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  1. Alphadork

    The Engineers Minor are the Miner Guild.

    Heh - I started miniature gaming before "Rogue Trader" was released . . . Ratchet fits fluff-wise but less so on the durability scale - would be surprised if the crossover player was a mechanica because I'm guessing Ballista will have a hand in recruiting the Miners and I'm pretty sure all the mechanica are currently controlled by Pin Vice
  2. Alphadork

    The Engineers Minor are the Miner Guild.

    You misspelled Richard Roundtree
  3. Alphadork

    Anvil & Sledge S4 Anticipation

    I think both Anvil and Sledge have playbooks that are 1 column too long, so that's the big change I'm hoping for Other than that, wish list as follows: Anvil - access to Single Out on 2 successes; Protective Instinct would be great but it would need to just be for Apprentices Sledge - add 1 damage to the Guild Ball result on his playbook; this would let his wraps both spike damage and set up his next attack
  4. Alphadork

    Season 4 wish listing

    I think the only changes I'd like to see are small buffs to Anvil and Sledge - they're the reason I started collecting the Blacksmiths but they're both outclassed by other options (Hearth/Alloy pretty relegate them to the bench) Anvil: Shorten his playbook to 5 columns as follows: 1; T; blank; 2 KD; >; GB; >>; KD3 (first 4 columns on bottom row momentous) This would give him a similar damage dealing profile to Furnace and make his +1 TAC turn more effective Give him Protective Instinct This might be overtuned, but forcing enemy attacks into a 3 ARM, Tough Hide player would give Anvil a unique role among the Masters of being able to really protect Apprentices even after his Legendary is used Sledge: I would change Piledriver to +4 net hits Again - maybe overpowered when stacked with Instruction but it also clearly gives Anvil and Sledge a better interaction than Hearth has with every Apprentice the Blacksmiths have via Instruction
  5. Alphadork

    Any ideas about the minor guild

    I still think we see three sets of "Master/Apprentice" if The Watch is the Blacksmiths Minor Guild and no mascot Early concept art for first set below
  6. Alphadork

    Any ideas about the minor guild

    Agreed - I think the Blacksmiths Minor Guild will need some form of the Master/Apprentice mechanic to allow for player crossove If it's the Watch then pairs of "partners" (less experienced with more experienced) could work We could have players with traits (or maybe CP's) like "What's all this then?" or "I'm to old for this $%#&" This stuff would just write itself
  7. Alphadork

    Any ideas about the minor guild

    If the Blacksmiths fluff posted today is an indication (it mentions the Lawkeepers/Watch and their Guild Ball team) then my original idea of master/apprentoce warriors seems plausible.
  8. Alphadork

    Any ideas about the minor guild

    I'm guessing the Minor Guild for the Blacksmiths will need something akin to the Master/Apprentice design mechanic to allow for crossover. My initial idea was for a Guild of Knight and Squires Fluff wise it's possible - the Blacksmiths made weapons for the use in Century Wars - it isn't that much of a stretch to imagine a Guild that trained warhorses, wardogs, etc for use in the war . . .
  9. Alphadork

    Last 2 Exiles PDFs

    @skcpaeIRL I will now forever picture you with a gold exclamation point hovering just above your head
  10. Alphadork

    In my day...!

    We're getting off topic but the combat matrices pre-date THACO. Yes, I'm that old. Back in my day White Dwarf magazine was about RPG's; not a GW owned publication about Warhammer and such. 😀
  11. Alphadork

    In my day...!

    With the combat matrices! Oh wait, that was D&D 😉
  12. Alphadork

    Any ideas about the minor guild

    Crazy new idea for Blacksmiths Minor Guild (using the Master/Apprentice mechanic) A "Tamers" Guild - masters that have tamed/trained animal companions to assist them on the pitch. The Vet Honour idea suggests people would like the idea - whose with me??
  13. Alphadork

    Most 'direct' Team

    I don't think I'd call any team "direct". As mentioned above Butchers can field a footballing line up and Corsair is pretty happy playing a 2-2 game. Some captains are more direct - Ox, Vet Rage and Shark for example; but generally most Guilds can be flexible in their game approach by tweaking line ups.
  14. Alphadork

    The Captain: Devana

    Tooled Up Ox on his Legendary turn might disagree with that highest damage ceiling - especially if the target is Hooked or under Dirty Knives Devana looks great but feels in line with other beater Captains. Ultimately games on the pitch will let us know
  15. Alphadork

    Model distribution needs to change

    Respectfully disagree a little with the Shadespire comparison - without going into great detail there are cards in the recent expansions that added some very nice options to one of my previous warbands, to get said cards I had to buy models I really didn't want and might never use. So really, not much different that peoples complaints about the Guild Ball box sets. Also, Shadespire is very new, would be interesting to compare the $$ investment after 2 more years of releases with just one or two cards you want per expansion.