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  1. AaronWilson.

    Vet Hearne is now pretty hot

    He's certainly better, not 100% sure I will always draft him but he has some real janky goal threat with a sprint, last light skewered, teleport.
  2. AaronWilson.

    S4 Skatha

    Yeah I like this a lot. She looks very solid and she feels a nice role into teams that Theron doesn't necessairly have the smoothest game into.
  3. AaronWilson.

    Gut and string nerfed.

    I think it's fair, being able to make a player -6 move iwth G&S & trap with no way to interact with it was a bit obnoxius. I'd still take him into the match ups I like him into.
  4. AaronWilson.

    Indirect S4 Egret spoiler

    The 2" dodge makes her 1T on her third column pretty fantastic.
  5. AaronWilson.

    Minerva in Hunters.

    I fell in love with Mataagi over the weekend, having him just have 1 every turn and do either a M2 + Bleed or a Harrier for 1 was incrddibly useful. His non commital role also is nice for the team.
  6. AaronWilson.

    vet. Cinder

    I'm happy to be wrong on that point, I've never played the guild my self. I'm happy to hear she's useful in nearly in all situations
  7. AaronWilson.

    My expereince with Farmers so far.

    I didn't plan to add anything to to so I decided to remove it.
  8. AaronWilson.

    Minerva in Hunters.

    For me, Theron, Fahad, oHearne, Zarola & Minerva are all staples with last spots being flexs like Jaecar / Zarola.
  9. AaronWilson.

    Minerva in Hunters.

    So I played my first game with our new addition this afternoon and wow, she is just as good as her card looks. She's probably one of the best early activations we have, leaving players on low health and removing them with Minerva is amazing because - It's almost guaranteed Eye spy's / Harriers as the player is normally Snared and / or crowded out, so you can take a momentous eye spy / harrier, two of either then kill the player as well as her pseudo tooled up if your below recovery level means it's even more reliable. Then on top of all that you get a free come on mate, just damnnnn. She blew my mind, she's a better additong then I thought (and I thought she was a amazing one).
  10. AaronWilson.

    Gunline tips

    Ballista gunline has been a thing for a while and it can be effective, my own personal expereince against is once you get in there it folds very fast is all.
  11. AaronWilson.

    vet. Cinder

    I don't think so, Decimate is pretty much as useful at TAC4 as she as TAC6 against a 4/0 model and is very good at disengaging herself and is a good example of it.
  12. AaronWilson.

    Season 4 changes

    SFG have said a unique "guild rule" won't be for every guild. Masons already have there own uniqueness in there playbooks & playstyle.
  13. AaronWilson.

    The Navigator's Guild

    It's going to be tricky to find a spot at killing the ball with things like Azimoth's netted and Windfinders 6" KD. For me, they're going to be the most competitive minor guild so far. Theron is going to have to work overtime shooting people in the face.
  14. AaronWilson.

    My expereince with Farmers so far.

    I prefer the fairly standard builds. Grange, Peck, Fallow, Tater, Millstone & Jackstraw and Thresher, Peck, Tater, Harrow, Millstone & Jackstraw.
  15. AaronWilson.

    Faithful Box Delay

    My sSpigot & vFangtooth are on there way to me! Very excited to try them out.