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    Been away for too long, what have I missed?

    He is an actor. Story and SFG very clearly have said this. Harry the original is dead. This was a way to get him on the Order team roster after having died in the storyline.
  2. Toqtamish

    Been away for too long, what have I missed?

  3. Toqtamish

    Been away for too long, what have I missed?

    Harry did die. The current Harry is an actor taking over his role.
  4. Toqtamish

    New OPD Maintenance Phase

    There is always a maintenance phase which is why Miasma and Scourge start the game with one damage each.
  5. Toqtamish

    Minor guild speculation

    I'd also been considering electricity as a theme but I don't think we have seen any sign of it in the setting as of yet either. Physicians guild doesn't play guild ball. They are neutral and paid a stipend by every other guild.
  6. Not having that issue in vertical or horizontal mode. Might be a display setting issue.
  7. Toqtamish

    GenCon Sneak Peeks

    Not for guild Ball if that’s what you mean. GenCon ended yesterday. We won’t see anything else outside of blogs until steamcons.
  8. Toqtamish

    GenCon Sneak Peeks

    Pretty certain that was it.
  9. Toqtamish

    The Navigator's Guild

    They keep them at all times. This was answered during the keynote. It’s on their card and always active.
  10. Can we get all the Navigators and Order added ?
  11. Toqtamish

    Squinty-eyed Cooks Spoilers

    Kick stats are too blurry. Most likely Roast and Spice are the call ups since they were both shown in the previews.
  12. Toqtamish

    Faithful Box Delay

    This Friday. The delay was for the July 20th.
  13. Toqtamish

    Minor Guild Season 4 Woes

    Alternate format. Fine. Main format. Hell no. What’s the point of even having minor guilds if that’s done.
  14. Toqtamish

    Minor Guild Season 4 Woes

    No. Minor guilds are balanced and designed around 8. Once they get larger they are no longer a minor guild and currently there is no minor guild that is planned to become a major guild. It could of course happen eventually but there is still lots of stuff to come out till then.
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    Canadian National (Western) Championship

    I know they wanted to this year to make it to all Nationals events. Was working on getting Sean to Eastern Canadian Nationals but just didn't work out with family obligations that coincided too close to the day of the event. So maybe.
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    Season 4 Changes

    Just someone who thinks he is funny.
  17. Toqtamish

    Season 4 Changes

    I've seen zero mention of this.
  18. Toqtamish

    Season 4 Changes

    The what ?
  19. Toqtamish

    Season 4 Changes

    Or it moves to back and becomes an active trait. KEY THING HERE: WAIT FOR THE CARDS.
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    Season 4 Changes

  21. Toqtamish

    Season 4 Changes

    It is no different than it was in season 3. I see no reason to have an issue with it. Hell bring 6 if that is all you wanna bring.
  22. Toqtamish

    Season 4 Changes

    Part 2 http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/17-7-2018-season-4-welcome-to-the-pitch-part-2