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  1. AaronWilson.

    S4 Team Changes

    Excellent work mate, I just saw one error that says Skathas legendary adds a push dodge to each result, it just adds a dodge now bud.
  2. AaronWilson.

    First S4 event breakdown.

    I think Hunters have enough depth & two good enough captains that you could play either captain into the match up and you’d stand a good enough chance. I agree Skatha doesn’t care about her charmed but she does care about her UM. If the opponent doesn’t give you a opportunity to dodge into oBrisket Skatha isn’t getting it. vMinx can negate that but vMinx has to get to oBrisket, and your game plan totally depends on that ball. At least with Theron you can still slot in a goal easy enough with oHearne, Jaecar or vMinx and have that control. You cant out fight them in a direct fight, but you can pick out and scalpel players using pinned & G&S to get the VPs you need to win. I think if you think you’re playing a weaker player who doesn’t have the skill to hide the ball in a effective manner Skatha will do what Shark does to Ox. For me, if I know I’m playing a skilled opponent I want the utility that Theron can bring.
  3. AaronWilson.

    First S4 event breakdown.

    Right... So he got into 8" of Theron prior to activating said model.. I mean I'm just confused how this whole thing even happened.
  4. AaronWilson.

    First S4 event breakdown.

    As in pin Ox on his deployment line or something?
  5. AaronWilson.

    First S4 event breakdown.

    You realise it's momentum for the person kicking off, not for the person recieving right?
  6. AaronWilson.

    S4 butchers.

    I played against Butchers this weekend at a event, so many of there squaddies are much improved. Boilers throwing axe doing 4 damage inside the owner and 3 more for bleed is painful, oBrisket gaining above and beyond is amazing, Shank going 2/4 is where he wants to be and vGutter sweeping charge is painful. Butchers are looking super strong in S4.
  7. AaronWilson.

    Steam Con US: What's the News?

    Miners guild, Engineers Minor Guild Entertainers guild, Brewers Minor Guild Veteran Greede
  8. AaronWilson.

    First S4 event breakdown.

    The issue with Skatha is it gives the option for Butchers to hide the ball. Nurser could of literally just ran the ball off with oBrisket into a place I just couldn’t get it. Theron removes the option of hiding the ball and forces the engagement, which I can somewhat control with Pinned & G&S. It used to be a awful match up for Ox but the game was crazy close, I had to close the game out by killing Shank & getting a goal in the same activation or I would of lost. I only had one minute for the last activation as well. The match up now is waaaaaay closer, Butchers have gained a lot of reach in Boilers throwing axe, Shank going 2/4 and is massively threat paired with Marked Target, vGutteds sweeping charge and against big threat with marked target is big. The squaddies in Butches are massively scary and Ox’s improved aura only compounds it.
  9. AaronWilson.

    First S4 event breakdown.

    Yeah I dragged seenah in all the games bar one, avoided her against ox.
  10. AaronWilson.

    First S4 event breakdown.

    So I had my first S4 event today at cambrigde today, longshanks link - https://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=1588 First S4 games with Hunters, I left Chaska, vHearne & Snow at home. I drafted ever player bar Ulfr, who I'm going to drop for Snow next game to play into Blacksmiths, Butchers & probably Honour Masons. Tough day playing 4 WTC players but I took the event out 4-0, I did have the run of the luck when I needed it in a couple of the games. Skatha v Theron 12 - 6 Theron v Ox 12-9 Theron v Smoke 12-7 Skatha v vRage - 12-6. The new Skatha & Seenah are awesomeeeeeeeeee.
  11. AaronWilson.

    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    Jaecar is still awesome, he still does his thing - turns 4 INF into 8 MOM damage, still has a ton dodges and can still somewhat reduce a models effectivenes by dropping -4 movement onto a player. I don't think he's a bad player and if someone is still running I can appreciate why, for me though he doesn't bring anything super unqiue to the team (Bar G&S, which is still awesome). He's a very hungry player who is ultimately just doing some damage, players like oHearne, Mataagi / Minerva, Egret / Chaska, Zarola, vMinx, Seenah all bring something unique to the team which I can use as a tool in the draft. While Jaecar is still awesome, he does have his downsides like being a hungry player to fully do what he wants to, the loss of bleed on his trap as well as the G&S change is a real pain and then lastly you constnatly have be aware of CA and sometimes you dice fuck you or your opponent spikes and he's left in the wind. Not only that SFG have made it so there is much less stando offs in the game, so there will be less space for Jaecar to hang on a fringe and bully a player to negate them. All that equates to me dropping Jaecar for now, if a month into the season I feel like I'm really missing the slippery fella I will drop him back in of course.
  12. AaronWilson.

    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    For me I think what vHearne does now is fun but I don't necessairly think massively effective. oHearne does similliar things in regards to teleporting but can flip to straight murdering people. Between Sktha, Ulfr, & vMinx I think ball retriaval shouldn't be such a massive problem. I'm a fan of Egret into things like Corsair, Blacksmiths, Morticians etc - clumped up teams or low health pools she preys on.
  13. AaronWilson.

    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    Yeah on further thought, I think Snow, vHearne & Jaecar will be staying at home.
  14. AaronWilson.

    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    I'll be leaving vHearne, Chaska & Jaecar at home. All the other 12 will be coming with me.
  15. AaronWilson.

    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    Damn, Ulfr, Seenah, Skatha changes just look so fun I need to try them. I think Chaska & vHearne look way more interesting, now I just need to play with it all.