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  1. Who do you take into farmers?

    Personally my sBrisket team always has Grace because of all the reasons you mentioned. I usually would do: sBrisket, Coin, Mist, Grace, Gutter, A&G. A&G and Gutter gives me a chance to get some damage, while sBrisket/Mist and in a pinch, Grace, can easily get 2 goals. If you want to go pure goals, then replace A&G with Decimate because she's fast and can just bounce around people with her dodges.
  2. Kicking/receiving hammer or honour?

    Also depends on the opposing guild, but in the most general sense: 1. Receiving - Honour: Because you can do Superior Strategy Flint shinanigans that is nearly impossible to block scoring (as long as you're careful about the Shark/Pin Vice/Mist type "steal ball and score" kickers, or Fillet muderers, or Thresher both score and murderer). 2. Kicking - Either, though Hammer may be a little better to get him up the field. Or kick with Flint and try the "steal and score" method on an unwary opponent (but usually hard to do if the opponent knows what you're doing). Most of the time expect to do nothing if the opponent stays outside of 10" of Hammer (even if he kicks), but be ready to murder the person who comes in to score, unless that person also has Knee Slider. Then sad Hammer...
  3. New Home Field!

    That's beautiful!
  4. Blacksmiths vs Hunters

    Did you mean Ferrite and Iron? Since that list has 4 Masters. Generally agree. I might consider Burnish/Cast over Ferrite/Iron, but I think either pair works.
  5. Game stores in Las Vegas?

    @the_aY There's a good group there. You can reach out on FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1588320484743418/ I played with a few of them at BattleZone Comics. Nice store and good people. Looking forward to when you visit San Francisco!
  6. Aww, how could you hurt the cutest monkey in the game? Oh yeah, typo on the 7 INF Grange, haha. To be honest, you did such a good job hiding the ball with Jack that Flint sat on INF that he couldn't use, so trample the carrots/apples/pumpkins (beautiful paint jobs and conversions, BTW) he goes! And who could forget the "Battle of the Beautiful Men"!
  7. Glad Botts called out the slightly powerful Farmers (esp Thresher). Great interview, great playing, and congrats again for the win!
  8. That's 1, 2, 3, strikers out

    Personally I've never played a Union game without Mist. But that's just me. =) I also have an extra Resin Mist to sell/trade.
  9. "7 Months (of) damage" = that's a lot OF DAMAGE But yes, getting that wrap to pile drive for 3 straight attacks is... addictive.
  10. Haven't tried the 2nd box yet, so I can't say how Anvil/Sledge compares to them, but Anvil and Sledge have been pretty scary in Pitch Formation, since they always go in front. With original deployment, I can see them taking a little longer to get up there, but I still think Sledge will be good against a non ranged damage (Smoke, Esters) team. Anvil always KDs as many people as I give him INF for, and Sledge just finishes them off. I have found Iron to be better at doing damage with the 4 INF and a tooled up, but with Sledge and set up from Anvil, I have killed Avarisse, Ox, and a few others in 3 hits (7 mom damage wrap to another pile driver). Yes, very low probability, but still "living the dream" I think with the new box out, I'd probably only bring them if I need another 2" beater, and keep Sledge behind the wall of the other players to protect him.
  11. SPRINT OVER THE HARVEST MARKERS! I had a tough game against Farmers (with Corsair) over the weekend, and then played Honour into Grange again, and this time I literally had Flint sprint over 3 harvest markers per turn (since he's back there near their goal, and the beaters have to deal with Honour/Marbles/Mallet/Harmony beaters and Rookie Chisel ). My opponent said "you're the first person to have ever done that to me!", so I guess I did something right. The next turns definitely saw him more influence starved since he had to keep a few harvest markers on the field to power counter charges and other abilities without having to activate a reaper first. Other than that, my other advice is "don't fall into the Famers scrum grinder". I tried matching the Corsair grinder with the Farmers grinder, and Corsair lost. There are just too many synergies, buffs, Tooled Up, etc... the Farmers have to out kill Corsair. And for Masons, run circles around Farmers with scoring, and Honour can hold her own with killing. Killed a tough hide full health Harrow from full (thanks Marbles and some gangups), and then killed a full health un-activated Grange with 7 INF. 2 of the INF was to push dodge him into Marbles, 1 more to KD, and then 4 average rolls of 9 dice against 2/0 to get 7 hits (7 damage, 82% chance) and Grange was gone. Harmony was waiting in the wings just in case Honour couldn't finish him. So those are just my thoughts. I still need to figure out how to beat Thresher and Buckwheat...
  12. Any advice on using hammer?

    A few quick ones: 1. Don't over-extend him - it might seem fun to have him charge 9" to kill a model deep in the opposing side or on the flanks, but remember he needs help from someone within 6" (thank God they expanded that from 4") to be powerful next round, so unless you can send someone there to carry INF for him next turn, he's stuck. Only do it if you have a chance for a 6 point activation by stealing the ball, and killing the target (either this turn or get enough MP for next turn kill). 2. Positioning of your INF carriers is key - always make sure you have someone within 6" of him at the end of the turn who can carry at least 2 INF (usually for Iron Fist and sometimes Punishing March). 3. Watch out for Control Teams - Morts and Hunters can ruin Hammer if you're not careful. Make sure you always have an out if you get hit by a Pinned, Puppet Master, or a Rough Ground+Fire combo. Always think ahead on what your opponents can do to him because of his low DEF. 4. Hammer is not invincible - he's hard to kill, but a DEF/ARM 3/1 is pretty easy to kill by killy teams like Butchers and Brewers. I once had Hammer kill 1 model per turn and get killed afterwards each time against Butchers. If you're ahead in the points race, then go for it. But if you're not, then it might not be a good trade because no one else on your team can kill like Hammer. 5. Always think about where the ball is - Hammer might be a killing machine, but per my point #1, he also scores a lot if the ball is anywhere near the opponent's goal, especially with his knockback and pushes. Hope that helps!
  13. Possible Masons and Blacksmiths Identity Crisis?

    True, but it's more telegraphed from 100 meters/yards away.
  14. Let's Revisit Lucky

    Ball Hug, that definitely generates mental images...
  15. Let's Revisit Lucky

    and then powering Iron Fist.......