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  1. kryzak

    Season 4 changes

    I hope you're right. The Masons captains' abilities of messing with activation orders and INF allocation (esp with the introduction of vChisel) is definitely one of the hallmarks of the team. Would be sad to see Hammer be a very boring "self-tooled up" person and have no real interaction with the rest of the team anymore.
  2. kryzak

    Season 4 changes

    I hope you are right Mako, but the wording of the blog suggests that Hammer's max INF is increased from 5 to 6 to account for the 1 INF cost of Iron Fist. If he has a trait where he can use friendly models within 6" INF to power his character plays, then why increase his max INF to "adjust for the S4 rule change"?
  3. kryzak

    Season 4 changes

    In generally I like all S4 changes so far. Cleaner rules, cleaner game. I'm so far not excited about the changes that hit both our captains. Maybe if they give Honour a 4/6 INF stat it'll make up for the "gain" vs "allocation" issue. I agree with S_A_T_S that having Hammer NOT steal from other players fundamentally changes how Hammer works and how Hammer is portrayed in the fluff (which I understand should not dictate gameplay, but it's nice when it's consistent with how the model plays). I also don't see why they couldn't just have an Active Trait, like the one Alloy has, where Hammer can just steal 1 INF from someone 6" away and then choose 1 of 3 abilities each time he steals, each once per turn? The change to give Hammer 4/6 and Iron Fist as a 1 cost play is a bit drastic and non-thematic.
  4. kryzak

    Season 4 Changes

    Good changes so far. I like that they're bringing the 1 MP over to Line Formation, but alas, there's still the standoff issue as you described. Which is why I still only play Pitch Formations until the new teams finally break it and we have to revert back to Line Formations. 😕
  5. kryzak

    vSakana Rules Revealed

    I guess they needed to find a way to "punish" Fish players for not playing enough games at SteamCon to win the Union in Chains event... (yes, I'm still bitter )
  6. kryzak

    Mason Player Summaries

    Well done Nyk! I truly enjoyed reading your guide!
  7. kryzak

    Veteran Chisel

    I want a version of Chisel that wouldn't invalidate oChisel completely. So probably more support, even more dodgy, and a better ball player. This way, when they finally fix oChisel, we'll have 2 very distinct versions of Chisel to play.
  8. kryzak

    Getting masons

    Haha, I have to admit, that part is "hearsay". I haven't played against him since the nerf, but many of my friends still complain about how strong Thresher still is. I have no strong opinions on it myself.
  9. kryzak

    Getting masons

    Heh, Midas is so much easier now after the double Midas/Vitriol nerf. The Season 3 Midas... ouch. That was so tough to play against. Right now it's a pretty even matchup. Midas really doesn't do as much anymore and Harmony, Honour, and Mallet all have ways to deal with UM and Clone. Yes, it's not INF efficient, but I've had many Alch players tell me that they hate seeing those 3 on the other side of the table. Plus Vitriol's 10 HP makes her die to a stiff breeze now, even with Clone and Honour/Harmony having to spend INF to dodge back in. Pretty much kill Vitriol as soon as you can, get yourself ready to score 2 return goals (you can play Flint and Mist too), which is very easy with the Masons, and you'll be killing them faster than oKat can kill you. In the old days, Vitriol (and sometimes Midas) can kill you too, now, only oKat really has that ability to do it easily. As for Masons, I'd still say Thresher Farmers are still slightly at the top. But I'm happy to be bridesmade because the Masons are so fun!
  10. I can definitively tell you #1 is solved by Pitch Formations. Thank goodness to SFG for introducing that.
  11. kryzak

    Unsportsmanlike But Legal

    It's good to have you here.
  12. kryzak

    Unsportsmanlike But Legal

    I wished that the rant post didn't get posted. The debate and conversation was going pretty well until that.
  13. There are issues with teaching the momentum mechanics (another set of abilities to remember using a 2nd set of "action currency"?!), and definitely has some of the "win more" problems, but as a game, I think momentum is fine where it is, since as Jaccthelnsomniac said, there's almost no way to remove that from the game without a ground up re-design now. It's rough for beginners and very casual games, but if SFG designed the game for a certain type of audience (those of us who still play it even with the momentum mechanic), then they probably made a choice to only try to grow it with those players.
  14. kryzak

    Game plan cards

    Played a few more games at a small tournament, along with our local meta all trying it out for the first time. In general pretty much EVERYONE loved it more than the initiative roll, even though we agreed that some cards could be tweaked to be better or worse. But overall, for the same reason you mentioned, the Game Plan Deck is a much needed improvement to the initiative system, and improves the game!
  15. kryzak

    Game Plan deck discussion

    Finally got to play the Game Plans. Not bad. I like it a LOT more than rolling a dice, and in the 4 turns we played, we each actually had the right cards at the right time for the MP we gained. I ended up with both +7 cards, but the turn I used it, I actually tied my friend who had a +6 card and 1 more MP than me, so we rolled off. Ultimately: Pros: - less randomness with the die roll - players feel like they're actually choosing the effect they want, based on the MP difference Cons: - Both of us really feel that the effects/benefits/cons on the cards did not reflect well the +initiative values. I mean, why are some +7/+6 cards "better" than some of the +1/+3 cards? It's a good idea, but it does need work, mainly on the effects side, and the initiative value vs INF value.