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  1. Colorado Guild Ball Master Thread

    Hey all, Looking like I will be relocating to the Denver area next month, not sure when I'll get a chance to get in a game but I look forward to meeting the CO Guild Ball crew!
  2. Anyone have any Guild Ball related plans for ITTD this year? I sadly will be traveling for work, so help me live vicariously through the rest of you by sharing your plans/experiences! For those not familiar: https://www.tabletopday.com/what-is-ittd/ Also, what Geek & Sundry had to say about Guild Ball: http://geekandsundry.com/guild-ball-a-tabletop-soccer-game-with-traps-bombs-animals-and-homicidal-psychopaths/
  3. This is very accurate as far as the new players in our group. We have a number of new players with little to no miniature gaming experience so they were understandably a little intimidated by playing on the clock, but after doing it they've all agreed they like it better than playing without a clock. The clock seems to have taken a lot of the agony of trying to make the perfect decision about their activations to just making a timely decision and committing to it. If it turns out to be the wrong decision, so be it, but at least you're not going to have to spend 3+ hours only to lose a game because of bad decisions. The defined game time also is huge. It's a lot easier to convince the Mrs. to let you go squeeze in a game of Guild Ball if you can say with certainty that you'll be home by dinner.
  4. Re-rolls

    I'm surprised that it's taken as long as it has for someone from the lawyers guild to hop on and put this question to bed.
  5. Collected Farmers Spoilers

    Too poor to pay those exorbitant Union fees?
  6. Silly Old Fangtooth

    I found 8 as well.
  7. Heralds of the Winter's Moon

    That would be brilliant. He could retrieve the ball, make a free jog towards the nearest hunter, and then drop it! Drop it! Droppp itttt...Drop!
  8. Big League Season 3?

    Bump. I'm in the process of organizing a big league for after the holidays have died down, and wondering if I should bother printing out the S2 Big League plots, or if I should hold off for S3 cards.
  9. Primer question

    I have the same problem in Vermont in the winter. What I ended up doing? Build yourself a little painting booth in the bathtub/shower. You're in the house to the temperature is stable and warm, you can turn on the bathroom fan to help with the fumes, and if you accidentally get some primer or varnish outside of your little booth, you can always just scrub it off. I use a big box that I got something in from Amazon. Easy peasy!
  10. Hag

    Paint, then assemble. Saved me a lot of headaches over the years.
  11. Big League Season 3?

    Just realized while looking at the Big League plot cards that they're listed as "Season II". Has there been any announcement or talk of Season 3 Big League plots?
  12. Shadow Games

    We've got to get a game in. I wonder if this could be incorporated into League play at all...some sort of RPG element...
  13. Secret Santa?

    So, those of you who migrated over to Guild Ball (and the forums) from Warmachine/Hordes (and their forums) may have seen the player driven Secret Santa thing they've done for the past couple (few?) years. Essentially, one person runs the whole thing, and anyone who wants to participate PMs the organizer their address and a list of miniatures they would like to receive. Then the organizer "matches" people up, and everyone who is participating receives a PM with a name, address, and a list of minis. Paint up one or more and mail them by a deadline, and everyone gets a shiny new painted mini from a fellow enthusiast, and a cool story to tell when they play it. Often the minis are holiday themed (snow on the bases, candy canes, Santa/Elf themed paint schemes, etc), but not necessarily. Depends on how creative your match felt like being! So, answer the poll, and we'll see how much interest exists to try to do one!