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  1. Alchemist GIC Theory Thread

    All 3 are really tasty. AP against teams like Masons / Blacksmiths is fantastic. WTWB is amazing for Smoke and we have a great card to play a bit more defensively
  2. Solid 10 Man Roster

    I'm taking Smoke/Midas/Naja/Mercury/Calculus/Vitriol/oKat/vKat/Compound/Harry tomorrow to a event. Will let you know if Decimate actually hits the table and how well she does if so!
  3. Don’t Touch The Beard 9: Theron Vs Fillet

    Great match report
  4. Hunters win the Canada nationals?

    So I've heard this.. anyone know anything more about? I'm just really excited Hunters are winning things
  5. Hunters win the Canada nationals?

    So I've heard this.. anyone know anything more about? I'm just really excited Hunters are winning things
  6. Power Rankings before WTC

    Really glad to hear Hunters are doing so well. Played first 2 games with them yesterday and they're such a blast to play
  7. Power Rankings before WTC

    I was, doesn't mean I don't like player rankings They push people to a number that doesn't ultimately matter and shoehorn people into playing what they think are the better guilds for ranking points, or playing one guild to be get top guild in UK etc.
  8. Power Rankings before WTC

    Rankings list are just relative to the player playing them. Seems kind of a waste of a time every time I see a power rankings list. I can confirm I took the "best" guild I wouldn't suddenly win the next event I go to etc. That and "Player ranking" annoys me, but let's not go into that.
  9. Power Rankings before WTC

    WTC and being able to select match ups skew it a bit. I suspect people will win some games, some may lose and one team will win it.
  10. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Another interesting thing to take from this is clearly SFG think games are taking too long / the pace of the games needs to be increased. Peoples thoughts on if GICs are the way too shorten game lengths?
  11. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Great answer, glad to hear mate.
  12. GIC General Theory Thread 

    So in response to that, which the general feel is - We want people playing more aggressive. For teams like Hunters or Morticians which are defined by control and playing a cautious, calculated game has the effect on those teams been thought of?
  13. People can argue clock is a resource and letting it run down is a victory condition. I know people who when ahead on clock will play faster and look to take a clock out win if it's a option. Is that bad sportmanship or just playing to the game?
  14. Hello👋Which Union to buy❓1st tourney tips

    Awesome, see you there matey. I'll be carrying my team down there anyway
  15. Hello👋Which Union to buy❓1st tourney tips

    I'm going to jumpers for goalposts 3 indeed mate!