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  1. Seryjniak


    Hi - tried to log in to web store - account deleted - ok trying to make the new one - cannot choose my country - doesn't show up in the list - how come guy from Afganistan can buy your stuff but a guy from Poland or Ukraine cannot?
  2. Seryjniak

    Guild Ball: Balance Errata

    "Well, that’s it for this errata. We’re excited to see how this effects the players we regularly see on team rosters. Tell us what you think on our forums HERE!" FFS thank you - better late then never !
  3. Seryjniak


    Played my first game with new format and it got me interested in guild ball again. The first turn is fast furious and game is over much quicker - the thing i WANT from a guild ball game. For me this solution is very good step in right direction and should be considered to be a standard in 4 season. Good job SF.
  4. Seryjniak


    Uhm the dimensions of the field havent changed ?
  5. Seryjniak

    Vengence 2017 - Stats

    Prize is different and guild specific - like little alchemist metal coin or something like that. So in order to get a full set you would have to finish best in guild with all guild eventually. This would provide a challenge and lessen the weight of the best guilds. You win best Alchemist - you get alchemist prize - you win best Brewers you win Brewer coin (or some other nice token). Of course I can be wrong and the number of engineers and alchemist at the top is just coincidence. And with Daniel Harwood, Chris Tamplin, Henry Clark, Sherwin playing hunters - we will have in some time good example how to win tournaments like vengeance with them. But if that would not be the case after some future tournaments the little exclusive prizes for guild would go a long way to keep tournament a varied affair (with low cost of teams in guild ball the temptation to just go with the best current team is great).
  6. Seryjniak

    Vengence 2017 - Stats

    Apparently not cool enough to convince best players to use less popular guilds. This could only be solved by unique items that are not available for retail. And for that to happen steam forged would have to design and produce them.
  7. Seryjniak

    Minx vs Decimate

    Go with Minx - snare is great condition no matter if you go for kills or try to gimp someone scoring - opponent just must cancel it. On top of that Minx really - if played right - doesn't need influence and is substantial threat without it (if opponent isn't careful from time to time you can catch him on inf shortage and allocate 2 yourself and mop up something he thought was safe)
  8. Seryjniak

    Vengence 2017 - Stats

    One interesting stat about the tournament in consideration would be how many times a certain player was used (kind like variety score). I guess it would be to much for this data tho. I wander if tournament would have more small prizes - typical 3 for 1,2,3 place and additional prizes for best team (so highest ranked brewer, highest ranked hunter and so on) maybe this would nudge more competitive players into non competitive teams in order to get some limited not available items ? (like guild seal of excellence or something ?)
  9. Great idea for a series - I like pretty much everything about it - it has perfect length - clear presentation and good choice of model examples. Very nicely done !
  10. Seryjniak

    Vengence 2017 - Stats

    Dear sir are you in fact a member of the renowned SF team that with such confidence you say that playtest of hunters and alchs are at hand ? Also had SF not said that they are comfy with the balance ? At present time there was some muttering about 6 possible changes to some players with no clear indication what the fuss is all about - this is hardly level of transparency and communication civilized champs us myself come to expect
  11. Seryjniak

    Vengence 2017 - Stats

    Not talking about other games as moderator requested I'll just point out how successful companies handle this kind of situations. 1. Identify the problem (via data and social media outcry) 2. Inform the community that you are aware of the problem 3. Inform the community that it will get resolved 4. Provide ETA for the solution 5. Playtest the solution 6. Release the solution 7. Thank community for help and patience Is this not how mature company should handle this kind of situation ?
  12. Seryjniak

    Vengence 2017 - Stats

    Then Sir you heard wrong. As much as I like Guild Ball (that can be little hard to believe given my stance on current balance) - the longer we pretend that there isn't elephant in the room the longer Therons and Zerolas of this world will migrate twords different experiences. What really grinds my gears is that we can see that all it takes is to bump hunters and reel in alchs (maybe some tweaks to brewers). I seriously hope that SF won't ask us to wait for another 3 or so months before releasing this "errata"
  13. Seryjniak

    Vengence 2017 - Stats

    Malifaux is balanced game - don't compere balanced game to a game lacking in balance ...
  14. Seryjniak

    Vengence 2017 - Stats

    I stand corrected - didn't look past first half of the table
  15. Seryjniak

    Vengence 2017 - Stats

    Guys I think we must stop to try to explain the obvious. Alchs are to strong - plain and simple. Hunters are to weak. Why ffs not just temper one and buff another and have much better more balanced game ?