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    Snakeskin's extra sword?

    Ah. Thanks.
  2. Divinum Fulmen

    Snakeskin's extra sword?

    Ok, I'm putting together Snakeskin, and there's this extra sword included. Seen in this pic, right below her sword and about her leg. It's nowhere on her in the official pictures. GIS doesn't show anyone using it. No one seems to know what to do with this thing. It has a small nub, like it fits into a cavity, but no such thing exists on Snakeskin (aside from the smaller ones for her arms and leg). I've also Googled this using several key words, and no one is discussing this mystery sword (only the lack of a base tab, My bro. joked this could just be her base tab. ). Kraken's rope coil seemed hard to place, with few pics using it, but I did figure out the official placement for that so I'm wondering if this could be something similar. I would just leave it off, but I'm being payed for assembling this team and I don't want to miss a part.