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  1. Let's Revisit Lucky

    Ball Hug, that definitely generates mental images...
  2. Let's Revisit Lucky

    and then powering Iron Fist.......
  3. Steam Con USA, Scrambles?

    Really enjoying this respectful discussion, thanks @dtjunkie19! It's also good to hear what it's like outside of our little "bubble" here. And we actually agree quite a bit on your points, but the differences are in what conclusions we draw from them. Re: complexity - I agree with you on this one. There are definitely more decision points for PF and it's less beginner friendly. It was my biggest concern with PF when it was first revealed. It took a few games to convince myself that the complexity is "worth it", but that's where I know different people will draw different conclusions. For me, I focused on "how do I teach this to beginners so they enjoy it without making some key mistakes that create a negative experience?", and I think for the most part it has worked in our area. Re: "boringness" - Definitely an opinion for our meta, and I think it's the difference between what people find fun. I think none of our players are "chess type players", so we like the variety in openings. But I can also totally understand how for each team vs another guild, you have an "opening" you practice based on whether you're receiving or kicking could be an exciting part of the game. Re: no momentum and vulnerable models - I think we're in agreement here? I do love the MP in the first round with the PF, and understand why it's not OK in the OD. Re: I can definitely see that happening, but we haven't felt it to be too broken anywhere (yet). That's where I am very impressed by the genius of SFG designers for coming up with such a drastic change that didn't just outright break the game. I think any time we have a Organized Play rule change there'll be groups of people who agree and disagree, so I second that we get a clear decision after the SteamCon tournaments so it's settled and that different metas can move on to play what they like to play.
  4. Steam Con USA, Scrambles?

    Agree with @Redtiger7, and while opinions differ, and I respect those who differ from my opinions, pretty much all players, beginners or advanced players, in our small but active meta, have agreed that the Pitch Formations: - can be learned quickly by beginners if the experienced player helps them out in the first few games (which everyone here does, even in tournaments) - Removes that dreary 1st turn boring-ness - add strategic depth to the game, because now you don't have to just memorize a few "1st turn tactics", and there are endless combinations of interesting things you and your opponents can interact with each other during the first turn - Some models that were pretty bad before now are actually useful (Granite, I'm looking at you). And some teams that have issues moving forward initially (Brewers) now can immediately start doing what they do well. It might not be for everyone, but I sincerely think that SFG did a great job improving the game tremendously with Pitch Formations, and we've had at least half or our players tell me that their interest in the game was waning until SFG released Pitch Formations, and now they're playing actively again. So yes, we're a small meta and without doing a worldwide poll, I don't know if the general meta likes or dislikes Pitch Formations. But I can very confidently say that our meta will be playing PF for the foreseeable future, and most of us probably will never play the original deployment again.
  5. Steam Con USA, Scrambles?

    That's unfortunate to hear. In our entire area, we only play Pitch Formations now. I guess I'll just do Snake and Musical Teams for fun then.
  6. Steam Con USA, Scrambles?

    Well, considering the Qualifier is normal deployment (instead of Pitch Formations), I've decided to not compete because after playing Pitch Formations, the original deployment just grates on me. So my buddy and I should be around for any interesting events happening (as long as they're not original deployment).
  7. Let's Revisit Lucky

    I've been mostly running Lucky with Hammer. Against a Corsair team Lucky is great at removing KD and giving Hammer that 1 INF as needed. He usually stays behind the rest of the group so he doesn't get pulled in and killed. Had him score a final goal doing the 4" dodge and losing a dice to someone else who dodged 4" to engage me, but it was still worth it for a 3 dice (bonus time) tap-in. With a Hammer team I have some more flexibility and can still take Wrecker, Flint, Tower, Mallet. The last one I usually choose a battery person so it's Brick, Minx, or Lucky. Lucky actually kills decently well (in case I overextend Hammer and he dies), especially under Hammer's Legendary and a Singled Out from Mallet. That's pretty much my experience using Lucky (about 5-6 games so far, all but 1 with Hammer).
  8. Let's Revisit Lucky

    Not sure if it's just the lack of tone in your post @Rahn, or if you're actually combative with your tone. No one is saying you're wrong, just pointing out the pros and cons of Minx. I have no interest in debating you on this, as I've played many games with both Minx and Mist, and liked both. I merely pointed out why claiming Minx is "little risk" is not presenting the whole picture. If you don't care to read, so be it. So like you said, I will do me, and you do you.
  9. Let's Revisit Lucky

    Having played both Minx and Mist a lot with Masons, I would choose Mist. Minx is easily controllable by 2" teams, namely Fish and Farmers. Having 3 knockback models is misleading, because: 1. Hammer usually likes Minx to set up the snare for him, so I wouldn't use Hammer to do the Knockback duty unless in a pinch. 2. Brick never gets INF, period. If he does, the Masons are probably in trouble. 3. Tower is good, but I don't want to give him any more than 1 INF for that Tooled Up (or for Hammer to steal). Having to activate someone to push a model that's controlling Minx away, and then have the same model (if that model hasn't activated yet) or another model (usually mascots) tie her down again, is just a waste of Tower's activation and 1 INF. Your Knockback models also need to be near Minx, which isn't always the case for her. Wrecker is definitely good to help Minx out, which is why if I do take Minx, it would be with a Hammer/Wrecker team, almost never and Honour team. You are correct that people who play Mist have a very different goal, but saying Minx is low risk of getting controlled is also a "maybe".
  10. Lucky's Stack the Deck

    Oh got it, thanks for the clarification!
  11. Lucky's Stack the Deck

    Follow up question. Since Lucky gains that 1 INF when you lose initiative, which is before you allocate INF. Doesn't that mean when you allocate INF, Lucky already has 1 INF on him, and thus you can only allocate 3 more max to him to 4 INF?
  12. GIC interaction with Union

    GICs only affect Guild models for the benefit, but the heal rate is applied to the whole team, including the Union player (even if he/she does not benefit from the GIC).
  13. Possible Masons and Blacksmiths Identity Crisis?

    Personally, having played the original 6 Blacksmiths a bit, and being mainly a Masons player, they play very differently, so no ID crisis from here. Yes, Blacksmiths can exert a lot of goal and TO pressure like a Honour/Harmony/Flint or a Hammer team can, but the biggest single difference is the Blacksmiths take setup and your plays are telegraphed from a mile away. Oh, you're going for a big Sledge/Iron murder spree? Watch for Anvil/Hearth/Furnace setup and try to defeat it. Oh you're going for a bunch of 2" melee? You have 1 activation to prepare for it. Alloy is going to score? Sure, but he's not much different than another (old) Vitriol or Friday. He is flexible, but he's geared either for killing or scoring, depending on where Hearth is and how she sets him up. Masons, of all the teams, actually have the best flexibility to foil Blacksmiths. I'm not saying Blacksmiths are not strong (in fact, I think they're quite powerful), but Masons can still pour 10-12 INF on the first activation of a turn and delete someone and maybe score at the same time (just did it at a tournament this past weekend). Hammer often can do both by himself with his 5 INF (and INF from others). Blacksmiths can't do that without setup. As more people in our area played against my Blacksmiths, they got better and better at foiling Sledge/Iron killing, and preventing easy tackle/goals from Ferrite by killing the ball or giving it to someone who's annoying for her to tackle from. Blacksmiths will become one of the teams I play the most (along with Masons and Union), and for now, I feel all three teams are quite different from each other.
  14. Let's Revisit Lucky

    Lucky definitely makes my 10.
  15. Let's Revisit Lucky

    Yes, you are correct! I forgot to clarify that this hasn't come up yet, because most of the time Lucky has 0-1 INF, and the one time I used him to kill, he did get KD and was going to die, but I won the init roll and won the game 12-10 (or Lucky would have just died and I would lose), so he never got to really use it. It's still great to have in your back pocket though, kind of like a weaker Magical Brew.