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  1. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    If it helps the last event I attended I played Thresher (And the same other 5) 3 times in a row and won 3 out of 2. If the Thresher player makes a mistake we can capitalize on it well but really when we're kicking to Thresher that's what we're hoping for.
  2. Kick or Receive (Captain & Mascot Choice)

    Largely this won't affect me, as I pick the captians more on overall match up then if I am kicking or receiving, that typically just affects my draft. That said It's interesting and I haven't drafted with it yet, so that could change.
  3. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    Yeap, Making Thresher kick to Theron is pretty ideal (even better we can draft Theron knowing this). Theron is one of the best (If not the best) at being able to shut down Thresher when he kicks to us. The tougher situation is when we're made to kick to Thresher, as they form a little death circle with Thresher threating 17" and Tater 16" out of it and just hold the ball up until they get a free goal, or they decide it's time to commit Thresher & Tater, I still don't have a great plan for kicking to Thresher, it's really tough.
  4. 'smiths experiences so far?

    I'm always up for dicussing mate, throw them at me!
  5. Teach me how to vHearne

    Chaska isn't currently even in my 10, so I don't think you're in that small of a minority. That said I may him look to swap him in over Egret as I think his trap can be hugely helpful into Thresher but that still needs a healthy bit of testing.
  6. Game too Swingy?

    I'd actually say Guildball is one of the few games I play that enables players to claw back from huge deficits MUCH more than any other game. I play Horus Heresy, 40k and Age of Sigmar, a strong alpha in 30/40k can cripple you for the whole game. I've seen games shaken hands on from some horrendous alphas in 40k & 30k due to the lack of player interactivity the games have (Seriously I've watched some bat reps that are one player shooting at the other player for 50 mins, post editing). Age of Sigmar has the rolling for initiative mechanic and can allow for double turns which can somewhat offset a alpha, but double turns leads to it's own problems. There's a couple of mechanics and reasons I think clawing back from a big point deficit is more feasible than in other games - 1 ) The I go you go system, not only does it allow for player urgency (again ^ the above situation can leave you feeling very detached from a game after not interacting with it bar rolling armor saves for a hour) but it always gives a chance a player to react what's going on in the game. Yes bad dice totally do happen but it typically leaves players with options to react to what the opponent has just done. 2 ) There's very things in the game that can be done without a opponent being able to take something back. Opponent scores a goal? You now have the ball as a resource. Player comes into kill one of your players? In theory you should be in a position do retaliate to that players and give back some pain. There's things in the game that somewhat circumvent this (Corsair being to drag in players, Obulus being able to Puppet Master) etc, but those players come with shortcomings which players can capitalize on. In short, there's very few actions you can take to get VPs that shouldn't give your opponent at least a chance to get some back. I could go on but I think those two summarise it best, I've been 0-6 0-8 down before and gone on to win the game. Typically 0-6 will mean they've got a goal and killed a player, you now have the ball and in theory one of your opponent players is vulnerable due to taking out one of your players. Similarly at 0-8 I'd expect the opponent to be somewhat out of position to have scored 2 fast, early goals maybe? You can use those players to bully and try and hold the ball. I appreciate everyone has bad games and as a new player sometimes Guildball can seem tough and unforgiving, but I think once you have a good grasp of the rules and how to handle the game I've found that in nearly every single game I've always had a chance to come back If I've given up a early lead. Alternatively if I've got super head by taking a risky goal or two or over-committed my opponents have found a route back in due to the board state and the fact my resources have been spent getting that early rather than developing a good board state / position of control for my self. I'm often happy to give up VPs knowing this will give me time to develop a position where I can snapback goal / kill 2 players the turn after, etc. Jeez, sorry that wall of came real quick. TL;DR - I think out of the current table top wargames on the market Guildball's ruleset is one of the few that allows coming back from a large deficit due to the core rules / mechanics of the game.
  7. Teach me how to vHearne

    I think one of Guildballs greatest strengths is that people can really find a six / team that fits their playstyle, sometimes some players / play style may not work for someone else and may totally click for another. Personally I think oHearne just out values vHearne but it's great to see other plays have success with him, he's such a great model.
  8. Cheers from Rome!

    Welcome to the community my friend
  9. Random Thoughts after a Tournament

    Yeah, I'm really reluctant to drop Minx as she's just a Hunter player basically & a incredibly efficient and good one. A&G could totally work I think as it makes Therons brawling line up that much better.
  10. 'smiths experiences so far?

    I don't feel like Hunters are that punishing post Theron & oHearne errata. Honestly any team with Theron, Fahad, oHearne, Jaecar & Minx on is a fantastic team, those players are all excellent in a vacuum and make a very well rounded team. You can slot in Zarola, Chaska, Egret, Ulfr, Seenah in the end as you see fit. The flexibility the team has with two blessings, 2 furios players as well as decent ranged presence is very good. It has a ton of reach (Zarola extends this further) and has the tools to handle most teams to a degree. Skatha could do with allowing her to Blessing her self, but she's great and does a lot for the team (also gives a good use for the plot card Composure :D). Hunters are in a really nice place right now, even though I think Seenah, Zarola and Chaska aren't star players that totally have roles in the game and the more I get them on the pitch the more I see there value. vHearne is the last player in the roster I think needs a change now oHearne is SO efficient. Anywaaaay, the topic is getting de-railed quite a lot. In my 10 BS I'd leave Anvil & Sledge at home.
  11. Random Thoughts after a Tournament

    Ulfr is the man, over something like 15 games at SteamCon he got a goal in every single on. Where'd They Go may just be one of the best 1 dice plays, up there with Blind.
  12. Blacksmith tourny 10

    If I was to play I'd drop Anvil / Sledge. I feel Farris, Hearth, Ferrite, Alloy, Bolt & Flex spot would be my standard 6 and I'd rotate people in / out accordingly.
  13. 'smiths experiences so far?

    Totally agree with @UTasteSoSo Blacksmiths are a team full of proper jank tank, with a lot of interweaving rules you need to keep on top of to play them "properly". Remembering all of your Tuteleages? (That's spelt wrong), legendary plays as well as the interactions / auras a lot of the masters have BS have a huge amount of depth. I think in a few months when someone has really mastered the second box and the team as a whole (Drafting with blacksmiths is another sort of mystery) we will see then doing better in events, as it stands people are still working the puzzle out.
  14. Plastic Fisherman interest registration.

    To be Fair Mako, that's not what the survey asks. There's a little description on if we'd like the Fisherman guild in PVC as the Blacksmiths / Farmers were done in. Separately it asks if we own the Fishermen guild. I answered yes, assuming follow up questions like - Would you rebuy the team in PVC plastic, would you prefer 2 6 man boxes or 1 12 man box, what price point would you buy them etc? Instead the survey told it me was done, with my answer being Yes I own the Fishermen guild. I don't have any interest in re-buying the team again and the survey is more then a little mis-leading.
  15. The survey somewhat confused, there was a little description on if we'd like the fish in PVC. Then I was asked If I own the Fishermans guild, which I said yes. That was it? As market research into if I'd buy a new box of 12 PVC models, would I prefer it in 6, what price point would I buy in at.... etc. It doesn't seem like ideal marker research.