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  1. The Casual Mortician

    That's fair! I really lack any good advice for playing Scalpel as I've played less then 10 games with her. I did find she is awesome at getting someone in that box!
  2. Living in the new reality

    I appreciate peoples thoughts on Bonesaw when you compare him to a lot of strikers. Flint, Vitriol, Mist are prime example of strikers that make Bonesaw a little bit jealous. Bonesaw feels like he has to jump through hoops to be a really efficient striker where as other "good" strikers are just flat out good at scoring goals. It's not that Bonesaw can't be made to work and he will have games where he achieves a good amount it's just when compared to other players in his role he feels hard done by.
  3. Organized Play Update

    It certainly seems "better" for a team that have such a strong ability for a turn one goal. Maybe on the following Minor Guilds it won't feel like such a massive bonus? Or maybe Ratcatchers were designed with the mind that they should get the first turn goal? It's a interesting statement by SFG essentially saying we think to help balance a guild they should decide to kick or receive most of the time.
  4. Falling into a trap

    I don't think Slegde is a bad apprentice but he competes with some insane models. Alloy, Bolt & Cinder are all amazing models and perform there roles so well. Iron is worth a honourable mention as that guy puts some serious damage and Cast is a nice little flex pick. I find it hard to justify Sledge as he doesn't bring anything unique to the table.
  5. Playing into Fish

    Corsair is a really tough match up for Morts so don't feel too bad about losing the match up. The best thing you can do is attack the ball and Obulus is at least well equipped to do so. Obulus's Puppet Master negates a lot of Corsairs ability to hide the ball while his teams beat your face. Corsair teams normally like to keep on Corsair in the scrum or Tentacles at a safe distance due to Close Control. Puppet Master negates that completely so your Corsairs ability to hide the ball is a lot worse then it normally is. Silence is neat tool into Corsair, being able to reliably make Corsair go last can put him in a really tight spot as it allows you to play a turn around the drag etc. It also means if he does put the ball on Corsair a Shut Out means you have the whole turn to strip the ball. Memory is a great tool to stop Lure / Drag at key times as well, as well as Brainpan & Memory being great strikers. I would draft Obulus, Dirge, Silence, B&M, Mist & oGraves. A tooled up Obulus reliably kills oSiren or Greyscales which allows you to play a 2-2 game at a pinch.
  6. The Casual Mortician

    I like a cheeky charge with oGraves & Confidence, a well placed Scything blow is a splash of 6 damage on 2-3 players.
  7. Masons and the Guild Plan Deck

    I like Lucky a lot and in my Masons 10 I immediately looked to drop out Granite & Chisel as well as Wrecker. The last spot is really a debate between dropping vHarmony, Lucky or Mist. I REALLY like vHarmony into certain match ups, I love Mist into teams (Like Hunters) who lack 2" and I just like Lucky. Sadly Lucky will be staying at home for my self.
  8. Squaddies?

    This was mentioned in the recent blog, the term Squaddie was used as it saves them typing out "non-captain non-mascot player" every time they want to refer to one.
  9. Organized Play Update

    One thing that bugs me about the internet is the crazy hyperbolic situations that are made up. "People measuring our there whole turn while there opponent twiddles there thumbs because he's picked his plot card". We're all adults here and it's normally very obvious if someone is slow playing on purpose (though I may just be more attuned to it due to it old WMH clock rules). Call a judge, speak to person across the table, etc. There's no need for a fix to a problem that has not yet been made, even then most issues can just be resolved between two adults across the table speaking to each other. In regards to the OPD update, it's a interesting bonus for Minor Guilds. It's almost as SFG have said "we feel they are competitive enough rules wise but they need a bonus in flexibility" which makes sense due to there limited roster. I'm interested to see how that pans out
  10. Parting Blow

    Get your 2" widget, place it down, both agree you're happy with the placement of the model who was just KD'D, move on. I've literally never had an issue that can't be agreed upon by two adults playing toy soldiers in less then 30 seconds.
  11. To be clear I'm not saying it can't be played casually, there's a few people local to me that I know would rather not play on clock and don't play every week. When one of those guys ask for a game I normally try a silly line up or play a different team to what I'm currently attending tournaments with. We don't use a clock and time isn't a issue as we kick back and roll dice. It works and we have fun but one thing that is apparent - purely due to the difference in games we played - is the skill level. It can lead to casuals not enjoying "Casual" games because of that. If you're local group never plans to attend events, you're all happy to play 3 hour games and the only objective of Guildball is to be a beer and pretzel sort of game no one can say that's not a casual game for your self. The only point I'd make is I feel that there are better games for that sort of local play group that can offer a much more cinematic and narrative driven experience then Guildball can.
  12. I agree with Gauntlet and I've actually had the conversation a lot locally with people in the South of the U.K. Guildball doesn't really have a off mode, it's hard to draw an example from another game but let's use 40k. 40k you can play narrative games, you can recreate hugely cinematic moments, you can forge your own characters, make your own scenarios and run campaigns. Guildball really lacks the capacity for a lot of what "Casual" games normally offer. Guildball is 1 scenario, 6 players with only 2 ways to "win" the game. For example say you're playing Age of Sigmar and you make crazy scenario where deamons are pouring out of realmgates and victory conditions aren't anything to do with achieving a points it's purely a narrative victory / loss. Guildball ultimately a mechanical game about achieving your 12 VPs to win the game. I think the toughest for me is trying to sell the game to newer players that are trying to break into a community of experienced players. There is no two ways about your first 3 months of Guildball against players that know the game mechanics just somewhat are either them letting you win the game, or them beating you and explaining the mistakes you made. It's not exactly a "enjoyable" learning curve losing over and over again. I don't think Guildball can never be played casually but I think Guildball at it's core is a competitive game with a ultra tight ruleset that allows people to compete at high skill levels very well due to the nature of the rigid mechanics it has.
  13. Lost limb

    Drop the support email a line, they will most likely be able to fix him up.
  14. A New Morticians Player Says Hello

    Welcome to the community mate
  15. Game Plan deck discussion

    I'm pretty nervous about the new gameplan deck and how it will all pan out, to be honest.