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  1. Organized Play Update

  2. Any Double Wide One-Sided Cards?!?

    The singled sided cards are all on a google document link but I've never seen any with a number above the playbook results.
  3. Falconers pics

    Chances are they see some errata like Vet Graves did with the Ratcatchers and or have good synergy with their new teammates like Bonesaw does.
  4. Zarola fluff question

    Sun father and solthecius are the same god. Just an evolved form of worship. Sherwin answered this on Facebook one time in a discussion. Apparently it’s also been mentioned at seminars
  5. Ratcatchers Story

  6. The Rookies are here!

    Yes. The rookie league organized play pack for instance says it comes with two exclusive sculpts. My guess is Ratcatchers and Falconers maybe
  7. Can easily be both with the right crowd and mindset.
  8. Any ideas about the minor guild

    Every Guild is getting a minor guild. This has been stated by SFG already. Blacksmiths I wouldn't expect for a while however.
  9. Piper Preview

  10. The Rookies are here!

    I love Ghast with his exposed burnt skin.
  11. Ratcatchers Story

    Yup, Trying to get it on a transfer so i can put it on a shirt and tease my Brewer playing friend.
  12. Ratcatchers Story

    Wasn't even on purpose either.
  13. Brewers Minor Guild - What will it be?

    Innkeepers makes sense as that would be a source of sales for the brewers.
  14. Ratcatchers Story

    Brewers being involved in organized crime has been mentioned before so I wasn't that surprised but it will be interesting to see what this does to the brewing confrontation between Esters and Tapper.
  15. Tokens?

    Pretty sure it has been said somewhere that yes it will.
  16. Ratcatchers Launch Event Kit

    If you own Kick Off it doesn't have to be painted at all.
  17. New releases in metal?

    They’re not gonna announce another guild that will be in retail in August now. Too soon. Retail announcements are made three months in advance. June we get Falconers so earliest we get solthecian is August which won’t be announced until May.
  18. New releases in metal?

    Says in that email. “Learn more about Pride on the Steamforged blog soon!”
  19. Escalation league

    Take 2 masters in your initial 3 not 2 apprentices.
  20. Faithful of Solthesius in May

    This box is Union not Solthecian Minor Guild. This gets all of Unions remaining models into a six man box plus Pride. As per the SFG newsletter email today we will get more info on Pride in an upcoming blog article.
  21. Faithful of Solthesius in May

    Probably because when initially announced Pride was for the Solthecian minor guild.
  22. Faithful of Solthesius in May

    All we know is some other way. What form that takes no idea.
  23. the figures

    No issues with my box 1. Still waiting on box 2 at the somewhat local FGS.
  24. Faithful of Solthesius in May

    You don’t have to. This is not for existing players. You will be able to get Pride a different way.