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  1. the_aY

    Puzzle Time - Engineers vs FIsh

    I like this scenario! Did you just make it until, or was this from a game you played? Without repeating the info above, I think Fish have a good chance.
  2. the_aY

    "Guilds" aren't strong or weak.

    I also feel that because there are so many factors it's very difficult to really determine strength or weakness between factions. You can certainly have advantages matchups. But so many things can happen in a game... Also, I think because there are only 6 models in the table with limited resources (Influence), the opportunity for broken synergies is get limited in this game, compared to others.
  3. the_aY

    All praise the plastic!

    The point about the new PVCs being the same price as metals shouldn't be an argument. This actually means that if SF released it in metal, it would cost even MORE as a final retail price. I understand that the POTENTIAL for detail is less with PVC than metal, but SF sculpts/designs their new models in such a way that the material can take the concept form. Everyone that I have ever shown the Blacksmith or Farmers boxes to, say something along the lines of "wow! Those are preassembled plastic models? Those look awesome!"
  4. the_aY

    PVC Fishers and Butchers

    Guild Ball from DAY ONE has had some of the most expensive PER MODEL prices in general. But overall, the game is relatively inexpensive to play bare bones, because you only need 6 models to buy-in. PVC versus metal debate, I don't want to bother getting into that, because it's an argument no one can win. We just all have to accept whatever happens, happens. Indiegogo: I have no problem with SF doing it this way. In fact, it's the noblest way you could crowd fund... Sell only enough units to break even on claimed start-up costs and then let retailers sell the rest. We shouldn't be mad at this, especially if the other option is "we don't feel confident in this investment, so it's just not going to happen at all." Quite frankly, timing or marketing for this project doesn't matter. If SF's own player base can't support this very limited amount of units (only 800!) to get the ball rolling, then it really shouldn't happen. Because they already have inventory and production of these same teams floating around in stores, and distribution centers. As far as price increases for PVC... Yeah, that's going to happen no matter what. If new boxes came in metal, the prices would have increased too. SF doesn't owe an explanation. You either buy, or you don't. PP's process have been steadily increasing year-after-year. Old models stay there same price, but new ones are WAY more expensive. But all-in-all, GB is very inexpensive for this category of game and experience you get...
  5. I'm surprised there is dice frustration at all, if you have played almost any other table top games involving dice. Guild Ball does a great job of controlling exploding dice, and reigning in really ridiculous odds rolls. In this game, if you attack, and get all hits, yes, the result you are going to get is good, as one would expect. But the result is controlled by having to choose a contained result. In other games, if you spike dice (let's say you roll 4-5 dice and they all come up 6s... That is an improbable roll, but could easily be game-deciding single rolls. (Ie: Warmachine, probably an instant caster/jack kill, Warhammer lead to mortal wounds or 24-30 wounds from lascannons, Walking Dead (I know they are special dice, but their equivalent) instant player kill...) In this game, if you get that same result, you go from 2 or 3 damage to 3-5 damage most of the time. You certainly did better, but it's dialed down. Yes, I can see why a new player may be upset if they had a fully-loaded captain go in and then get double-pushed out with s counter attack. But that is part of learning about Target section and what models you use to deal with that. It's not NPE. It's a very short part of learning the game. It's like playing hockey and then you get knocked down and feeling upset because you didn't know you were allowed to body check. But once you understand it's part of the game, you start to learn to play with that in mind.
  6. the_aY

    Write on tokens

    I use the BrokenEgg games writable tokens. Some of the designs are not right for my taste, but some are quite nice!
  7. the_aY

    GB resolution for –18?

    I resolve to play more games. I own almost everything, and it's all painted. I have teams I have never even used... I just don't get out enough. Maybe we could invent a machine that reduces sleeping requirements for the human body permanently? #FirstWorldProblems
  8. the_aY

    Best of the Season to You!

    Merry Christmas, all!
  9. the_aY

    Game stores in Las Vegas?

    One day, I will!
  10. Hello! Just wondering if there are any gaming stores that actually sell Guild Ball or other minis in Las Vegas. I'm going for 5 days tomorrow, and I'd like to visit some local game stores as I like to do that when I travel. I can uber/taxi wherever. Any advice and suggestions? Thank you in advance!
  11. the_aY

    Not About Guild Ball

  12. the_aY

    Not About Guild Ball

    Just saw this now. Good luck, and that's great news!
  13. the_aY

    Steamcon USA Keynote

    Wow, all this makes me excited!
  14. the_aY

    Tater is overrated

    I know looking at the cards that Buckwheat looks very good... But Peck is quite good.
  15. I FINALLY got a game in with my Farmers! I wrote a thread some time ago about how I should be using the Honest Land box. I basically too the advice of replacing Bushel with Tater. I was against Honour Mason's topical lineup. Man, I know part of it is because my opponent never saw Farmers before, but damn, Grange list reminds me of how I used to play On... Just a big steamroller that plows through. Windle is a monster, and Grange with a momentous KD on 1 just had so much versatility. It was a 4 takeout game (2 versus mascot, net making him worth the same as two real takeouts), and Jackstraw for final goal. I feel that everything I wanted to do really gets projected on the table (Windle being powered up like a kamahameha, harvest markers chaining up to the goal), but with so much threat potential from 3 beaters (and Taters counter charge threat), opponent has to just plan around things without interfering with he plan. I know there are still other things I can do to elevate my game, but Farmers seem to have a very low floor of starting difficulty (ie: easy to pick up and play compared to other guilds). What can my opponent to to neuter the farmers plan?