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  1. GIC General Theory Thread 

    My thoughts exactly! I have often wondered how much of forum conflict and difference of opinions about the direction of the game can be traced to this concept. In my opinion (and this is strictly an observance) , SF and a majority of players are looking to trim game time even more, which I find odd.
  2. Any interest in a Midwest league?

    With my face-to-face play opportunities growing increasingly limited, I might be interested in this.
  3. hello from madison wi

    If you ever make it out Milwaukee-way and are itching for a game, we've got a growing group of faithful coaches. Shoot me a message if you're interested!
  4. Brewer GIC Theory Thread

    As much as I'm digging these drunken GICs, I have to admit that I was hoping that SF would take this opportunity to steal a little from Malifaux and give the Brewers some sort of bonus for being Poisoned (along with some means of acquiring this Condition).
  5. Cats are better than dogs

    I love the ol' dog, but if either his MPsh1 or his nmT2 became a KD, the Brewers would be happier campers. I've also always wondered why Scum's MPsh2 isn't a Dodge.
  6. New look for Friday

    Are you referring to this pic? steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/steamforged-games-and-the-army-painter-present-kick-off-paint-set She looks the same to me.
  7. Union goal - Blackheart's Ghost Ship!

  8. Union goal - Blackheart's Ghost Ship!

    What model is that?!?
  9. I was thinking of a method of doing this that created a strain between the more immediate engagement brought about by these new deployment options and a need to thoroughly cover the pitch. - Six numbered lines on each axis of the pitch, occurring at the 3" (1), 9" (2), 15" (3), 21" (4), 27" (5), and 33" (6) marks. Roll 2 d6 to find the spot on this grid onto which the ball is placed, and perform a Standard Scatter with the 1 pointed to whatever is closest to the ball - a corner or the pitch center. Reroll anything that puts the ball off of the pitch.
  10. So far, my few forays into alternate deployment have been a blast. Keep up the good work, all. Something occurred to me with this most recent iteration, though. With so much riding on the determination of the initial kicking/receiving team, what if the ball was instead thrown by the crowd onto the field to start the match after deployment was completed?
  11. Post Nerf sBrisket Line Up

    I'm fairly certain Maverick prevents this.
  12. State of the game?

    SFG will do their part to grow the game, and we'll all praise/bash those choices here. Altering gameplay for the sole purpose of increasing sales (as opposed to altering gameplay in order to create a better play experience, which will then hopefully generate more sales) seems dangerous to me, though. It's hard to accept for some, but much of the growth of the game depends on us. I love a game at home as much as anyone, but I still try to get out to my local FLGS and play, because every time I do, someone stops by and asks about it. Every time. I'll then take a break from the game and tell them more about the game, in-store events, and how to connect with local players (we use a private FB group). I'm working on creating opportunities to play in public elsewhere, as well, because 1) it's fun to play in new places and 2) it gives even more people the chance to be exposed to the game. SFG has given the game some amazing tools to make itself known - Kick Off! being one on the best, but also incorporating sportsball into the core design of the game. If we as players do not use these tools, or if we present negativity as being a core component of the local playgroup, people will stay away, and the longevity of the game will be affected.
  13. Captains

    I was a huge fan of Esters (and the Brewers) in S2, but, with the healing removed from her Heroic, I just haven't been able to find a niche for her. I think a tweak is in order - upping her Max Inf to 6 (via Tactical Advice: Quaff?) and/or lowering her access to >> could bring her back to the table.