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  1. Selfy

    Corsair S4

    Will watch
  2. Selfy

    Corsair S4

    Yeah, that’s the same problem I’ve got. Haven’t had a surf yet!
  3. Selfy

    Corsair S4

    Right, I’m getting it now.
  4. Selfy

    Corsair S4

    So, in your 2-2 scenario are the two takeouts usually ringouts?
  5. Selfy

    Corsair S4

    So what’s your general lineup if you’re going 2-2. Also it must be the way I play, but I’ve never, ever, pushed anyone off the pitch!
  6. Selfy

    Corsair S4

    Is Fathom enough goal scoring? I feel a bit like a pupil lecturing the teacher, but do you really need Jac?
  7. Selfy

    Corsair S4

    So, what sort of lineups are we looking at for Corsair currently? I’m working on Corsair, Tentacles, Kraken, Hag, Veteran Siren and Sakana. He could be either version and Hag would be the flex piece if I need more ball skills. What have you guys got for me?
  8. Selfy


    https://art-of-war-studios-ltd.myshopify.com/collections/guildballcompatible/products/guild-ball-faithful-of-solthecius-token-set You need to buy a Season 4 upgrade pack and the set for Fangtooth and Spigs too, but all came in at less than £20
  9. Selfy

    Brick's blind spot

    Yes, that's exactly what I mean and yes, it's come up before. I'm not going to go searching for it but there have been other threads about this in the past.
  10. Selfy

    Brick's blind spot

    The line only has to touch the bases, so therefore it is possible to draw line of sight.
  11. Selfy

    Card Previews

    I’m down with the ‘malladin.three’. He’s the best looking chef I’ve seen so far. Don’t mind the cartoony look, as long as it’s done well, like here. Should also be fun and decent on the pitch. May still pick them up, because who doesn’t love Pepper?
  12. Selfy

    Corsair S4

    My problem is that I own lots of teams, but can never decide which one to play for any length of time more than about a week.
  13. Selfy

    Corsair S4

    If you don't understand, then what hope do we have? 😂
  14. Selfy


    Ok, Esters and Mash?
  15. Selfy

    The Engineers Minor are the Miner Guild.

    Go careful, you don’t want to knock all the pieces everywhere.