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  1. Lucky feedback

    I've played against Lucky three times and haven't been impressed with him at all.
  2. Hello from MIchigan

    Welcome to the community my friend! Most of luck finding success with the farmers.
  3. Verse Farmers Tech

    My post was sarcastic, there's a lot more going in the match up.
  4. First tournament with Hunters

    The thing about Corsair is he is very good at holding the ball (or he can just park on Greyscales if you bring no Ulfr to make it difficult), The way he fights is in a big scrum, typically with A&G, Corsair, oSiren & Tentacles all offering up Ganging out. Hunters like to kill a player (normally a squishy non tough hide model), stay spread and play 1v1 / 2v1 engagements using things like pinned, G&S and back to the shadows to limit what the opponent can return with. Corsair throws that out the window by dragging a player in and forcing them into a situation where they are engaged by 3-4 people and normally the only easy target to kill is oSiren or Hag, even Hag has Fear which is a pain. His deathscrum style of play which he can force onto the opponent is the exact opposite of how Hunters what to fight. We lack the ability to just outright kill Corsair like vRage or Hammer can we don't have players like Mist or Vitriol who can threaten the ball extremely well. All in all It's just rough for Hunters, but totally not un-winnable. Killing A&G is a HUGE part of the match up, using a nimble Fahad you can buy some time to pepper A&G and send in oHearne to prep Theron to kill A&G. That's the best situation I've found myself in the match up, once A&G is gone Corsair doesn't kill a player in one go and you can pile into him. I would not take Snow in the match up. Corsair & A&G KD alot and Snow anatomical isn't hugely useful against the likes of oSiren, A&G or Hag. Fahad I've sound good as a roadblock.
  5. First tournament with Hunters

    I normally take Theron, Fahad, Jaecar, Minx, Egret & oHearne. Peter at Worlds beat Corsair with Skatha but I haven't been able to watch the match. In general it's one of our tougher match ups and no better than a 50/50.
  6. First tournament with Hunters

    Well done on your second place I've been trying using Fahad with nimble as a base to block Lure / Drag. It's pretty solid and negates a lot of what Corsair wants to be doing to you.
  7. Verse Farmers Tech

    Cosset always dies - it's just about making sure you get more out of her then she gives away.
  8. Pin Vice Kick Off Options

    I would normally kick off with Pin Vice. Exerts a lot of kick off pressure and can totally delete a player if needed.
  9. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    Yeap! I lost the first round and decided I couldn't win the event so just played Theron as I like shooting people in the face. Played Skatha in the last round as vRage is one of the few match ups I think Theron is hugely disadvantaged when compared to Skatha.
  10. Hey guys, recently have had a real connection with a guild in the game and decided to blog about everything Hunters here! Did a bit of a introduction article, would love to have you guys check it out www.forestrambo.blogspot.com
  11. Event for beginners: need some advice

    This sounds like a frikking awesome idea. 6 x 4 x 2 x 1 I'd say are the Widgets to go for.
  12. Verse Farmers Tech

    Use Cosset / PM to draw in Thresher. Put him in the Casket. Profit!
  13. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    So I had a event at the weekend, was a crazy tough field as like out of the Uk top 25 there was 8 of us or something. Was a GiC event, lost the first game v Smoke. I got to 8-8 and Theron had a 3 shot dice on goal to win, missed and Minx got Witness Me by vKatalyst and lost. Won the next 3 (12-2 Theron v Tapper, 12-10 Theron v Filet, 12-5 Skatha v vRage). I used bait the trap all day. Ended 3-1 but placed 5th out of 16 due to SoS fucking me. Will write it up for the blog soonish.
  14. Help vs Blacksmiths

    So I'll watch the video later but I'd drop Theron into Blacksmiths with Theron, Fahad, Jaecar, Minx, oHearne & Zarola. The apprentices are super easy to pick off and Theron has the ability to shut down goal runs completely. Will watch the the video and give some feedback after work though.
  15. Write on tokens

    I'd recommend the Warmachine default set. Pick a colour that suits your team, they're cheap as chips.
  16. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    I mean that sounds like the appropriate thing do at work! Thanks as ever for taking a read.
  17. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    I didn't go into detail on every single match up, if there's any you want real detail in I can. I think most are sort of self explanatory bar the ones I touched upon.
  18. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    Awww nuuuuuuu. To be fair, I don't think you need too much helping beating me
  19. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters Guild.

    www.forestrambo.blogspot.com Today I'm back taking a look the Hunters GICs / What captain I play into what teams.
  20. Hey guys, recently have had a real connection with a guild in the game and decided to blog about everything Hunters here! Did a bit of a introduction article, would love to have you guys check it out www.forestrambo.blogspot.com
  21. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    www.forestrambo.blogspot.com I'm back today taking a look at the GIC's and my thoughts on them as well what captains I play into what teams. Check it out as ever and let's get some discussion going.
  22. Hello from the frozen North!

    A Horus Heresy reader? Did we just become best friends! What's your favourite novel of the series?
  23. Pin Vice v Farmers/Thresher

    Compound is pretty legit as Thresher 0 good ways of playing around it.
  24. Rough match ups and how to deal

    Yeah sorry Thresher indeed.
  25. Kicking over knocked-down players

    I think there a distinct difference between inhibiting someones ability to swing a hammer while on the floor compared to stretching your leg up and luckily knocking a ball off it's path.