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  1. Faithful of Solthesius in May

    All we know is some other way. What form that takes no idea.
  2. the figures

    No issues with my box 1. Still waiting on box 2 at the somewhat local FGS.
  3. Faithful of Solthesius in May

    You don’t have to. This is not for existing players. You will be able to get Pride a different way.
  4. Vet Minx in May

    I split a box in a matter of minutes this morning with my two nearest players. And I only wanted one model.
  5. New releases in metal?

    Firstly, The Union: Faithful of Solthecius is NOT a Minor Guild it is part of The Union. (Just to clarify in case anyone is confused) Wait for the official announcement on Friday
  6. Ordering Guild Ball into Canada

    I might be ordering my Ratcatchers from him. Hoping he puts the dice up too.
  7. New releases in metal?

    Richard Loxam Before this gets out of hand this information has come from our RETAIL solicitation (I.e. not direct sales information) Retailers are not breaking any sort of embargo. For the past year or so it's been this way: 1. Distributors are informed on Monday. 2. Distributors release information to Retailers on Wednesday. 3. Retailers can immediately begin to market the items. (Power to the LGS! ✊) 4. SFG announce them on Friday - go and pre-order with your LGS, or wait for release day if buying from SFG. Firstly, The Union: Faithful of Solthecius is NOT a Minor Guild it is part of The Union. (Just to clarify in case anyone is confused) With regards to Pride, remember these boxes aren't targeted at existing customers they're a starter set - We've shown an alternate sculpt for Pride, make of that what you will.
  8. Ordering Guild Ball into Canada

    Blacksmiths, dice, Shadow games, alt art avarisse, Terrain pack and playmat, christmas hearth & buckwheat. It is pretty rare I get hit by it ever.
  9. Ordering Guild Ball into Canada

    I paid customs on my Black Friday order from steamforged. It was about $40 but it was also a large order and close to Christmas. In all my years ordering online I’ve paid duty 3 times.
  10. What was your first Guild and why?

    Blacksmiths. I was at GenCon 2017 and lined up two days to get them. They were new and interesting and seemed balanced between two win cons. Ended up trading that box for a huge lot of Morts and Union plus tokens and dice. 25 minis for 6 was too good to pass up. Got it again and haven’t used them yet lol.
  11. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    Costs go up. Inflation sucks. Was bound to happen eventually. Still cheaper than any other game and a great all in one box. Ratcatchers pre ordered with “local” store.
  12. Skulk Legal

    Yes. Models are legal soon as you have them in hand.
  13. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    And ? This was very clearly stated as the purpose in the blog articles on it.
  14. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    I'm an existing player. I don't own either of these guilds at all. also the amount is how much it costs to make the new moulds and the boxes etc etc. They are not making any profit on this. That is why it is 800 and done. Everything after that would be normal retail.
  15. None of the players that work for Morticians too have it. It is only Miasma and Scourge that have it.