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  1. fatherlime

    KDOG gives it a go

    Amazing! I just finished painting my first minis ever (my Brewer's team), and I have got a long way to go! Thanks for posting, I learned a lot on your thread that will probably help make my Fisherman look much better than my Brewers. Cheers.
  2. Maybe the best way to work this trap mechanism and keep a sense of "exploration" at the same time could be done with the following: 1. Depending on the size of the tile, you place 1 reward token, x number of trap tokens, and x number of blank tokens. 2. If you land on the reward token and choose to check it out, then flip it over, celebrate, roll a d6, and receive a reward equivalent to your roll. 3. If you land on a trap and choose to check it out, roll a d6 and face a penalty equivalent to your roll (low roll = more unfortunate outcome/ less reaction to the trap) 4. If you land on a blank and choose to check it out, nothing happens. It's just like looking under a rock or something.
  3. fatherlime


    Is GenCon going to be the first opportunity to actually buy Quaff? Sorry if that's old news by now...
  4. fatherlime

    Noob Rules Question - Charge

    So basically, the charge always counts as your movement, but not an attack if you charge after an attack?
  5. If there are any Guild Ball players in NW Arkansas or anyone near Fayetteville, AR I've arranged a tournament at the local game shop, Fort Zinderneuf Games & Hobbies. As of right now, it will start between 4:30 or 5:00 pm. We have four guys committed as of right now, but lemme know if you're interested and I'll be able to make a bracket for any number of entries! Hope to hear from some folks! This will be a good time as there is also a big 40K event going on at the same time, so plenty of wargamers to hang with if you're not Guild Ball-ing. It will be the first Guild Ball event/tourney at the shop so I'm trying to make sure anyone that comes has a good time! There's a popular brewery nearby that we'll probably hang at afterwards FYI.
  6. It is an awesome place to live! It is also exactly halfway between my family and my wife's family, which is very convenient. And yes, there is plenty of regular wargaming that goes on at the local hobby shop we hang at. It's primarily Warhammer, Bolt-Action, and X-Wing from what I've seen, but I've got the first Guild Ball tourney arranged for this weekend! I think it'll just be a 4-man tourney between me and three other regulars, but you gotta start somewhere . May sound weird, but keep me updated on your potential Fayetteville move!
  7. It's actually a really great community for miniatures games, but Guild Ball is almost unheard of around here.
  8. I'm a new player that has yet to play a full game with my Brewers and outside of a couple guys at my local game shop, I don't know of anyone else in the area that plays. If anyone knows of any places that do meetups/tournaments near me, lemme know! Cheers!