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    Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    I'm going to Nationals and have only been playing since last August and cannot even decide on which guild to run. Who cares if you lose a bunch.
  2. Toqtamish

    What do you do with your redundant cards?

    Backing for proxy cards
  3. Toqtamish

    Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    That is part of starting anything new. You have to accept that when you start something new. If I started playing hockey I'd expect to lose a lot. If you cannot handle that and just go look elsewhere then the problem starts all over again.
  4. Toqtamish

    Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    It makes it easier if anything having teams that you can pick up and play. GB is a very cheap game to get in to. Pick your guild and play. Get some widgets and dice and tokens and really you can say you are done. the sky is definitely not falling and you always need new players. Everyone in my group is new. Most within the last 3 months and the longest 3 of us started in August.
  5. Toqtamish

    Veteran Captain Salt

    They've said they don't wanna show it so it is a surprise for folks that order it. It's just a casual for fun card anyway but does come with the regular mascot card too.
  6. Toqtamish

    Veteran Captain Salt

    Your loss then
  7. Toqtamish

    Running Fish into Blacksmiths

    Use Veteran captain Salt. She’s good against everything.
  8. Toqtamish

    The Exiles already sold out

    I don't think they were available to order yet.
  9. Toqtamish

    Ratcatchers Launch Event Kit

    If they didn't order it it is probably too late. Check with your store maybe they can get one still from their distributor.
  10. Toqtamish

    What do you look for in a youtube channel??

    Language so I can watch it at work and with my kids around. Clean and good audio.
  11. Toqtamish

    Falconers pics

  12. Toqtamish

    Organized Play Update

  13. Toqtamish

    Any Double Wide One-Sided Cards?!?

    The singled sided cards are all on a google document link but I've never seen any with a number above the playbook results.
  14. Toqtamish

    Falconers pics

    Chances are they see some errata like Vet Graves did with the Ratcatchers and or have good synergy with their new teammates like Bonesaw does.
  15. Toqtamish

    Zarola fluff question

    Sun father and solthecius are the same god. Just an evolved form of worship. Sherwin answered this on Facebook one time in a discussion. Apparently it’s also been mentioned at seminars
  16. Toqtamish

    Ratcatchers Story

  17. Toqtamish

    The Rookies are here!

    Yes. The rookie league organized play pack for instance says it comes with two exclusive sculpts. My guess is Ratcatchers and Falconers maybe
  18. Can easily be both with the right crowd and mindset.
  19. Toqtamish

    Any ideas about the minor guild

    Every Guild is getting a minor guild. This has been stated by SFG already. Blacksmiths I wouldn't expect for a while however.
  20. Toqtamish

    Piper Preview

  21. Toqtamish

    The Rookies are here!

    I love Ghast with his exposed burnt skin.
  22. Toqtamish

    Ratcatchers Story

    Yup, Trying to get it on a transfer so i can put it on a shirt and tease my Brewer playing friend.
  23. Toqtamish

    Ratcatchers Story

    Wasn't even on purpose either.
  24. Toqtamish

    Brewers Minor Guild - What will it be?

    Innkeepers makes sense as that would be a source of sales for the brewers.
  25. Toqtamish

    Ratcatchers Story

    Brewers being involved in organized crime has been mentioned before so I wasn't that surprised but it will be interesting to see what this does to the brewing confrontation between Esters and Tapper.