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  1. Blacksmith GIC Theory Thread

    I feel like Blacksmiths need some sort of a Vet Harmony "Breaking Play" ability, where maybe something like "after a master activates, all apprentices get +1 DEF against character plays".
  2. Some places sell 30mm measuring sticks, and I considered getting them so I don't need the ball paths, but the downside is to own a wider set of templates just for the occasional use of ball paths, so I decided against them. In fact, these days we kind of get lazy in casual games and just use the measuring sticks from the side of the ball or model when measuring ball path or a charge, respectively.
  3. I own all of them. Force rank in order of importance (most used) 1. Measuring sticks (I have 4-10 and love every inch of them) 2. Ball paths (the receiving circle thing is unnecessary) 3. melee zone templates (like MechMage said, you don't use them most games, but when you do, it's a life saver. 4. The steppers are a great idea, and I have a set. But to this day I have not used it in a game yet because I just get lazy and sometimes it's faster just to use a placeholder and the 1-2 inch tool.
  4. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Haha, you beat me to it by a few minutes. So I'll just say that I'm equally impressed by the attention to the playtests and community that SFG has demonstrated. I wouldn't say all of the cards are "balanced" yet, but this is one small step for SFG, but one giant step for the balance of the game!
  5. GIC General Theory Thread 

    haha, if my responses didn't give it away already, I'm definitely in disbelief right now.
  6. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Well, to be fair, the top players said the Masons were viable, but not "top tier" before.
  7. Hearth Preview

    Got it, thank you!
  8. Hearth Preview

    I looked at the Blog for Alloy but I didn't see anything. Where is this revealed?
  9. Yup, works like Singled Out for Mallet and Hearne.
  10. Hearth Preview

    OMG this model is amazing. I hope her apprentice really synergizes well with her so people don't just start ditching Furnace for Hearth (Furnace literally only gets 1 INF max per turn in my games). Loving the game design space that blacksmiths occupy. Played about 10 games in a row with them now and every time I'm still discovering things and loving them. Who is Alloy and did I miss something?
  11. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Thanks for the data. Good to know that Masons are finally winning things after being whined about for so long (to the point Stephen78 or someone had to decide to play Masons the night before a tournament to prove that they're viable) to "powerhouse" status.
  12. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Definitely not debating that Honour is *not* good, but have things slowed down that much? Masons are still losing to Fish and Alchs very easily (looking at post-errata Longshanks), and while Midas and Co and Shark are taken down a notch, they're still going to be very hard for Masons. Again I respectfully disagree. I just looked at the data many ways post-errata, and they're still losing to Alchs/Fish/Butchers, even with 3 other teams, and win against 3 (not counting Farmers because their top lineup is not legal yet, and not counting Blacksmiths because the data is based on 2 games). So like I said, middle of the pack. Their win rate is above average, which is a nice change from "bottom tier" at the beginning of S3. I'm not really talking about the GICs here, I'm just talking about the team itself. Considering Masons are my most played team (in both casual and tournament play), I know how the team works, and while they're powerful in the hands of a top player, I don't feel they're more powerful than many of the teams out there (except probably Hunters). They have great and bad matchups, but again, claiming that she's an "absolute monster" seems a bit far fetched from my experience. Interesting, not sure how Masons went from "bottom tier" to "best guild" with one errata in S3. Nothing has changed besides Hammer, whom there's still debate in the Masons forum on whether he got better or worse with the errata (I think it's better). Alchs and Fish still beat Masons, the only difference is everyone is avoiding those teams like the plague but after the post-errata hangover gets better, they'll start coming back again. I mean, I'm not going to complain if Masons are actually that good now, considering how much I toiled with that team when it was "bottom tier" and still loved every moment of playing them. Then again, what do I know? I'm just a small fish in a small pond. Agree with you here. The card is good, but best GIC and over the top? That's the first I've heard of it. Another data point. Canadian Nationals, 0 Masons. GenCon, 0 Masons. I guess people just aren't getting that they're good, yet. You just described EVERYTHING that Masons have had since... the beginning of the game? If anything, they've been slightly nerfed from S2 to S3 (besides Tower getting better, and then the Hammer errata). They're good, they're my favorite team (and the team that got me into Guild Ball), they're also the team I've played the most (probably over 100 games by now) but "top tier"? Sorry, I don't believe it until I actually see Masons win a major tournament for once... I actually appreciate @Jamie P and Co speeding the game up. I love this game but the one gripe I have is that it takes too long. Most of the time games still last 2 hours or longer if you don't use a clock (sometimes 3 hours), and when using a 50 min clock, almost everyone in our entire area clocks out a few times in tournaments. I'd prefer a game that plays leisurely in 75-90 min, and the clock can be at 70-80 min. It definitely makes tournaments run faster, you can fit more rounds in a day, and in league nights we can actually fit 2 games in instead of barely finishing 1 before getting kicked out of the store. Just wanted to put out a different perspective than EpicChris so the designers don't feel like most of the community *don't* want the game to be shorter/faster. I can safely say that a majority, if not most, of the people in my meta wished it were a little faster, and really love the Alternate Deployment rules because of it. I'm also a huge fan of HR3 as a average to speed things up, because nothing is more frustrating than even having beater teams take a model down to low HP, then after a bad roll and not killing them off, they heal back 8 HP and it's like starting over again. It's as bad as the "tackle-fest" that happens sometimes, but that's a little harder to fix.
  13. Who should kick off?

    It's funny that since I got Blacksmiths I've never played the OPD deployment rules before, so I've never used Anvil's "While it's Hot" because usually most of the team is completely spread out in the 2-2-2 (happy @Mako? ) .
  14. Who should kick off?

    ahh, I see the confusion now. I call it 1-2-2 in terms of deployment order. So technically it should be 1-2-2-2-2-2-1 (kicker deploys 1, receiver deploys 2, etc...) I forgot there was also discussion on the actual number of models on each line (which I didn't test and don't really agree with), so I just stuck with 2-2-2 in terms of # of models.
  15. Who should kick off?

    Yes, you are correct. Though it is up to the TO's discretion for local tournaments, and I'm pretty much already convinced about the benefits of the 1-2-2 method. Yes, I didn't realize you were referring to the current standard until mid-way through my reply, so yes, we are in agreement. .