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  1. Write on tokens

    I use the BrokenEgg games writable tokens. Some of the designs are not right for my taste, but some are quite nice!
  2. GB resolution for –18?

    I resolve to play more games. I own almost everything, and it's all painted. I have teams I have never even used... I just don't get out enough. Maybe we could invent a machine that reduces sleeping requirements for the human body permanently? #FirstWorldProblems
  3. Best of the Season to You!

    Merry Christmas, all!
  4. Game stores in Las Vegas?

    One day, I will!
  5. Hello! Just wondering if there are any gaming stores that actually sell Guild Ball or other minis in Las Vegas. I'm going for 5 days tomorrow, and I'd like to visit some local game stores as I like to do that when I travel. I can uber/taxi wherever. Any advice and suggestions? Thank you in advance!
  6. Not About Guild Ball

  7. Not About Guild Ball

    Just saw this now. Good luck, and that's great news!
  8. Steamcon USA Keynote

    Wow, all this makes me excited!
  9. Tater is overrated

    I know looking at the cards that Buckwheat looks very good... But Peck is quite good.
  10. I FINALLY got a game in with my Farmers! I wrote a thread some time ago about how I should be using the Honest Land box. I basically too the advice of replacing Bushel with Tater. I was against Honour Mason's topical lineup. Man, I know part of it is because my opponent never saw Farmers before, but damn, Grange list reminds me of how I used to play On... Just a big steamroller that plows through. Windle is a monster, and Grange with a momentous KD on 1 just had so much versatility. It was a 4 takeout game (2 versus mascot, net making him worth the same as two real takeouts), and Jackstraw for final goal. I feel that everything I wanted to do really gets projected on the table (Windle being powered up like a kamahameha, harvest markers chaining up to the goal), but with so much threat potential from 3 beaters (and Taters counter charge threat), opponent has to just plan around things without interfering with he plan. I know there are still other things I can do to elevate my game, but Farmers seem to have a very low floor of starting difficulty (ie: easy to pick up and play compared to other guilds). What can my opponent to to neuter the farmers plan?
  11. Esters lineup advice

    OK, I will put Scum back into the lineup. I just wanted to use Quaff with his pimpin' hat. @BigRed, I just figured that my opponent would have a difficult time getting the last goal, and I was almost certain he would not get any takeouts in the match up. Yeah, better to give up no goals intentionally, but had I not done it, I felt I wouldn't be able to have this small steamroller of guys plow through their isolated Engineers. I'll try a different strategy next time though.
  12. Wow, first of all: thank you for posting up this data and your work @malladin.ben! Second, this helps me come to grasp everything i keep reading. I look at these forums at least 4-5 nights a week, and I see threads talking about how "Mason's are one of the strongest" or "Engineers are the strongest" or "Fishermen are the strongest" and I keep wondering why there are a few teams that are consistently being called "the best" or "strongest." But this data explains why a lot of different teams always seem to be the best in all the different threads. There actually are regional differences in the world where not only are some teams more successful, but the success of the other guilds wildly vary from region to region. It's not even really consistent at all (minus the Brewers, I suppose). Thank you for this!
  13. Esters lineup advice

    Hello all, i played my very first game as Brewers tonight and I used my LE Esters and Quaff just for the sake of it. My opponent was using his Ballista Engineers for the first time. Esters, Quaff, Friday, Spigot, Hooper, Lucky was my list. Ballista, Mother, Ratchet, Hoist, Velocity, Compound was his list. I've seen a skilled local player use Esters in S2 to great effect, so I figured I'd run her in S3, despite the general opinion being she sucks. i was against an all-kicking Engineer team, and I had decent success because I never felt threatened with takeouts. Essentially, I willingly gave up first goal to advance, tried to at least protect the ball, but was ok with allowing a second goal, all for positioning for takeouts (anywhere from 4-6 was my plan). in the end, I was able to whittle down players and give the ball to Esters where her gluttonous mass and a wall of models in front of her basically killed the ball until I was ready to score a goal (if I could, anyway). Ultimately, the final score was 13-8, and it worked how I wanted. I felt my list was decent, but it didn't feel like a well-oiled Machine. I wasn't sure what I was missing. Any advice on list changes or some tactic I could try with Esters led teams?
  14. Yeah, the new store doesn't have much in the way of individual models (probably because they aren't producing then anymore). I hope your order works, but yeah, you aren't supposed to use that site.