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  1. Idea for Thresher Change

    You're right, it's worse.
  2. Idea for Thresher Change

    Agreed on they need to at least look at him again. I hate to always go back, but when you look at the Shark and Midas nerfs from S3, a lot of it (I think) had to do with unenjoyable games and the fact that you HAD to play one of the very few counters to the opponent. This is where I am with Farmers, Thresher, Tater and Millstone most notably. It is disheartening to see top players drop at 5-0 because they don't see an out, and then know that I will have to play that and not be a top player. I understand that not every person with Thresher is a top player, but I don't know if the strategy behind it is really a secret anymore, which means people can probably figure out the basic mechanics of what the terrible three need to be doing and run them somewhat efficiently. *Note this is not me saying they are easy, or that you don't need to be skilled or taking anything away from Alex. But the forums, youtube, etc.. the info is out there to figure it out. That discourages players like me who play well, not top tier, but can hold my own in a tournament from even going to a tournament because I know I will face the same Thresher team multiple times, or be forced to play Thresher in order to have a chance, which I've already been through when I played Obulus (by choice from the beginning, not because he was OPAF) So yes, I think he is worth a look for sure, and I don't think it is knee jerk. I'd rather have Steamforged do something maybe unofficial sooner with play testers than later and possibly hurt the community.
  3. Idea for Thresher Change

    It’s not about winning it’s about having a chance. It’s fun to go into a game saying hey I may win or have a close game. Thresher reminds me of when you’d line up against S3 Midas or Shark. One small error and it’s going to be a game where everything you do just makes it worse. There is a difference between a fun loss and a why did I even set up my team loss. I don’t want to take anything away from Alex you still have to play the game, but as a Morts player I remember choosing not to use Obs because it wasn’t an enjoyable experience for my opponent to know that he was an OP model that was going to win the game by being on the table.
  4. Idea for Thresher Change

    Today’s championship sealed the deal for me. Two top players and Farmers made it look like the Hunter had no idea how to play. Hats off to Alex for solid play, but no championship table should be lost on a single bad dice roll on a charge on turn 2. I hope it’s changed before Adepticon or I may drop out. No point in having a bad time playing a team that is broken.
  5. Idea for Thresher Change

    2 Thresher teams in national finals.... time to say OP yet? I understand they haven’t been released, but I can’t help but feel this is exactly the witch hunt that happened with Obulus. (Maybe not exactly but close)
  6. Morts vs. Blacksmiths

    A reminder, once the Rats are out no more mist. I've been starting to get away from using any Union because I know they will be gone soon. And this could be another thing. Right now we may not be stocked to take them on super well, but Pelage and VetHemlocke may provide some help. I don't think Skulk does much for us against Smiths. I agree we can't kill them, so we have to outscore them, but I don't know if that is easily done either. Ferrite and Cinder and great goal scorers. I scored turn one with Cinder no problem. So we need to mess with their movement which is why I think Casket is a must with Heavy Burden and Ghastly Visage. To prevent them from possibly getting a charge off and being -6 at 3in out (the foul odour rough ground+Ghastly Visage)I think is the best control move we have against them.
  7. Morts vs. Blacksmiths

    You'd think yes, but Cinder has Unpredictable movement, and Iron is a lot tough that you'd think. Ferrite and Sledge are the two weakest. I agree Brianpan and Memory are not a good fit here, they could just take him out constantly and get the Momentum. It think Cosset would be fine for a perfect take out, but I am not sure if she would survive after that one time and it would be highly risky.I think another addition could be OG Graves and Scything blow
  8. Morts vs. Blacksmiths

    I don't think killing them is a reliable option. A casket time maybe, but my friend and I did an attack with Thresher on just Iron 2/2 and even if you wrap his play book every time you still can't kill Iron in one turn 1v1. Ferrite, Cinder and Sledge are killable, but it's hard to get at them going thorough Anvil, Iron and Furnace. I don't think the anatomical precision on scalpel is worth it in most cases with them, and I think her 1in reach is going to be an issue with no UM. I think Obs is the captain to take, but maybe Vileswarm is a better mascot because they do have to think about killing him or not, plus rabid animal will mess with their range. I'm thinking wherever we can use character plays vs. damage is better. I used Ghast, and he just tore through him no problem. So I don't think Ghast is the answer to them.
  9. Morts vs. Blacksmiths

    How do we beat them? Given tonight I missed five kicks, four with Bonesaw and a Dirge Assisted Silence and a goal kick with Obs, but on top of that what is the team you would take into Smiths? I think Casket is a must with Heavy Burden and Ghastly Visage.
  10. GIC General Theory Thread 

    I would say most times Morts have at least one gang-up, but I can really only think of it helping Graves or Casket, allowing Graves to pull of Tooled up (although this would probably happen too late in the turn) or Casket to cast Heavy Burden (which again is one of my early in the turn plays) It could help give a take-out and then into a goal opportunity, but all options are too situational for me to ever use it. I think the Take a Breather one or the 3 models off one is a better card. If Morts take A&G and Brainpan and Memory with Dirge (or Vileswarm now) you could have three players off the pitch pretty easily.
  11. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Thanks, couldn't think of the actual wording
  12. GIC General Theory Thread 

    First off go Morts, but secondly it's not exactly free. It is allocated, so you have to risk that you will get the takeout and not max a player out on influence. The wording should be changed from allocate to assign or give, so a player could have OVER their max influence. The way it is now will be a very risk reward type of deal.
  13. GIC General Theory Thread 

    So after seeing this I think Brewers win. They are the only ones that don't lose any healing potential, and they are all good and viable, I mean the one that offers a VP is +1 health (I was unaware that Brewers had this issue with all of them having tough hide). As a Morts player I am disappointed. I don't really see either the INF one or the 3 Model one as that great. The healing one is nice because it at least gives that option. I would have liked to see Morts get a once per turn +2 successes when attacking a model at half health or less. This would be to aid in an unmasking, or a casket time. It wouldn't add any additional VP's and could by a heal 3.
  14. Mortician GIC Theory Thread

    It's okay, I am not as salty on it having read this thread, but it still takes WAY more work to use for the loss of a health than the other guilds that are much better. Brewers in my mind is the best card and may make them one of the best guild immediately. They lose no health on the deal and get to pull of one of their character plays that is pretty much what they are all about. I think The Alchemist also got one that is insane when you pair it with Crucible and Smoke. I just don't get this one for Morts. I have always found them as much more of a set up team, and where other teams will get to have theirs go off each turn for nothing in return, this one seems like the most work in order to get the most from it.
  15. What's your S3 NPE?

    I don't disagree, but when you look at other legendaries a high majority of them do something that you can recover from, from spending momentum or regaining it or buffing their own team. Shark is one of the few that adds something permanent that you cannot get rid of, I mean even Midas is only 4 in from him, but you can get rid of snared. Shark's range is the same as Smoke's, Scalpel's and Hammer's. Scalpel is a 3 in push, Hammer is team aide, and Smoke is probably the most powerful out of the three. I don't think lowering it down to 6in is breaking, but I think it also puts in more line with other Legendary plays.