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    Casket vs. Fangtooth

    Okay, because my Ghast vs. Casket topic went so well last time. I got Ghast (he's awesome) but now I'm deciding between finishing out the Morts or getting Fangtooth. Now both have pros and cons. Fangtooth has better Momentous crowd control with his one result KD and four result Unmasking, but the 2+ Def 1 Arm (even with 29 health) is a little worrisome, I know I've taken down big guys quickly with low stats. Casket has much less health at 17 and has fewer Momentum plays, but does have reanimate and Casket time. Thoughts?
  2. DeathlyDrew

    Ghast vs. Casket

    So I am getting into Guild ball and I am buying a starter Morts pack, I have Dirge, a friend is giving me Mist, but I need that sixth player. I am between Casket and Ghast, but I truthfully cannot decide which is better. They both have such good abilities and are hard to take down. I am not getting silence purely because I feel like for the time being Mist will take over for the striker positon. (Despite Silence having the first/last character play and being able to bring back Dirge. If you can make an argument that she would be better to get I may go for it) But anyway, for a person starting out with what I have, who fills out my team?
  3. DeathlyDrew

    Ghast vs. Casket

    For those of you interested I went with Silence. Y'all talked me right into him. Thanks a bunch for all of the advice. This has been a really great community thus far and I hope that me and my friend who is a Pundit can build the community in our area.
  4. DeathlyDrew

    Ghast vs. Casket

    So no Cosset? Is she a liability because of her health?
  5. DeathlyDrew

    Ghast vs. Casket

    Cool Thanks for the advice. I just started playing a couple of weeks ago so I'm not familiar with ALL of the nuances. I saw Silence as more of a striker type player just because of the kick stat and the Dirge help along with that and I was thinking I needed more muscle. I was leaning toward Ghast, but wasn't positive. Silence will be the next model I buy I think, but with my budget right now I only can get so many and I think there needs to be a tank involved.... although I may look at the INF and realize that I need the amount that Silence creates.