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  1. Rat Catchers

    While not the biggest fan of Bonesaw I think he'll be a bit better simply by having access to another 3/6 KICK (via Pelage) to get more mileage out of Football Dervish. For tweaks I'd like to see him get Slip Past (Crucible CP) instead of his Heroic play Swift Wind - then his big base and that 1" Dodge on one success could add some serious goal threat range That or maybe give him Close Control so he can navgiate thru other players while Swift Wind is up knowing he's safe from the first Tackle result.
  2. Ramblings...and maybe some encouragement

    @Malritch Thanks for sharing - always good to hear the thoughts of another aged gamer. I used to tease the younger folks I played with in SK that I only won games because none of them took a 50+ year old miniature gamer seriously I recently moved a province east (back home as it turns out) and am now working at growing the local Guild Ball scene. All going well I plan on attending Western Canadian Nationals in August. If you're there I'm calling dibs on the first game of "hotel lobby ball" with you!
  3. Game too Swingy?

    @CrazyBlaineand I have had a few games in which one comes from behind against the other. Fighting is often safer but traded TOs means the team with the first one wins 12-10. To change the dynamic of any game you need to work for last/first activations, learn how and when to reset the board state (both of which often aren't possible) and to sometimes throw a Hail Mary play or two. These are just the opinions of a grumpy old gamer. Your mileage may vary.
  4. Game too Swingy?

    Agree with much of what @ForestRambosaid. Will add that in addition to the alternating activation mechanic the INF and MP resource system also aids comebacks in Guild Ball. In most other miniature games all your units can usually do something. Because you have to allocate INF in Guild Ball there are ways to limit how much work opposing players can get done which also affects MP generation. I've been playing miniature games since I picked up WHFB 2nd edition back in 1983 and IMHO Guild Ball is the best one I've ever played.
  5. I now want a player sculpted in John Cleese likeness Albatross!!!!!
  6. I'm calling this as a crazy oblique clue - not the money lending bank, but something like the West Bank in Paris - so the Artists and Writers Guild . . . Okay, I'll be quiet now
  7. Blacksmith tourny 10

    I'm finding more and more that Ferrite, Iron, Hearth and Alloy make every team I draft which essentially makes the last six slots flex picks. The extra four I always take: Furnace - love him, on his Legendary turn he can get himself stuck into a scrum and tie up some models. His 3/8 Kick and Tooled Up are also welcome additons Cinder - IMHO an under rated player who is a viable kick off option if you want to hold Alloy back and can semi-recover the ball from alot of placed with Kill the Ball. Burnish - have a new found respect for him - food for thought, on Ferrite Legendary turn he can apply both Burning and Hobbled under the 3" template . . . Cast - she goes in with either Furnace or Burnish if I'm playing for a 2-2 game (opponent depending) Grampa GenX can't decide between the "Tutelage Pairs": Farris and Bolt - look great on paper but I just can't get them to click for me on the pitch - likely because a naturally favour the 2-2 rather than 3-0 game. I'll need to commit to practicing more with them Anvil and Sledge - out classed by other options but I still like them. I really like the Turn one 2" Dodge from Anvil plus Sledge has proven to be a capable ball retriever.
  8. Tournament 10 : Looking for Suggestions

    My tournament 10 is exactly the same as @Spinsane including the flex spot options
  9. 2018 Canadian Nationals x 2 ... Any Details Yet?

    I'm hoping to add a 4th provincial championship in MB but need to get settled after my upcoming move first.
  10. Pie and Tart story . . . Bakers?? (can't remember when Mat told that story)
  11. What's next for GICs?

    @Pending Forum Suspension Cool - reasonable discussion. If the new plot cards are designed to be played at a certain point in the turn and affect initiative I'm guessing they will have affects similar to what we've seen on both the GIC's/current plot cards. What I mean by similar to GIC's are turn long bonuses that take affect once the card is played. I also suspect that cards with bigger initiative boosts will have weaker affects than cards with smaller (or no) boosts.
  12. What's next for GICs?

    My guess is we see GIC type effects on the new plot cards since I believe they get played at the start of your turn.
  13. Idea for Thresher Change

    Some more food for thought - the nine Farmers players in the SteamCon LCQ went a combined 28-20. I think what we saw was the "perfect storm" (shout out to @Slothrop Facebook post) of two very strong players piloting a good team that the meta had very little experience facing. I trust Steamforged enough (due to previous player adjustments) that if the Farmers are still dominating events over the next few months that a fix will happen. Until then I intend to try cracking the Thresher/Farmers puzzle as best I can. Edit - correction - it was @TheCurkov Facebook post
  14. Not About Guild Ball

    @Pending Forum SuspensionDecent response to the "Kobayashi Maru" scenario
  15. Not About Guild Ball

    @Pending Forum Suspension That is wonderful news, thanks for sharing and congrats! My lovely wife (who I met gaming - if we run into each other at SteamCon I'll share that story) and I have been married for 23 years - you are about to start an amazing journey together. Now, because I'm me any kind words spoken must be tempered with some sarcastic humour. It's always great to hear the story of another lucky girl (like my wife) that wasn't afraid to lower her standards . . .