LE Mist and LE A&G

    I have a limited edition Avarisse and Greede for sale buddy if you're interested? Joe
  9. Lockheed

    Have: Alchemists

    Hey Clanger, Would you be up for selling Smoke, Venin and Katalyst? If so how much with UK postage? Joe
  10. Lockheed

    Selling Limited Edition and others

    These still available David?
  11. Lockheed

    Sold Please Close

    These still available? Joe
  12. Lockheed

    Ks limited OX and lmtd Boiler plus team

    Ben, do you still have these for sale? Joe
  13. I asked this very question as my order was made at 8.03, and I've seen people with orders later than mine get products and stock before me. The guy I spoke said he didn't how the system divyed up orders or if it was first come first serve, he said it is jusy a daily print out sheet and they pack and fill orders, from the sheet.
  14. Rang Steamforged today, They told me that they have oversold a lot of their limited stuff, so Mist and others arnt in stock. They told me they would be honouring all orders and are in the process of getting more and anything they have in stock they will send now. However he confirmed that it won't be until after new year. Bugger...
  15. Lockheed

    Union theme goal marker

    The fist for my Goal comes from Fantasy Flights Game of Thrones 1st Edition LCG Starter Box. Its supposed to be a marker/token to represent being Hand of the King. Its a big, decorated fist that I thought would fit well in the Union Theme. I have one spare if someone in interested, so PM if you are.
  16. Lockheed

    Union theme goal marker

    Thus is my WIP almost done Union goal.
  17. Lockheed

    UK Seller - various Sales

    Hey Big Red, I'll take one, would be rude of me to take both now I know that TheNatural wants one. If you pm with you paypal details I will get payment out asap. Joe
  18. Lockheed

    UK Seller - various Sales

    How much for the Goal tokens Bigred? Either of them
  19. Hey guys, My name is Joseph. Not exactly brand spanking new, I have had a game or two with the Union team and just getting them all painted now. Thought I would get myself joined up and active on the forums. Joe
  20. Hey guys, I am after some Kickstarter exclusive Dice, just like the ones pictured. If you do and you are willing to sell, please let me know. Joe
  21. Lockheed

    WTB: Kickstarter Guild Ball Dice

    Yea I noticed them, not cheap but not to bad. Joe
  22. Lockheed

    WTB: Kickstarter Guild Ball Dice

    If I find any William or get any spare mate I will let you know. Joe