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  1. AaronWilson.

    Kick scatter discussion

    In what way does it lead to feel bads out of interest?
  2. AaronWilson.

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    I didn't say everyone was wrong, what I think isn't fact it's a oponion My main point was I don't see how they give you a framework of a player that will be very different into any guild it goes into. The framework would have to be so bare bones it would defeat of the process anyway wouldn't it?
  3. AaronWilson.

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    I think people sometimes read too much into fun community things, just go with the flow. Play some games drop some votes enjoy hte little things.
  4. AaronWilson.

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    The problem is every rookie would work differently in each different guild, so having a "framework" wouldn't really work.
  5. AaronWilson.

    Up against the Alch

    The thing we have against Alchemist is there typical draft now will only include minimal ways to affect the game from a distance. Use your ranged ability & big threat models / extenders to take a early advantage and it's all good. I haven't found the match up a problem yet.
  6. AaronWilson.

    Thoughts on Playing for Takeouts?

    If Honour is Snared and you charge, on average you hit a KD even if she defensives.
  7. AaronWilson.

    S4 Theron 4+ Takeout list

    @mr baron A few things really, one being that I'm trying to find more uses for snow as it's currently in my 12 and I feel Blacksmiths is a good place to try and make us out of it. The reasons I feel I could make use of it is 1) In S4 I think we will see a lot more brawly brewers involving Sledge & vCinder which allows us to play a really strong stand off, hit and run game with the likes of Theron being manipulated via MO, Egret with BTS and effecfing things from a long way away and Jaecar still being able to reduce a model by -4/-4 MOV and ending up 7" away. With that being in mind I find IF people do get to engagement it's typically at the egde of it, which pack mentality then further reduces any damage we will take as we can dodge out of the melee after the first hit. 2) Because we will be playing a patient game you have the time in a pinch to put Feral Instincts a on a key player (most likely Theron for me) which just allows you to push through for more damage. I had a few times Jecar charging under MFD and just taking M4/M2 >< to trigger a trap against a snared master to just shred players like Furnace & Hearth.
  8. AaronWilson.

    Thoughts on Playing for Takeouts?

    I think any hunters line up with of our decent beaters (Seenah, Jaecar, oHearne) should at least go 2/2 without reallying building for it. Theron typically goes more 4/1 due to the nature of the captain.
  9. AaronWilson.

    S4 Theron 4+ Takeout list

    I think any combination of Theron + Mascot + anything like Seenah, Jaecar, oHearne with vMinx can easily take 4 take outs. I played two games against BS on the weekend with Theron, Snow, Egret, Zarola, vMinx & Jaecar and got 4 take outs in both games. It's just about picking the right players for the match up.
  10. AaronWilson.

    Momentum for a missed goal

    I think given how easy go runs can be, sometimes literally sprint, roll 2-4 dice and get 4 VPS the drawbacks for missing the goal should be very big. If you compare how much investment in influence, activaitons, preparation and dice rolled for killing a player to goal scoring there needs to be that risk / reward factor there.
  11. AaronWilson.

    Tie Breaker

    No it's for the initital roll off.
  12. Really dislike this idea. A roll off for the first turn is simple and just works. I don’t think it’s much less random then shuffling the GP deck then deciding to discard two anyway, given the scattering of the values in the deck.
  13. AaronWilson.

    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    I still think jaecar 100% has a place in the 12 and for sure in some 6s. He saw the table twice in my last event.
  14. AaronWilson.

    Egret & Flurry question?

    This is actually very useful if for example a opponent is keeping one of your own players at 1/2 health to kill at the start of the next turn to deny you the player for the turn. Have egret flurry the opposing model, which will kill your model. It denies them the ability to get any momentum next turn from the take out & means yuh will have your player on the pitch next turn to do what you want with. Not exactly what it’s designed but a situational use which can be a big deal.
  15. AaronWilson.

    S4 Favorite Skatha + 5 line up

    To be honest I think any line up that involves Skatha + Zarola + Bear is super strong in S4. Those 3 players really do cover a massive aspect of the game.
  16. AaronWilson.

    First S4 event breakdown.

    So I had my first S4 event today at cambrigde today, longshanks link - https://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=1588 First S4 games with Hunters, I left Chaska, vHearne & Snow at home. I drafted ever player bar Ulfr, who I'm going to drop for Snow next game to play into Blacksmiths, Butchers & probably Honour Masons. Tough day playing 4 WTC players but I took the event out 4-0, I did have the run of the luck when I needed it in a couple of the games. Skatha v Theron 12 - 6 Theron v Ox 12-9 Theron v Smoke 12-7 Skatha v vRage - 12-6. The new Skatha & Seenah are awesomeeeeeeeeee.
  17. AaronWilson.

    First S4 event breakdown.

    For me Ulfr will be staying out the 12, along with Chaska & vHearne
  18. AaronWilson.

    First S4 event breakdown.

    Fair matey, glad to see Ulfr doing work
  19. AaronWilson.

    First S4 event breakdown.

    Ulfr needs a little luck to get the ball of oBrisket needing 3 5s on 6 dice and it gets worse if she’s in cover but glad it worked out for you dude.
  20. AaronWilson.

    S4 Team Changes

    Excellent work mate, I just saw one error that says Skathas legendary adds a push dodge to each result, it just adds a dodge now bud.
  21. AaronWilson.

    First S4 event breakdown.

    I think Hunters have enough depth & two good enough captains that you could play either captain into the match up and you’d stand a good enough chance. I agree Skatha doesn’t care about her charmed but she does care about her UM. If the opponent doesn’t give you a opportunity to dodge into oBrisket Skatha isn’t getting it. vMinx can negate that but vMinx has to get to oBrisket, and your game plan totally depends on that ball. At least with Theron you can still slot in a goal easy enough with oHearne, Jaecar or vMinx and have that control. You cant out fight them in a direct fight, but you can pick out and scalpel players using pinned & G&S to get the VPs you need to win. I think if you think you’re playing a weaker player who doesn’t have the skill to hide the ball in a effective manner Skatha will do what Shark does to Ox. For me, if I know I’m playing a skilled opponent I want the utility that Theron can bring.
  22. AaronWilson.

    First S4 event breakdown.

    Right... So he got into 8" of Theron prior to activating said model.. I mean I'm just confused how this whole thing even happened.
  23. AaronWilson.

    First S4 event breakdown.

    As in pin Ox on his deployment line or something?
  24. AaronWilson.

    First S4 event breakdown.

    You realise it's momentum for the person kicking off, not for the person recieving right?
  25. AaronWilson.

    S4 butchers.

    I played against Butchers this weekend at a event, so many of there squaddies are much improved. Boilers throwing axe doing 4 damage inside the owner and 3 more for bleed is painful, oBrisket gaining above and beyond is amazing, Shank going 2/4 is where he wants to be and vGutter sweeping charge is painful. Butchers are looking super strong in S4.