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  1. Quuids

    Any interest in a Midwest league?

    I'm not exactly in the Midwest but close enough. I'd love to join but as others have said my experience with vassal is limited
  2. Quuids

    Mystery box!

    I got my mystery box today! I got Brewers and Hunters! I actually have both teams already so I will be giving them to two other people. Those were some great boxes for the money! I also got a limited edition mist which I am excited about. Thanks Steamforged!
  3. Quuids

    Mystery box!

    I was wondering if I was the only one who hasn't received their box. Looks like they might be working through some issues (maybe more orders than expected!). I trust Steamforged based on previous experiences so I'm sure we will all be getting them soon!
  4. UPDATE: Purchased from LinChaiMing, thank you very much for meeting me at GenCon and for the excellent minis! Hello! As the title says, I would like to purchase a full (or mostly full) painted butcher's team. I would prefer a higher quality paint job. I was hoping to pick up the models at GenCon or PAX Unplugged as it seems like less of a hassle for both of us. Please send me a PM if you are looking to sell! Thanks for your time, -Quuids
  5. Hello! I work with data for my current job and really want to use my skills to give something back to the Guild Ball community. I want to build dashboards on Tableau public to share some information to GB players on what the current meta is and possibly what models to take to a tourney based on what models have been successful. Does anyone know if stats are taken for Guild Ball tournaments, including Team, Players, Plot cards, Score, Number of Kills, Number of Goals and info about the actual tournament and person playing? (I asked on stream today and was pointed to Black Orifice, Red Sam and tiebreak but they don't have all the stats I was hoping for) Thanks for the help!
  6. Quuids

    Steamcon USA

    Honestly I'd go anywear if it is on the east coast or central USA! I stand by my earlier assertions in this thread but I wouldn't mind going to Nashville.
  7. Quuids

    Steamcon USA

    Has anyone heard an update on SteamCon USA 2017? Such as possible dates/locations?
  8. Quuids

    Steam Con gift box

    I want this! Thanks for the picture!
  9. Quuids

    Steamcon USA

    Haha this is so true. Though I don't mind the drive from the south!
  10. Quuids

    Steamcon USA

    The GB scene is decent, I usually play with my gaming group and don't venture out into the tournaments. How big is the steamforged convention? I really think the David lawerence convention center offers a unique experience. You can see two sports stadiums (similar to what I heard from SteamCon) and it is extremely walkable from a lot of hotels. The area near the convention center regularly hosts 60k+ for Steelers games (I know many of those people are local and don't require housing but the fact of the matter is there are a lot of hotels). Further, Pittsburgh doesn't host any other large gaming conventions. Oh well, I wouldn't mind going anywhere in Ohio or even Chicago.
  11. Quuids

    Steamcon USA

    I think it should be somewhere in the Midwest. The Midwest has notoriously lower hotel prices (in my limited convention experience). I think a place in Ohio like Columbus would be good. They have a great convention hall and have been very successful with Origins. I am anxiously awaiting the information for it because I would love to go! Of course, I would like it in my home city, Pittsburgh. Bring a sports game to a huge sports city!
  12. Quuids

    Guild Ball Painting Service

    Thank you for the responses. I am a bit of a perfectionist so I don't think I could speed paint these. I think your mini's turned out excellent but I don't have your skill! I looked into Bob Ladd studios and I'm not sure if he fits my style. I think I will have to extend my search to outside the US. Can anyone recommend a painting service in any part of the world? Thanks! -Quuids
  13. Good morning (to some!), Can anyone recommend a painting service for Guild Ball in the USA? I realize now, that I don't have the time to paint all of the models I've bought and I'd love to send them to a painting service to finish them. Thanks for your time! -Quuids
  14. As the title says, I am looking to purchase a fully painted team of either Brewers or fisherman. I am looking for higher quality paint jobs with lots of pictures provided! I would like to meet up at GenCon to exchange the cash for the mini's. This way we both do not have to worry about the mini's being destroyed in transit. Thanks! -Quuids