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  1. I really want to start playing games on Vassal and I haven't had any issues getting it setup on my Mac, but it seems like the commands are not working when I key them. For example, if I make an aura visible it doesn't want to clear all the time. I haven't been able to roll dice and, once I roll initiative, I can't seem to kick off. I have only done offline game setups to try to get use to the controls, but apparently I have know idea what I'm doing. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Fry

    Stave X Windle

    I don’t know what happened on GUBs, but this is awesome/hilarious and I’m glad to see it again. The gaming community is full of nerds/dorks of all walks of life and none of us are “normal,” so to hear, to my understanding, that homophobia and hateful words were spread is awful. I left other games for guild ball, in part, because of the over competitiveness and toxic environment that seemed to fester around them. As long as we’re all here to have fun and enjoy the game, I couldn’t care less about your race, sex or orientation. In terms of in game representation, I think that Steamforged does a better job then any other company. Sometimes I just wish the comment section would reflect that inclusion more.
  3. Fry

    Butchers VS Farmers

    Last week I decided to head to a new FLGS, although not all that local with a 40 minute drive, at a new area that I've recently moved into. They were very welcoming and I had fun getting to know some of the other players, but I had another goal in mind, getting Gutter on the Butchers. Granted this is my first and only post for this cause... They gave me a choice of people to play against and I chose the Farmers because I've only played against them once before and loss terribly against them. This time I had one change to the line up I was bringing in hopes of bringing a victory against them. I figured I would go against the usual lineup, for obvious reasons, of Grange, Harrow, Peck, Windle, Jackstraw and Tater. I brought Fillet, Meathook, Vet Ox, Boar, Princess and, my new idea, Tenderizer (that's how we spell it this side of the pond). My opponent won the starting roll and chose to receive. I gave Tenderizer the ball and moved him up the pitch and sent the ball as far left from his starting right position as I could. My opponent decided to line all his players nearly base to base to the left of his pitch, my right. I had my players fairly spilt down the middle with Fillet front and center flanked by Princess to her left and Meathook to her right. Beyond Princess sat Ox and just on the other side of Meathook was Boar. I had started Tenderizer to the right of Boar and moved him up and over, just ahead of and in between Boar and Meathook. he sent it sailing, sort of..., to the left of his line up leaving only his bird to go get it. He sent Peck over to retrieve the ball and rather than dropping the ball and snapping it to the next player he kicked it, as much as a rooster can kick, only to miss straight down the line. Leaving Jackstraw to pick it, I believe... It's here that my memory of specifics get blurry and I'll just go into the brief highlights. Maybe next time I'll actually write down some notes. Turn one was the standard positioning and set up for the next round. After one more failed pass my opponent finally managed to make a pass. Tenderizer managed to get up the field and do what I brought him to do, disrupt everything he possibly could. Getting a successful Ground and Pound, I managed to damage and knock down half of his team. The next round I was feeling pretty good and managed to deal out quite a bit of damage, but also put Fillet in a dangerous situation, made even more dangerous by that jerk of a bird's Heroic Play "When the Cock Crows..." Fillet was basically done for the following round, but not before I up the Knockdown game going with Tenderizer and tried to keep Harrow away from healing everyone before Bleed could do its job. I got a little over zealous with that attempt and ended up damaging and taking out Meathook after she had already taking some blows from the Farmers. So 2 VPs from me to him... Jackstraw worked his disappearing act and got a goal after his team mates took Fillet out. I managed to work some of my own magic and slice a player down. At this point it was looking fairly grim, and to be honest the round are getting mixed up in my recollection, but i managed to bring the game to a bit of a heat. I had taken out Windle, finally, Grange and Harrow. Jackstraw was far up the field toward my goal and the mascots were circling each other mid field. Tater was on his last leg and I kept the women off of him. The next and final round started. It was 6 to 8 and I had brought Fillet back previously and picked up the ball after Jackstraw's goal. I used Fillet first, who had Windle and Grange coming back on her wing, and punted the ball as best I could away from the Farmers. I then took some frustration out on Windle, hoping it might do some good after surviving this round, but the damage dealt wasn't nearly enough. Harrow came in from the back and near the goal, not too far from where the ball Fillet sent away sat. He managed to pick up it and get it to Jackstraw, I forgot until now that at the end of the previous round he worked his poof act back toward Fillet. Now he has the ball and needs one goal to win. I needed 3 kills and wasn't thinking about a goal anymore. Tenderizer made mash potatoes tying the game. All I could hope for was for the scarecrow come up short. He put down his harvest marker, Wizard of Oz'ed himself, then crop dusted and jumped again to the closest harvest to the goal. He had the momentum and he had the influence, but did he have the distance? We placed the 8" template down from Jackstraw and as it hit the table it was clear he had the range for his shot, barely, but enough that no one could argue. My opponent bonus timed, picked up his dice and shook them. I had a chance if he missed to take out Harrow and Windle or possibly put the hurt on Grange over Windle. I played out those scenarios in my head as the dice rolled to a stop on the mat. I saw the first die had missed then as I scanned to the other two I saw he had made it... I had lost to the Farmers for a second time, 2 goals and 2 kills, one of them from me.. But walking away from the pitch I looked back and was happy knowing that Tenderizer did what he was meant to do and I had out killed the planters.
  4. So I thought I knew this, but it came up tonight and I can see it both ways. I damaged a model with Boar and took that model out and then charged another model with furious. Since I damaged that model with the charge and I had caused damage on the take out I did two more attacks generated from berserk. Is that right? Can I essentially bank a free attack from berserk to use later in Boar's activation? The rules clarification says: "Berserk:- The free Attack does not have to be against the same target, or even immediate – the model can even move before taking it if able.A model cannot use Berserk outside its activation (e.g. when Seduced)." It's the "or even immediate" part that makes me think I'm right in thinking that. However, someone else pointed out that traits of the same name don't stack, like Hooked for Meathook, so since you'd already have one instance of berserk on Boar or whomever, you couldn't have a second instance of it. I can see their point, but I still feel that's not the case here. The trait itself simply says "During its activation, if this model damages an enemy model with an Attack, this model may make an additional Attack without spending influence. This ability cannot generate a further additional Attack from itself." I would think so long as you made a normal attack and caused damage that you'd just get the bonus attack and since it doesn't need to be immediate, you just get those extra attacks. It's not a condition, buff or debuff so I sort of feel the can't stack idea doesn't apply here. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, but I just wanted to bring it here to know for sure. Thanks in advance!
  5. Simple questions that has stirred some debate at my FLGS and was wanting to get an outside ruling. I feel like I have it answered, but would like some back up or clarification. At the start of the game, when setting up can Greede start the game detached? Or does he only become detached on Avarisse's activation? Also, the same question goes for Brainpan and Memory. Does Memory only come out on Brainpan's activation? I think between the wording on "Detach," "Benched" and "Thought" there has been confusion in my group over when these guys show up on the pitch. Sorry if this has been addressed already. Thanks for the help.
  6. Fry

    Any love for the bacon beast?

    My meta is fairly small at the moment, but I have had recent success with a couple different lists Ox, Truffles, Shank, Boar, Tenderizer and Brisket - It gives me flexibility to take the middle while have a goal threat at the edges with Shank and Brisket or getting in that final blow. Fillet, Princess, Meathook, V Brisket, Boiler and Rage - I've used this against Alchemists, which I've had problems against, and have had much better success. I'm able to get out bleed for Fillet to feed off of while leaving plenty of options for models to come in and finish. Plus having V Brisket with a higher TAC, Balls Gone and Support From the Wing is a nice annoyance against score heavy teams and outside attacks. I like the idea of using Truffles with Meathook though for the MOM KD and the Hooked trait to bring some of the high DEFs down. Since I haven't had the greatest luck causing bleed with Princess, I'm thinking about swapping out the pup for the pig.
  7. Fry

    Heralds of the Winter's Moon

    Are these going to be available individually at some point or are they only going to be in an expansion pack?
  8. Fry

    Do you use Plot Cards?

    I've thought about using previous seasons' plot cards and deal out from a larger deck. Granted I'd remove copies or cards like Tap In and use card sleeves to hide which season they're from, but I haven't used them regularly enough to know if that's a dumb idea or not. Most likely I'll just stick to using each season's own plot cards, but seeing the old ones just sitting there annoy me sometimes.
  9. It came up the other day and I feel I know the answer, but I wanted to check here to be sure. Midas' True Replication says "Choose a character play on target enemy [human] non-[captain] model's card and replace this character play with it for the rest of the game." As it reads I believe Midas loses true replication in place of whatever character play he's copying. What came up was that some people believe it steals the character play. Meaning that the target model also loses the play being taken and gets true replication themselves. I'm pretty sure that the second interpretation is wrong, but that's why I'm here. Also, while I'm at it, does it also mean he retains the play he copied after being taken out? Thanks in advance from a new poster.