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  1. New Guild Ball Blog

    You have a plan?
  2. S4 arrives october 12th

    Did you get it? I didn't.
  3. In my day...!

    Only a thousand? So few.................
  4. Navigators Guild on FB

    Original Siren! Didn't see that coming.
  5. The Captain: Devana

    Everyone has the right to use whatever decimal seperator they wish, without being discrimated against by those that use the incorrect comma!
  6. S4 arrives october 12th

    Cool, new lion for me too then! I forgot about him!
  7. S4 arrives october 12th

    Mate, you shouldn't disrespect the special relationship. Said relationship means that, every so often, we should extend the hand of friendship and allow our brothers across the pond to have the new toys first.
  8. Mascot Time! Frelsi

    Is it not a raven?
  9. The Casual Mortician

    The trouble with Silence is that he has too many quiet games.
  10. Bonesaw

    Couldn't agree more.
  11. Bonesaw

    And she's made of wood.
  12. The Faithful - New Beginnings

    You can only take 2 captains in your 10. That is why you don't see three.
  13. Negative kick distance

    How are you going to make a kick of -2"? That would just be a 2" kick in the opposite direction. I'm no rules lawyer, but I think it's safe to say that you can't reduce kick distance below 0".
  14. Help me with my Scalpel team

    Cheers guys, lots of food for thought here!
  15. Help me with my Scalpel team

    Yeah, them two seem to be the bee's knees. VHemlocke I haven't tried yet, but Pelage is the business in Rats.