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  1. Toqtamish

    Mercenary status of the church

    They’re still union models. It’s business as usual until everyone gets their minor guilds.
  2. Toqtamish

    Falconers Delayed until 3rd Aug

    Navigators sabotage.
  3. Toqtamish

    Pin Vice "Upgrades"

    I hope we get a separate ball piece like the one at her feet too with the babies all over it.
  4. Toqtamish

    GBKeeper 1.6 Released

    Which I did say in my initial ask to the app creator. Thanks.
  5. Toqtamish

    Pin Vice "Upgrades"

    Well she's always been part human and mechanika. Maybe it's just more noticeable in this outfit.
  6. Toqtamish

    GBKeeper 1.6 Released

    Perfectly playable. They are all Union models after all.
  7. Toqtamish

    GBKeeper 1.6 Released

    any chance of adding Order as an option maybe ? I know you can do it in the Union but just figured I'd ask. They are an option on Longshanks now too.
  8. Toqtamish

    GBKeeper 1.6 Released

    android has GB Scrum and GB manager already.
  9. Toqtamish

    Canadian National (Eastern) Championship

    Want to give another round of applause to Tonio for an extremely well run event. Hope to be there again next year. We all had a lot of fun.
  10. Toqtamish

    Godtear Forum

    No.. It is for EA backers only.
  11. Toqtamish

    Tournament? Oh... I'm not ready for that!

    No and please don't gender stereotype my children. Thanks. Actually clock wasn't that bad at all. In all 5 of my rounds on the weekend I never once clocked out and only one game went to time for the round and dice down. The mirror match of Rats vs Rats and Matt vs Mat.
  12. Toqtamish

    Tournament? Oh... I'm not ready for that!

    Yeah my daughter started playing X-Wing tournaments with us at the age of 9. She lost most of the time but always made it through the events and was happy to be there. She wants to play GB now too. Shes 11 now.
  13. Toqtamish

    Tournament? Oh... I'm not ready for that!

    Well said. I've played in and run many tournaments for many games and it is always my fear of meeting one of "those players" that makes me anxious the night before.
  14. Toqtamish

    Didn't Get LE Pride, Am I Stuck Buying the Box?

    We've got a spare one already in our group. Regular not LE.
  15. Toqtamish

    Game plan deck vs Plot cards

    Definitely use opaque sleeves with proxies. And use a tcg card for backing.
  16. Toqtamish

    Game plan deck vs Plot cards

    You can always download and print it too
  17. Toqtamish

    The Navigator's Guild

  18. Toqtamish

    Any tips for speeding up your play?

    Yeah I prefer to chat and stuff to be honest. With two kids, wife work etc my gaming time is also my "me time". There is six of us coming from Nova Scotia too. I'm trying to view it as just lots of practice. I always get nervous before a big event. Did the same thing in X-Wing when running 30+ player regionals.
  19. Toqtamish

    Any tips for speeding up your play?

    I've never played on the clock and am playing my brand new Ratcatchers next week at Canada East Nationals. I feel like I am nuts for even going but I'm the driver. I suspect the clock will win my opponents a few points. I'm indecisive by nature and am specifically not taking my Morticians as they make me think way too much.
  20. Toqtamish

    Season 4 Playtesting Event

    Me but you're too far away and not accepting new teams.
  21. Toqtamish

    GBKeeper 1.6 Released

    She was officially released last week. The 18th.
  22. Toqtamish

    Navigators Guild on FB

    Or watch the video. Steamforged starts at 19:09. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/263177021
  23. Toqtamish

    S4 arrives october 12th

    Download it on the Monday same as everyone else in the world who cannot make it. Same as we had to do for Season 3.
  24. Toqtamish

    S4 arrives october 12th

    I'm not getting anything. I live in Canada. I will be watching the stream same as last year. You assume that you are somehow gonna miss out. That isn't accurate.
  25. Toqtamish

    S4 arrives october 12th

    So you'd rather others get the hype via the internet and that is fine. Okay..