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  1. Benediction + Bushel = question Time

    Bushel + Benediction = No chance Benny is stopping as low as that country bumpkin
  2. Butcher GIC Theory Thread 

    You asked. He delivered!
  3. Butcher GIC Theory Thread 

    It's all just a ruse so the hunters are able to get away with blue murder.
  4. Hunter GIC Theory Thread

    There's no problem with skatha, you guys just haven't worked out how to play her! Whaaaaaahahahaha!
  5. Union GIC Theory Thread

    Furthermore it's not a good idea to help my opponent take my players out.
  6. Union GIC Theory Thread

    I'd probably take out my player, them mess it up and not take out the opposing player, thus ending up 2vps down. This is a lie. I wouldn't even try it in the first place.
  7. Union GIC Theory Thread

    That's what I thought. So Gutter getting off 8 scything blows is through red fury? That could happen anyway couldn't it? What am I missing here?
  8. Union GIC Theory Thread

    Let me just clarify here, allocate means I can add inf over and above the total inf a player can hold? So if Mist had 3 inf, got taken out and gave his inf to a 3 inf gutter, she would have 6 inf?
  9. Drag vs Harpoon

    Lamplighters? Mate, you're blowing my mind! I'm giving you a heart for superb usage of the word 'postulated'.
  10. Drag vs Harpoon

    Awesome! What guild do they play for?
  11. Drag vs Harpoon

    Do we?
  12. Union GIC Theory Thread

    Yep, that was my initial thought. Bring me more cards SF! And to the calibre of the Butchers cards. Danke!
  13. Hearth Preview

    This is the one!
  14. Keep it going lads, I'm just going to grab a chair and some popcorn.
  15. Mystery box!

    He he. I can only say I'm sorry. In my defence I realise that my humour is deadpan and is not immediately obvious from a written post. I should have used a winking emoji. So, here's one. Sorry it's late.