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  1. SephArg

    WAVE 2 shipment issues

    I agree, can´t believe it takes so long to get this out the door I´m still waiting for the 2nd shipment, and was able to change countries in the process, imagine that.. And it´s not only the delay, but also the fact that they do not respond to messages or inquiries, I feel almost ripped off (i got the core game set, but that´s about it, when we were promised so much more)
  2. SephArg

    Totally lost on shipments and waves

    Alright, I´ll give it a try, though twitter is not the best place to post such long msgs thanks
  3. Hi everyone! Sorry if this has been asked somewhere else, but it´s hard for me to grasp all of the information scattered across I´m one of the original backerit backers, and have received in 2017 the core game. I never heard anything else, and actually totally forgot about the stretch goal updates, until this point Then by chance I saw a tweet from steamforged talking about "wave 3 shipping", and that got me started. Of course I never received anything in wave 2. To make things worst, in the meantime (since it´s been a long while since the original first shipment) I changed address AND country. So went into my backerit account and updated my address. Now it´s also asking me for more money, as if I didn´t pay for shipment! I tried contacting steamforged a couple of times but I only get an automated response and never any help I´m just wondering if somebody else is in the same situation as me (specially about the country change and not receiving wave 2 contents), I wouldn´t want to keep paying for shipping if I´m not sure I´m gonna get any more stuff... sorry for the long message and thanks
  4. SephArg

    Late pledge vs Retail

    hi Dan, I wasn't asking for rate conversion,i was asking for the price
  5. SephArg

    Late pledge vs Retail

    Thank you guys for all the responses, it´s clearer to me now Just out of curiosity, how much will the base game cost approx in GBP?
  6. Hi everyone! I joined the forum recently. I´m quite excited about this game, since I love the dark souls world and I also like board games a lot, so this is joining two things i like. I wanted to ask something that I couldn´t find on the page nor browsing through the forum (or at least isn´t evident for me) What´s the difference between doing a late pledge of 80£ now and waiting for the retail version of the game and buy it from a store when it gets released? From what I got, if we do a late pledge now we get some extra figures and expansions, but I´m not sure which ones. What I´d like to know is (or get an approximation) how much the game will cost on the store and what will come with it, to compare both options and see if it´s worth to pay 80£ now or if I´d be happy to pay a bit less for a more basic version on the store. Thanks a lot!