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  1. The Forum Community will be sorely missed!

    I have used It daily from the very beginning, It has a different vibe to other GB Social outlets.

    Posting photos of Miniature paint Jobs, Unique Goal Posts,  very clear Rulings from the GB Lawyers and great Forum Competitions are some of my higlights.

    @Mako Has done Superb Job over the years of keeping everything In order and making this such an awesome place, many thanks :)

    Hopefully see everyone In person one day!

  2. 1 hour ago, RTBailey said:

    The main issue with giving explicit rules is that some guilds just can't have certain things for balance reasons. For example, Fish aren't allowed momentous damage, butchers aren't allowed 'hard' control abilities and Masons couldn't have a momentous result at the top of the playbook, for example.

    At the end of the day there's always going to be different people who want different things to get them really engaged and those things in turn would turn other people off being involved. Some people would love to see renders, but I know some people would be put off voting if they didn't like a pose for example.

    This year struck a good balance. The report gave each model enough flavour and rules potential to make people speculate and the art definitely gave a good feel for the characters in question. But I think the real allstars were the members of the community who really pushed forwards on getting the memes and hashtags going.

    I will also sing the praises of the MUCH improved method of submitting games.


    In short? I really enjoyed this year. I thought it was a really, REALLY enjoyable event and I look forward to the next one, be it new players for Majors or something entirely different, like the community voting on which disreputable urchins make it into Greede's new Union.

    I agree with your reasoning and this year was the best yet :)

  3. 7 hours ago, Earthwormben said:

    I want to make sure I'm not going insane... Did the set of Ball Markers mention they came with a fractured loyalties ball? There's a union in chains ball and I'm pretty sure that wasn't in the description... 

    It did not come with that ball, I would Imagine they ran out of them for the Fractured Loyalties.

  4. 10 hours ago, Furnace said:

    I really like your color choices again. You have a very good eye for it. The models look good as usual.

    May I ask, how do you find the navigators to be in quality in contrast to other pvc guilds? 

    Thank You :)

    To be honest, upto the Navigators, I have been very disappointed In the quality In the PVC but the Navigators are so good, crisp detail and hardly any mold-lines, I'm very Impressed and really looking forward to the Cooks :)

  5. 5 hours ago, RTBailey said:

    Lack of an official statement on 'The Problem' is what's causing a lot of annoyance for a lot of people, along with the fact that Grimshalla was the model that probably convinced a few people to go in on the game (much like any other champion probably tipped anyone else over into taking part, from Halftusk to Blackjaw).

    If it was a 'mechanical' problem, like a limitation with the sculpt / moulding tools, an obvious issue that retailers had objected to (like the chest arm-things needing to be replaced or covered for example) or anything else that could be made clear to backers with explanation and SFG had been open and discussed the issue, I'm sure much of the annoyance and outrage could have been quelled. But instead there was a half given answer of 'Feedback' and no prior warning or confirmation when it became clear that there would need to be a change, resulting in people (not unreasonably) being upset.

    Coming into that situation with a fairly lack lustre render (in terms of detail, etc) of a fairly unimpressive model to replace Grimshalla with seems like a poor choice that's compounded the issue for a lot of backers.

    Then there's been no official comments of any kind so on any forum, be they facebook, twitter, kickstarter or even here about it makes it seems a lot like SFG are happy to just let this dumpster fire of a situation grow without any kind of damage control.

    I think I got an Email about the reason why the change because I'm a Backer?

  6. 1 hour ago, Acceptableloss said:

    But the base team box was only ever released in PVC?  I could have sworn I remembered them being metal, but I guess they did come after Farmers and Blacksmiths which are also in PVC.  Maybe I'm thinking of The Order minor team box.

    Nope, only ever available In PVC.