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  1. Last 2 Exiles PDFs

    @skcpaeIRL I will now forever picture you with a gold exclamation point hovering just above your head
  2. In my day...!

    We're getting off topic but the combat matrices pre-date THACO. Yes, I'm that old. Back in my day White Dwarf magazine was about RPG's; not a GW owned publication about Warhammer and such. 😀
  3. In my day...!

    With the combat matrices! Oh wait, that was D&D 😉
  4. Any ideas about the minor guild

    Crazy new idea for Blacksmiths Minor Guild (using the Master/Apprentice mechanic) A "Tamers" Guild - masters that have tamed/trained animal companions to assist them on the pitch. The Vet Honour idea suggests people would like the idea - whose with me??
  5. Most 'direct' Team

    I don't think I'd call any team "direct". As mentioned above Butchers can field a footballing line up and Corsair is pretty happy playing a 2-2 game. Some captains are more direct - Ox, Vet Rage and Shark for example; but generally most Guilds can be flexible in their game approach by tweaking line ups.
  6. The Captain: Devana

    Tooled Up Ox on his Legendary turn might disagree with that highest damage ceiling - especially if the target is Hooked or under Dirty Knives Devana looks great but feels in line with other beater Captains. Ultimately games on the pitch will let us know
  7. Model distribution needs to change

    Respectfully disagree a little with the Shadespire comparison - without going into great detail there are cards in the recent expansions that added some very nice options to one of my previous warbands, to get said cards I had to buy models I really didn't want and might never use. So really, not much different that peoples complaints about the Guild Ball box sets. Also, Shadespire is very new, would be interesting to compare the $$ investment after 2 more years of releases with just one or two cards you want per expansion.
  8. Model distribution needs to change

    @LarhendielI understand and sympathize with your frustration. I'm a long time Morticians player who will miss the hell out of having Mist as an option. Hoping that Seasoned Spigot and Vet Fangtooth make playing Seabrisket in "The Order" super fun. At least we can still use these players just with new teammates (perhaps a hollow consolation) but far better than "legal model crap" from other gaming companies I've had to deal with.
  9. Model distribution needs to change

    @Fish-in-a-Beer Agreed that Steamforged has a strong "give a shit" factor for the folks that play their games. As a long time miniature gamer (started in 1980) that is a rare and beautiful thing. Us gamers can get pretty passionate about our army mens/static action figures but I think the SFG team has earned some patience from us as they continue to sort out the whole model release thing.
  10. Agreed - you haven't really played in a Guild Ball tournament until you've ordered your libation of choice "on the clock"
  11. Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    I think the Minor Guilds not only add breadth to the game but give Steamforged the opportunity to get better control of the Major Guilds depth. By eliminating the Union options from the Guilds it makes future design space for things like new Captains better since they will only have access to players specific to their Guild and not Union players that are multi-faction. As always these are just the opinions of a grumpy old gamer - your mileage may vary.
  12. Unsportsmanlike But Legal

    This - so much this. Guild Ball is a game with a lot of nuanced play and I try teaching it to newer players in "stages" For example, after helping someone figure out how to plan goal runs that discussion evolves into "sometimes it better to hold off on that goal until later in the turn" or how leaving an enemy model on low health last activation impacts their next turn. And those are two pretty basic examples. I know it's hard for us long time players (more so when you get to be my age ) but try being the guy that helps someone new gain a deeper understanding of this awesome game. Oh and also bug Sherwin about sharing Fangtooths fate with us.
  13. vGutter card shown

    I've been thinking more about Vet Gutter counter attack potential and have slightly revised my opinion. Hitting 3 succeses with a TAC 7 and Anatomical Precision isn't quite magic Christmas dice and could kill a stack of your opponents INF. If she stays with 6" of an opposing player and the attacking model had to move she would not suffer parting until exiting melee. If the attacker can't generate extra movement . . . And unlike a >> result it works if a 2" player bases her. Not great but not useless either.
  14. vGutter card shown

    The fact that she can get 4 INF and has a decent range allows Ox to further project his "threat aura" via Butchery. Not sure how my Butchers 10 will look but pretty sure Vet Gutter makes the cut. My only big disappointment his her playbook isn't designed to make great use of Resolute.
  15. Counter Charge Discussion

    Counter Charge affects where your opponent can place models and (as others have said) applies clock pressure because most folks will check the distance which adds another measurement when planning out a turn. It impacts the board state even if It never gets proc'd.