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  1. CodFather

    What clock to use?

    Can this one account for 1 minute over time activation on an individual basis? Ie. If one person clocks out and the other has ~5minutes left, can this clock accommodate that this without interruption mid game?
  2. CodFather

    Game Plan deck discussion

    I like this
  3. Bottom of 1 Alloy goes for a 4 dice kick and misses....Fish retrieve the ball and put it on corsair. Through gangups Alloy is able to tackle the ball back....and then misses a 3 dice goal! Smiths are finally able to score and kill Sakana, but it is to late. Corsair and friends kill Iron, alloy, ferrite, corsair scores and takes out sledge for the win Missed second goal Take out for the win +1 for the fish!
  4. Alloy kicks off and fish can't protect it. Scores and knee slides 11"! (Ferrite legendary). Shark scores in response and blacksmiths gang up on him. Game goes back and forth, but the alloy/ferrite powerhouse can't be stopped and smiths score 2 more goals. Turn 1 Alloy goal Shark gets put in the dirt Alloy scores the winning goal +1 for the fish!
  5. Turn 1 sees ferrite legendary to send iron and alloy into compound, killing him and poisoning allot of the engineers (as well as iron and alloy). Velocity scores in response and Alloy dies to poison in maintence. Furnace gets the ball and scores first activation. Bad scatter forces ballista into bad choices and he is forced to park the ball on returning compound. Black smiths are able to take out ballista and Iron is able to strip the ball off compound, Compound wiffs the counter attack (needing no 1s on 5 dice), Iron takes the 1 dice super tap in for the win **Smiths are off at my painters getting done up for steamcon, paper dolls until then. Fingers crossed box 2 is there! +1 for the fish!
  6. Borrowed a friends hunters and played a weird line up. Theron, Fahad, Chaska, Zarola, Egret, Ulfr into Ballista, mother, velocity, hoist, ratchet and harry. Tooled up Hoist killed the cat and then Velocity double pushed/push dodged the cat off the board, taking him out a second time. Chaska blasts Velocity off, but Ballista with some gang ups take out Theron. As for goals, Egret bangs in 2 goals, and ulfr scores for the win. 12-4 for the hunters +1 for the Fish
  7. CodFather

    Questions about Cinder

    Real good with Hearth
  8. CodFather

    SteamCon US. Let's hang out.

    I'll be coming from Canada and wont know anybody, so would be great to meet some people!
  9. Had a quick game with ferrite vs corsair today. Siren kicked off which was followed by a second activation alloy goal. Sakana gets the snap back tun 2, which is followed by a A+G & furnace take out, and another snap back goal by Ferrite. Fish hold onto the ball, but smiths beat them to 12 with a ganged up sakana getting taken out. Sakana goal Ferrite goal Poor Sakana +1 for the fish!
  10. CodFather

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    How about a patreon for being just a stand up guy?
  11. Another Fisherman sponsored blacksmith game! Game 4 of the day. Alloy kicks off and charges into compound to get the kick off goal after ballista misses the deadbolt on him. But Alloy flubs and can't roll three 3's on 5 dice! Alloy gets taken out, but so does Ballista and then Ratchet. Hoist set up for an easy tap in the next turn, but what's this? Instruction + cinder easily strips the ball! Ferrite push/dodges velocity off the pitch. Madness! Engineers get a goal but smiths take the day with 2 goals and 3 take outs! Blurry picture! Ferrite scoring the game winning goal!
  12. Smiths score 2 but miss the snap shot for the win (3 dice tap in)! Balista takes out Iron Ferrite early on, score to 8 then capitize on the missed snap shot for Ballista to breach a pass to hoist who can't be stopped. Hoist takes a 5 dice tap in and barely hits it! Miss snap shot tap in Hoist 5 dice tap in. Loss for the smiths, but +1 for the FISH!
  13. More Fish sponsored blacksmiths. Forgot to take more pics, only 1 this game as it was real quick. Trying out Hearth and Alloy proxies. Alloy kicks off and scores a goal turn one. Turn 2 see's alloy taken out, but Ferrite steals the ball and scores. Mid way turn 3 Ferrite steals the ball and scores for the win! 12-2 for the smiths. After Ferrites first goal
  14. Ferrite scores twice, cinder once. Grange and friends take out ferrite, sledge, iron and furnace in a slug fest. I forget to heal a couple key points which doesn't help. Forged in steel 6 vs Grange, peck, bushel, harrow, jackstraw and grace Winning goal! +1 for the Fish!
  15. CodFather

    LVO guild ball?

    My friend emailed steamforged and finally got a response, this is what he sent me: For anyone interested steamforged finally replied to my message and said they will be at the LA open. I’m assuming they meant LVO as that is what I was asking about. Unfortunately other than that I was given zero details