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    Season 4 Changes

    Or it moves to back and becomes an active trait. KEY THING HERE: WAIT FOR THE CARDS.
  2. Toqtamish

    Season 4 Changes

  3. Toqtamish

    Season 4 Changes

    It is no different than it was in season 3. I see no reason to have an issue with it. Hell bring 6 if that is all you wanna bring.
  4. Toqtamish

    Rookie Scourge

  5. Toqtamish

    Season 4 Changes

    Part 2 http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/17-7-2018-season-4-welcome-to-the-pitch-part-2
  6. Toqtamish

    Our minor, the cooks Guild...

    Because she’s tall.
  7. Toqtamish


    I would like to see a decent damage dealer as well. Have to wait for more info to see what our options our with it being still 63 days away.
  8. Toqtamish

    Our minor, the cooks Guild...

    Sounds like a fun modeling task. Or just use the old metal one or the new resin one.
  9. Toqtamish

    Our minor, the cooks Guild...

    Cooks hats. Makes sense to me.
  10. Toqtamish

    Our minor, the cooks Guild...

    Cook’s Guild Facebook group
  11. Toqtamish

    Erskirii Wolves: release date?

    They wouldn't even have shipped yet.
  12. Toqtamish

    Drunkards' Guild

    None. It's a lifestyle choice. We won't see this. Only thing the story truly hinted it as is more relationships between the BS and the Watch/Lawkeepers.
  13. Toqtamish

    Drunkards' Guild

    Guilds are professions. Not bad lifestyle choices. Closest we will see is the Drunks (Brewers guild)
  14. Toqtamish

    Farris and Bolt, background story

    Feels like a discrepancy with how Watch is described here and in Ferrites story. Ferrites made it sound like she left their guild to join the BS guild. Farris sounds like she was both at same time.
  15. Toqtamish

    Canadian National (Western) Championship

    Love my curling rock "ball" use it all the time now.
  16. Toqtamish

    Season 4 Changes

    Yes it does. "any kick of the ball (both passes and shots) when the target of the kick is within half range of the kicking model will reduce the TN by 1."
  17. Toqtamish

    Season 4 Changes

    Release date October 12th. In the US at Steamcon.
  18. Toqtamish

    Season 4 Changes

    Download them or buy a deck same as every other card change between seasons.
  19. Toqtamish


    Yes it is a good part. I don’t like this idea. As an alternative format fine go nuts.
  20. Toqtamish

    The Navigator's Guild

    I think it’s not the ball and more her doing some kind of spell or something with her hands.
  21. Toqtamish

    Season 3 Nationalities for Homelands Cup

    Fillet too.
  22. Toqtamish

    New Battlefoam Products

    Once they go past 8 they are no longer a Minor guild. Maybe in the future models get added and a Minor becomes a Major but that would be down the road a way yet. Still lots of Minors to go.
  23. Toqtamish

    Resin Hunters

    I like them but easy enough to get metal ones still if you prefer. These are still a few weeks away.
  24. Toqtamish

    Comparisons to RL Nations

    Most of the nations are described in the season one book.
  25. Toqtamish

    Resin Hunters

    The ball inside the trap is pretty cool too.