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  1. Selfy

    Corsair S4

    Hi. No one seems to be talking about Corsairs coup de grace, so I thought I’d knock something out. Whats the feeling so far? I know not everything is known yet, but I think that having the aura at least means that others (such as Jac) can do the killing, if it becomes necessary and you still get the 3mp. I would imagine that some will be quite upset about this though.
  2. What happens if all the players voted for are gone?
  3. Selfy

    Veteran Siren shown at WTC

    Me too, ranged knockdown is not to be sniffed at.
  4. Selfy

    Veteran Siren shown at WTC

    At least she can 'shadow like' at the start, then jog 7", which is better than pretty much everybody.
  5. Selfy

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    I'm going to use Brisket led Order to give back to the Butchers. Oh, the Irony.
  6. Selfy

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    Predictive text! Not quite sure what I was trying to say, but it wasn't that! 😂
  7. Selfy

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    Hi guys. I know most of you wouldn’t be worried about this, but in the lore Brisket has jumped ship to the Order, so Butchers need a new striker! Apart from the obvious ramifications of emotional losing child labour, Layne’s your boy, I reckon.
  8. Selfy

    The Free Cities Draft

    And we know that Shark’s real name is Geoffrey!
  9. Selfy

    Rat changes.

    I suggested this not long after ratcatchers came out and was ridiculed mercilessly. In fact, I tried it out and I ended up apologising to everyone for letting them down.
  10. Selfy

    Changes to Second Wind

    Even if they do get it I can't see it being on oChisel. She is all about selfish anger and aggression. VChisel is the enabler.
  11. Selfy

    S4 Hoist speculation

    I’m with you on this. The spoiler only mentioned Pin Vice, not Ratchet. Pin Vices plays are very complex and could do with simplifying and will probably change enough that the no mechanica thing makes sense. Ratchet on the other hand is pretty much fine as he is. I don’t think he’ll change much, if at all. I’m pretty sure he does what he’s supposed to do and that is be the mechanica support technician.
  12. Selfy

    Gut and String

    I'm thinking that with the new Gut and String nerf, there's potential for Shark to get it back. What do you reckon, fellows?
  13. Selfy

    Confused by roster changes

    In which case I’ll be disappointed.
  14. I would imagine that Midas will be able to do stuff by spending conditions like Veteran Calculus does. I really like that idea because you then have to manage the conditions and where you put them, not just bang them out willy nilly until stuff dies. I could see myself taking up Alchemists if this idea takes off.