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  1. Clocktopus

    Salt For The Win!!

    he might not be the best at scoring goals, but he is FAN-FREAKIN'-TASTIC at retrieving the ball and passing it to a friend, especially one who IS a good striker.
  2. Clocktopus

    Strongbox as a Red Fury target

    So you're saying with VetRage and Strongbox engaging a target, you'd rather spend Influence on Rage to make the turtle attack...
  3. Clocktopus

    Fisherman: Player Profiles

    yes, same here. I take both more often than not, but when I only take one it's always Sakana
  4. Clocktopus

    Fisherman: Player Profiles

    Greyscales is typically a nuisance to my opponents, but Sakana's speed and utility make him my preferred of the two. Sakana goes in EVERY list hands down. Greyscales...most lists. Plus, once opponents figure out how to deal with Unpredictable movement, Sakana's Poised and 1 Arm are more useful.
  5. A+G aren't in my roster. I can't remember if Jac is. We were allowed 11 players so I ditched VetSiren, Salt, Angel, A+G (don't own them, anyway). So then, Jac or Fangtooth in that slot. Don't have much experience with Fangtooth, and he was kind of a disadvantage in my last game with him, but he did do a lot near the end. Jac seems best.
  6. I'll be facing Butchers tonight and am considering fighting fish. I'm banking on my opponent not predicting that, but I'm also thinking I might be INSANE to try it against Butchers, as they do the same thing and better. list would be something like: Corsair Tentacles Kraken Sakana Gutter Siren/Snakeskin Thoughts?
  7. Clocktopus

    Football Fish - Walk Me Through Them

    1: When I kick off, I want the ball to go somewhere I can activate and kick it to someone else. I'll typically kick with Sakana or Greyscales so they can just activate, and kick it to Shark if I'm being aggressive, Tentacles if I'm being uber cautious, or Greyscales if I want flexibility. Remember you get to position your players with the ball, so you should have an idea of where the ball will be. 2: Kinda depends. Who are you playing? What is the field like? If you move up to kick or retrieve the ball, will that player get dragged out and killed? Just takes a little planning. That comes with experience. 3: Measure everything for no reason. It's honestly pretty hard to mess up with Shark, imo. He has an OUTRAGEOUS threat range. Load him with 6 inf, generate some momentum by smacking someone and dodging around and then just make sure you're going to be within 8 of the goal. Starting on the line, you can dodge him up 4" from a pass, then Charge someone 11" from there, and with the remaining 3 INF easily get another 3-6" further to where you want with at least 2 MP to shoot and Bonus Time. 4: Score fast. The longer the game goes the more likely you will lose. You want to keep out of reach of most players for the first turn, and I love to score with Shark end of turn 1, and with the MP go first with him 2nd turn and Legendary. You just have to think about who has activated, where you need to be, and how to take the ball from them and hit it at the goal. Fisherman rely on positioning and repositioning. The other day I played a game with a Union player who had Rage go in on Shark and KD'd him and was lucky enough to get the ball after it bounced away. I used Greyscales to take the ball from him, used MP to stand up shark, then make a pass to Shark, and dodged him 4" away now with the ball and ready to score. Not only that, but now Rage can't charge because he's engaged to Greyscales. Just have to think about how to slip past them and not fight except to dodge away, KD, or push key models. Honestly, though, you might have better luck with a more flexible list. Just taking Kraken and Gutter will increase your killing power and you can easily net 2 take outs, making it easier to get goals and fewer of them.
  8. Clocktopus

    New Player

    Sakana has been instrumental in almost every win. He's very flexible, speedy, and has a lot of utility. He's just not high damage and can't knock down. Greyscales would replace either Siren imo, but I think vet siren would be nice to help keep your close models safe.
  9. Clocktopus

    Fangtooth with fish

    I tried him with Corsair and a murder team a few days back, and once we were stuck in, he was a god-send. Before that, though...His aura was painful from planning around it, but then my opponent pushed him around and made it a slog to go anywhere. Also, once I was engaging it made it very hard to use unmasking without devastating my team.
  10. Clocktopus

    Newbie Fisherman - Just Saying Hi

    Gutter and Kraken can actually kill most enemies. Might want to swap out Angel and Siren, though. Angel is a fine striker, but Shark almost does everything better and is just more useful. Try Sakana instead with that list, especially if you're up against Masons. Sakana is a solid scorer, makes targets much easier to hit for your team, and with his extreme speed (possibly even buffed by Shark) you can retrieve the ball just about anywhere. Putting in Sakana instead of Angel will give a stronger fighting game, and Gutter is a hell of a fighter. Between Kraken knocking someone down and Sakana ganging up and/or weak pointing someone, it's easily a death sentence. As far as Siren is concerned, Greyscales will likely help you more as you learn the game. Steal the ball, dance away, get charged, dance away, etc. He's a bit slower, but I found Siren very hard to handle, due to the cost and usefulness of her abilities, and I CANNOT STAND her 3 Tac. That said, she combos very well with Kraken for the extra Armor and Lure combined with Harpoon can pull someone very far into Gutter and Kraken's melee. With these swaps, everyone but Kraken will still be a viable goal scorer (you'll still likely use Shark for this), and you'll have a good melee threat as well.
  11. Clocktopus

    New Team - Looking at Fish

    Taking Angel with Shark will typically result in 1 INF on turn 1, then maybe one more by turn 3. Shark tends to aggressively overextend and won't usually be able to get back near Angel.
  12. Clocktopus

    Fisherman: Player Profiles

    At some point I want to take Corsair and Salt, use the Legendary and make a snap shot with Salt.
  13. Clocktopus

    First game against Brewers tonight

    Ah, useful. Thank you.
  14. Clocktopus

    First game against Brewers tonight

    Are you sure about that? Close control stays ignore the first Tackle. Ball's Gone EXPLICITLY says Tackle the ball carrier then you may give possession to another person within 4".
  15. Clocktopus

    First game against Brewers tonight

    Well, to start, make sure you deploy on the correct line... :S