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  1. kryzak


    Looking forward to it!
  2. kryzak


    Without the forums, I would have never been able to observe how much you've grown since you started the game. Will miss you here dude!
  3. kryzak


    While I'm not as active as I used to be, the forums are the best place to get tactics, ask questions, and "meet" people. I will miss all of you here when this closes down. It's just too bad that this decision was made (and no, the forums are not "dead", as some apologists keep insisting). I'll see you all on the other side!
  4. kryzak

    Nyk's Adventures

    Good stuff @Nykolae, and long time! You've have become a good player in your own right now! Sorry for the late reply. Not as much time these days for Guild Ball (though I still run tournaments locally) due to the minis game I'm getting ready to Kickstart later this year.
  5. kryzak

    S4 Chisel (oChisel) lacking flavour and value?

    I just have to call out that this was a great post. Very well thought out and respectful. Kudos!
  6. kryzak

    S4 Chisel (oChisel) lacking flavour and value?

    While I do miss some of the flavor of the old oChisel, the changes for S4 are for the better for game design and rules clarity, so in my opinion it's a good change.
  7. kryzak

    S4 Masons complete spoiler

    Oh shoot, I forgot about that one! HOLY CRAP 5 damage on 2....
  8. kryzak

    S4 Masons complete spoiler

    Overall super happy with the changes. Not sure why Brick had to lose the 2" melee. Now with Granite with 2" and a much better character, Brick is probably going to be replaced, even with double counter-charge. vHarmony seems SO interesting now. Masons can get up to +2 DMG (Assist Chisel, Tooled Up), so vHarmony doing 4 damage on 2 and clearing conditions everywhere? DAMN!!! Good job SFG!
  9. kryzak

    S4 Masons complete spoiler

    I, for one, would be happy if no models change besides oChisel and the necessary changes on Hammer, Honour to fit the S4 rules. :)
  10. "Condition Damage" is explicitly excluded from Tough Hide from an old FAQ somewhere in this forum. That's why the character play specifically mentions "3 condition damage".
  11. kryzak

    Nyk's Adventures

    Great to read your report Nyk! Ouch on the 3 Fish in one tournament. I recently brought out my Shark fish for a local tournament, having not played them in over a year, and my God... Shark still lives and dies by those goals. The games where my goal attempts didn't miss, the game ended in half the allotted time. Then there was the other game where I had to make 6 goal attempts to get 3 goals... Anyway, Shark fish is so fast and have so many threats that even one tiny mistake can cost you the game (as Masons). Key for me is always be slow and methodical, and try to kill the ball with Flint or get the ball somewhere it's hard for them to get to, until you are in the lead. Then Masons have as good of a way to counter score (once they're in mid-field), especially with Honour/Harmony, as Fish do and they have to slow down their scoring. Good luck in the next tournament!
  12. kryzak

    Season 4 changes

    I hope you're right. The Masons captains' abilities of messing with activation orders and INF allocation (esp with the introduction of vChisel) is definitely one of the hallmarks of the team. Would be sad to see Hammer be a very boring "self-tooled up" person and have no real interaction with the rest of the team anymore.
  13. kryzak

    Season 4 changes

    I hope you are right Mako, but the wording of the blog suggests that Hammer's max INF is increased from 5 to 6 to account for the 1 INF cost of Iron Fist. If he has a trait where he can use friendly models within 6" INF to power his character plays, then why increase his max INF to "adjust for the S4 rule change"?
  14. kryzak

    Season 4 changes

    In generally I like all S4 changes so far. Cleaner rules, cleaner game. I'm so far not excited about the changes that hit both our captains. Maybe if they give Honour a 4/6 INF stat it'll make up for the "gain" vs "allocation" issue. I agree with S_A_T_S that having Hammer NOT steal from other players fundamentally changes how Hammer works and how Hammer is portrayed in the fluff (which I understand should not dictate gameplay, but it's nice when it's consistent with how the model plays). I also don't see why they couldn't just have an Active Trait, like the one Alloy has, where Hammer can just steal 1 INF from someone 6" away and then choose 1 of 3 abilities each time he steals, each once per turn? The change to give Hammer 4/6 and Iron Fist as a 1 cost play is a bit drastic and non-thematic.
  15. kryzak

    Season 4 Changes

    Good changes so far. I like that they're bringing the 1 MP over to Line Formation, but alas, there's still the standoff issue as you described. Which is why I still only play Pitch Formations until the new teams finally break it and we have to revert back to Line Formations. 😕