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  1. Woldie

    WANTED: Alt Graves & Alt Bonesaw

    Still looking...
  2. Woldie

    Season 4

    Once S4 splits the Brewers into two Minor Guilds (one supporting the Masons, one supporting the Blacksmiths or Farmers), these balance issues will be solved.
  3. Looking to buy (or trade for) the models listed in the heading. Shoot me a message (including a Want list, if applicable) if you’ve got spares to move. Thanks!
  4. Woldie

    Brewers Minor Guild - What will it be?

    I like the way you think. So, as a current minor Guild, who should they play for? Farmers?
  5. Woldie

    Brewers Minor Guild - What will it be?

    What if the Brewers BECAME a minor Guild?
  6. Woldie

    Stave, new teams same problems?

    After a long break from the Brewers, I brought them out again for the SteamCon USA Rookie League and my FLGS Blacksmiths Launch event. I brought Stave every time, just for fun. Most notably, in the BS Launch event, I made Friday my Captain and have her Legendary B - the 3” pulse KD effect. This led me to believe a couple of things about Stave and the Brewers. 1). Having access to that kind of Legendary would be a huge boost for the Guild. 2) While I still believe Stave should have GM in addition to his TH (otherwise that KD on 1 is rarely a threat), perhaps it’s his current non-defensive tech that needs boosting. Incorporating the current Heroic into his base Barrel Lob, and then creating a new Heroic that adds either 1” to the AOE or adds Poison or Burning to hit models would make him a threat more in balance with his movement and defensive liabilities.
  7. Woldie

    (W) blacksmith or farmers S2 - lucky - skull

    Still looking for the second Blacksmith and Farmers boxes?
  8. Woldie

    GIC General Theory Thread 

    My thoughts exactly! I have often wondered how much of forum conflict and difference of opinions about the direction of the game can be traced to this concept. In my opinion (and this is strictly an observance) , SF and a majority of players are looking to trim game time even more, which I find odd.
  9. Woldie

    Any interest in a Midwest league?

    With my face-to-face play opportunities growing increasingly limited, I might be interested in this.
  10. Woldie

    hello from madison wi

    If you ever make it out Milwaukee-way and are itching for a game, we've got a growing group of faithful coaches. Shoot me a message if you're interested!
  11. Woldie

    Brewer GIC Theory Thread

    As much as I'm digging these drunken GICs, I have to admit that I was hoping that SF would take this opportunity to steal a little from Malifaux and give the Brewers some sort of bonus for being Poisoned (along with some means of acquiring this Condition).
  12. Woldie

    Cats are better than dogs

    I love the ol' dog, but if either his MPsh1 or his nmT2 became a KD, the Brewers would be happier campers. I've also always wondered why Scum's MPsh2 isn't a Dodge.
  13. Woldie

    New look for Friday

    Are you referring to this pic? steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/steamforged-games-and-the-army-painter-present-kick-off-paint-set She looks the same to me.
  14. Woldie

    Union goal - Blackheart's Ghost Ship!

    What model is that?!?