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  1. Psychotrshman

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    With an app being "Official" now, my guess is a lot of the other guys and gals that made them will stop updating. I loved GB Scrum and used it for all of my casual games. I'd hate to see it fade but totally understand if it does
  2. Psychotrshman

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Ok, cool. Just making sure I hadn't missed it. Thanks for making the app. It's the only one that works on my Google Pixel 2. :-) Any idea when the next round of cards might update?
  3. Psychotrshman

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Hi there. I asked on the Facebook group too but figured this might be a better place afterwards. I was wondering if there was a good way to add an opponents list to my roster to view their cards during a match? I tried to just add them as players but it doesn't filter by team or guild. It just mixed them all in the roster together. Is there a way to designate which ones are which? Just making sure I'm not missing something.
  4. I downloaded the app and the new card packs. Unfortunately the card packs won't let me important them. The app says it can't make folders? I approved the permission and I even reinstalled it twice. I keep getting the same error. Any one else had that? Edit: so, I have removed the app several more times and I also tried downloading the individual packs. Everything results in the same error message.
  5. Psychotrshman

    GIC Game Feedback Thread

    I played a game over the weekend using the GID. Blacksmiths vs Butchers [ox, Princess, Boiler, Brisket, meathook and boar]. My opponent used Passing the Mantle and I used tactical elimination. The blacksmiths card was definately more potent to the game. After having ferrite taken out, he was able to switch his captain to furnace the next turn to get more work out of a master model further up the pitch. Having used Ferrite's legendary earlier in the game to reposition his team he was able to benefit from both models improved legendary abilities as captain. I don't know that this is a broken effect of the card, but it could have made an uphill battle much more difficult. With a lack of ball play on my team I chose to keep the ball mostly killed on my side to keep scoring down so the Tactical Elimination wasn't very beneficial. Having learned a lot from this game, i think tactical elimination may not be taken much as its benefit contradicts the dead ball style of play butcher's want.
  6. Psychotrshman

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Will grace and benediction be added as union for farmers?
  7. Psychotrshman

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Hi! I was wondering if you would be updating cards based off today's errata?
  8. Psychotrshman

    GenCon Events?

    I'll be there with my fishermen and my buddy will be there with his hunters. We're definitely gonna be in the market for some pick up games over the course of the weekend.
  9. With the book being out is there any chance the Farmers cards will be added before their release or will it have to wait til the drop? Just excited to play with the new shinies in my app. Haha.
  10. Psychotrshman

    Specific Base Requirements

    First and foremost, thanks for your replies! I appreciate you taking time to weigh in. I get that compliance judged on a per case basis by the person hosting the event. The issue for me becomes if I go this route the model is based, it took time and effort to achieve this look, it's the legal size but off the cuff a TO could just say "no, can't use it". On the other side of the coin though, static grass to a base and I'm golden. Friendly games and even the local TO, it's a moot point as no one cares. If I travel to Gencon or Captaincon or Adepticon and try to play though, the potential is there for me to arrive and be turned away for non compliance. I guess my hope was that a Lawyers Guild member could shed some light on what "based" meant. If it means I have to have static grass on a black curved base, perfect; I'll comply. I was just hoping for some kind of minimum threshold that was intended to be met as based. Thanks again for the replies everyone. Have a wonderful evening/night!
  11. Psychotrshman

    Specific Base Requirements

    Not sure how else to get the image in here as the forums aren't working well on my phone. This is what I'm wanting to do for all of my teams. Each guild would use a different color acrylic for the base. Would this fall within the organized play document requirements? A completly painted miniature would be adhered to this base. http://s1103.photobucket.com/user/psychotrshman/media/20170214_192840.jpg.html?filters[user]=115337247&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0
  12. Psychotrshman

    Specific Base Requirements

    I would etch lines into it similar to the field striping thats on the game mats. I would then fill those in with white ink. The players name and def/arm would be inked in a complimentary color to the color of acrylic to make them easily read. There would be more color variety and detail then would be found on a typical base that's just covered in static grass.
  13. Hello! I am wondering if the bases that come with a model are required to be used or not for tournament play? In short, I want to make etched acrylic bases of the correct size that contain the models name on the front arc, the def/arm on the back arc and field markings on the remainder of the surface. Would something like this be acceptable or prohibited? I know it's largely in the hands of the TO but figured I'd ask here before defacing all of my models to the point they cant be used in a tournament. Thanks for your time in advance!
  14. I downloaded the new card pack the day it was released but there was a note saying the damage tracking didn't work yet. I checked the app and I still don't have the -HP+ button. Does the app need to be re-downloaded to get that? I can view cards, build decks and draw on them but that's it.
  15. Has there been any update to the damage trackers? I loved the app in season 2 but miss the damaging tracking.